1903 Barron County Atlas Index

Surnames beginning with Q

Extracted, compiled and donated by
Denise B. La Rue Ervasti
© 2001 - All rights reserved


QUAKENBUSH  John  Barron 33
QUALE  Louis S O  South Cedar Lake  10
QUALLE  O L  South Cedar Lake  10
QUAM  Peter  South Clinton 2 / 11
QUEISER  Anton  Turtle Lake 22
QUEISER  Turtle Lake 15
QUINN  Jas  South Cedar Lake  8
QUINN  Jas D  Sumner  3
QUINN  John  South Cedar Lake  17
QUISLING  A D  West Lakeland 2
QUISLING  D A  West Lakeland 12
QUIST  Chas  Almena  22


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