George P. Rossman


The Blue Book of the State of Wisconsin Compiled and Published under the direction of Wm. H. Froehlich, Secretary of State 1901. page 740


GEO. H. RAY, Speaker; W. A. NOWELL, Chief Clerk; A. M. ANDERSON, Sergeant-at-Arms.

The Assembly consists of 100 members. They are chosen biennially and receive $500 for their service during the term. The Speaker Is chosen by the members and receives an additional $500 for his services as Speaker. The Assembly of 1901 contains 82 Republicans and 18 Democrats.

ASHLAND AND IRON COUNTIES. Population, 1900-26,792. (Apportionment of 1901 makes Ashland county one district. Population - 20,176.)

GEORGE P. ROSSMAN (Rep.), of Ashland, lawyer, district attorney of Ashland county, city attorney of Ashland city, member of the Republican State Central committee, and chairman of the Republican County committee of Ashland county, was elected to the Assembly Nov. 6, 1900, when he received 3,939 votes, while John J. Allies (Dem.) received 2,331. Mr. Rossman was born in Plymouth, Wis., Aug. 14, 1859. He obtained his education in the schools at Plymouth, and Neillsville, and in the University of Wisconsin.


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