Press of Ashland County, March 1, 1901.

The following list of newspapers and periodicals published in Ashland County has been carefully revised according to the best information obtainable up to March 1, 1901. The language in which the papers are published is English when no other statement is given. The abbreviations used are as follows: (For this page -tsv) Rep., Republican; Dem., Democratic; Ind., Independent; D., Daily; W., Weekly; G., German; Sw., Swedish.

TownName of PaperName of PublishersCharacterDaily or WeeklyPublication Day
AshlandAshland Herold (G)G.M. HotschickRep.W.Saturday
AshlandAshland NewsJ. C. WilliamsDem.D. & W.W. Wed.
AshlandAshland Posten (Sw)Scandinavian Pub Co.Rep.W.Friday
AshlandAshland PressJ. M. Chapple & Co.Rep.D. & W.W. Saturday
AshlandChequamegon CriticJ. S. DuketRep.W.Saturday
ButternutButternut EagleF. C. FredrichsDem.W.Saturday
GliddenDer Berichterssatter (G)Herman RoethigInd.W.Saturday

The Blue Book of the State of Wisconsin Compiled and Published under the direction of Wm. H. Froehlich, Secretary of State 1901. page 408.


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