1870 Barron County Census

Surnames A through G

This is a partial listing of the 1870 Census (not all headings were transcribed). You may find numerous mis-spellings.  Several  examples are: Borts=Boortz; Rosbach=Rassbach and Yorstad=Jorstad.  This partial census was acquired from the book "The History of Barron Co., Wisconsin," by H. C. Cooper, Jr., & Co., 1922, pp. 52-57 and was donated to these Barron Co. WIGenWeb pages by Vic Gulickson.

This listing has been alphabetized for easier scanning.  There is also a listing of this census found in the Barron Co. Archives that shows the relationship or layout of the neighborhoods as the census taker found them.



AAS,  Christian 23 cook in camp  Norway
ABRAHAM, Abraham 3   Wisconsin
ABRAHAM, Hannah 36 housekeeper Sweden
ABRAHAM, Lars 1   Wisconsin
ABRAHAM, Lars 39 farmer Sweden
AMAN, Charles 10 at home Canada
AMAN, Chas. 31 farmer Canada
AMAN, Georgia 33 housekeeper Canada
AMAN, James 1 mo.   Wisconsin
AMAN, Noah 2   Missouri
ANDERSON,  Alex 27 farmer Sweden
ANDERSON, Chas. 13 at home Sweden
ANDERSON, Geo. 26 blacksmith Norway
ANDERSON, Sophia 25 housekeeper Sweden
ARMSTEIN,  Antionette 34 housekeeper Germany
ARMSTEIN,  Emil 45 farmer Switzerland
ARMSTEIN,  Emil 7   Wisconsin
ARMSTEIN,  George 5   Wisconsin
ARMSTEIN,  Katharine 1   Wisconsin
ARMSTEIN,  Matilda 14 at home  Wisconsin
ARMSTEIN,  Rodolph 3   Wisconsin
ASHLEN, Henry 26 logger Canada


BARKER, S. P.  37 overseer in camp Maine
BARRY,  A. J.  45 boss in camp Maine
BARRY,  George 20 logger Maine
BARRY,  James 23 logger New Brunswick
BATSON, Caroline 14 housekeeper Norway
BATSON, Ellen 16 housekeeper Norway
BATSON, Mariette 40 farmer Norway
BAUPRE, Louis 22 logger Canada
BEADLE, Adelade 30 housekeeper Canada
BEADLE, David 38 farmer Vermont
BEADLE, Edson 15 at home  Vermont
BEADLE, Ellen 17 at home Vermont
BEADLE, Lillian 10   Vermont
BEATON, Alex 31 farmer Canada
BEATON, Eliza 21 housekeeper Canada
BEATON, Thomas 1   Wisconsin
BENNETT,  Rich 21 logger Canada
BLOCK, Albertine 6   Prussia
BLOCK, Fodemon 32 farmer Prussia
BLOCK, Frederick 8   Prussia
BLOCK, Wilhelmina 35 housekeeper Prussia
BONLY, Myhill 31 farmer Switzerland
BORTS, Amelia 6   Prussia
BORTS, Austina 33 housekeeper Prussia
BORTS, Bertha 6 mo.   Wisconsin
BORTS, Oliva 3   Prussia
BORTS, Wm.  33 farmer Prussia
BRAKIN, Mart 21 logger Norway
BRIDGAM,  George 20 farm laborer Maine
BROCKMEIR, Casp. 45 overseer in camp Germany
BROOKS,  Anna 24 housekeeper Pennsylvania
BROOKS, Phil 25 wagon maker Pennsylvania
BROWN, Anna 25 housekeeper Sweden
BROWN, Charles 27 farmer Sweden
BROWN, Chas. 30 logger Baden
BUNCHORD, Caroline 34   Norway
BUNCHORD, Carrie 9   Norway
BUNCHORD, Chris 41 farm laborer Norway
BUNCHORD, Christoph 1   Norway
BUNCHORD, Olena 7   Norway
BUNCHORD, Paulina 4   Norway
BURBY, Rich 30 logger Canada


CALGHER,  Anna 43 housekeeper Switzerland
CALGHER,  Bessie 12 at home  Switzerland
CALGHER,  Emil 16 farmer Switzerland
CALGHER,  Frederick 7   Switzerland
CARR, Edward 56 logger Canada
CAVANAUGH, Jno.  28 bookkeeper in camp Ireland
CHAMBERS,  Samuel 25 farm laborer England
CHRISTIANSON, Anna 6   Norway
CHRISTIANSON, Caroline 3   Wisconsin
CHRISTIANSON, Georgiana 47 housekeeper Norway
CHRISTIANSON, P. 45 farmer Norway
CHRISTIANSON, Peter 10   Wisconsin
COLE, Belle 9   Illinois
COLE, Mary 29 housekeeper Pennsylvania
COLE, U.S. Grant  6   Wisconsin
COLE, Wm. F.  39 farmer Kentucky
COLWELL,  Jno.  35 Indian trader  New York
CORNO, Alice 29 housekeeper Canada
CORNO, Anna 7   Canada
CORNO, George 29 farmer Canada
CORNO, Onesina 5   Canada
CORNO, Thomas 2   Wisconsin
CREWELL, Martin 35 logger New Hampshire


DASTER,  Peter 35 carpenter Switzerland
DAWSON, Elias 40 farmer Indiana
DAWSON, Elizabeth 29 at home Indiana
DAWSON, Francis 7   Indiana
DAWSON, Jno.  12 at home Indiana
DAWSON, Nancy 8   Indiana
DAWSON, Rosalie 4   Indiana
DAWSON, William 2   Indiana
DeMERS, Adella 9   Canada
DeMERS, Eliza 20 house work Canada
DeMERS, Henry 50 farmer Canada
DeMERS, Octavis 19 at home  Canada
DeMERS, Olive 42 housekeeper Canada
DeMERS, Selima 15 at home Canada
DeMERS, Sevil 26 farm laborer Canada
DeMERS, Thomas 12 at home Canada
DeMERS, Zoella 17 at home Canada
DeMERSE, Aurelia 35 housekeeper Canada
DeMERSE, David 41 farmer Canada
DeMERSE, Ernest 1   Wisconsin
DeMERSE, Jno. 27 farmer Canada
DeMERSE, John 11 at home  Canada
DeMERSE, Louisa 16 housekeeper Canada
DeMERSE, Salomi 13 at home Canada
DIETZ, Henry 14 at home  Wisconsin
DIETZ, Jno. 45 farmer Hesse Darmstadt
DINGLY, Edward 28 logger Wisconsin
DOBL, Peter 26 blacksmith Norway
DOREY, Frank 18 at home Pennsylvania
DOREY, Harry 16 at home Pennsylvania
DOREY, Henry 41 farmer Wurtemberg
DOREY, Julia 12 at home Pennsylvania
DOREY, Katharina 36 housekeeper Wurtemberg
DOREY, Laura 14 at home Pennsylvania
DOWNS,  Arch 47 logger New Bruswick
DRUGAN, James 24 logger Canada


EDWARDS,  Inglert 28 overseer in camp Pennsylvania
EMLIS,  Peter 53 farm laborer Sweden
EMLIS,  Stennah 53 housekeeper Sweden
ERICKSON, Canute 23 logger Norway
ERICKSON, Jno.  40 logger Norway
EVANSON,  Ole 24 logger Norway


FARLEY, Arthur 14 at home Wisconsin
FARLEY, Cora 32 housekeeper Wisconsin
FARLEY, Matilda 10 at home Wisconsin
FARLEY, Wm. 35 farmer Wisconsin
FINLEY,  Alfred 23 teacher Pennsylvania
FINLEY,  Chas. 21 teacher Pennsylvania
FINLEY,  Edward 13 at home Wisconsin
FINLEY,  Francis 56 farmer Pennsylvania
FINLEY,  Margaret 46 housekeeper Pennsylvania
FINLEY,  Samuel 16 teacher Pennsylvania
FOREST, Esaid 10 at home Canada
FOREST, Eugene 8   Canada
FOREST, Lucy 33 housekeeper Canada
FOREST, Maria 1 mo.    Wisconsin
FOREST, Mary 1 mo.   Wisconsin
FOREST, Ozemi 6   Canada
FOREST, Prosper 12 at home  Canada
FOREST, Prosper 35 farmer Canada
FORWARD,  Clara 69   Vermont
FULLER,  A. D. 25 farmer New York
FULLER,  Amelia 38 housekeeper Canada
FULLER,  Charlotte 1 mo.   Wisconsin
FULLER,  Charlotte 4   Canada
FULLER,  Chas.  35 farmer Connecticut
FULLER,  Florence 7   Canada
FULLER,  Jno. 6   Canada
FULLER,  Julia 24 housekeeper Canada
FULLER,  Maud 8   Canada
FULLER,  Wm.  3   Canada


GABORE, Eliza 25 housekeeper Wisconsin
GABORE, Mary 1   Wisconsin
GABORE, Peter 6   Wisconsin
GABORE, Tusand 30 farmer Canada
GALLATO, Frank 33 farmer Switzerland
GALLATO, Hannah 22 housekeeper Mechlenburg
GARRETT, Jno.  37 farm laborer Canada
GILBERTSON,  Andrew 22 farm laborer Norway
GILBERTSON,  Erick 22 logger Norway
GILBERTSON,  Geo. 22 logger Norway
GILLISKI, Rich 56 boss in camp New Brunswick
GILMANSON, Cor. 21 logger Norway
GONGA, Thomas 35 logger Canada
GORTMAN,  Albra 31 farmer Switzerland
GORTMAN,  Joseph 26 farmer Switzerland
GREGORSON,  Emily 27 housekeeper Norway
GREGORSON,  Emily 30 housekeeper Norway
GREGORSON,  George 25 farm laborer Norway
GREGORSON,  Gilbert 10   Norway
GREGORSON,  Gregor 42 farmer Norway
GREGORSON,  Mary 72   Norway
GREGORSON,  Nellie 3   Norway
GREGORSON,  Ole 8   Norway
GRIST,  Christ 43 farmer Switzerland
GROVER, Angeline 32 housekeeper Maine
GROVER, Benj. 4   Wisconsin
GROVER, Flora 12 at home Maine
GROVER, Jno. 2   Wisconsin
GROVER, Lucy 6 mo.    Wisconsin
GROVER, Stephen 8   Wisconsin
GROVER, W. S.  38 farmer Maine
GROVER, Warren 6   Wisconsin
GROVER, Wilbur 11 at home Maine
GROVER, Woodbury 10 at home Wisconsin



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