1903 Barron County Atlas Index

Surnames beginning with Y

Extracted, compiled and donated by
Denise B. La Rue Ervasti
© 2001, 2002 - All rights reserved


YAGER  North Cedar Lake 31
YAMBEK  John  Vance Creek 16
YANTISS  Malvin  West Maple Grove  27
YEAGER  (Mrs) Bessie Cumberland 25
YEGER  Edw  South Cedar Lake  6
YEHLE  Christ  Rice Lake 35
YNDESTAD  Abraham  South Prairie Farm  7
YONG  John D  Bear Lake 27 / 28
YORK  Chas E  Stanfold  31
YOST  Peter  Bear Lake  34
YOUNG  P J  North Clinton 13
YOUNG  Samuel K  South Prairie Farm  10
YOUNGBERRY  Albert  Almena  17
YOUSTON  Hubert  North Clinton 31
YUHAY  Frank  Vance Creek 9
YUZA  Karel  Bear Lake  12


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