An Early Description of Dallas Township

-- From the "Historical and Biographical Album of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin, 1891-2" pages 336 - 337.


Dallas Township is nine miles in length, from east to west, and six miles from north to south, containing fifty-four square miles.  It is bounded on the north by the town of Maple Grove, on the south by Dunn County, on the east by the town of Dover, and on the west by the town of Prairie Farm.  There are several streams running through it, including Upper Pine and Sioux creeks, and their branches.  The hamlet of Dallas, formerly Silver Springs, is located on Upper Pine creek, in the center of the township, and twelve miles from Chetek, the nearest shipping point.  Sylvan Springs post-office was established in 1873, with William Huffnail as postmaster.  Mail is received from Prairie Farm once a week.  Hiram Pelton was appointed postmaster December 31, 1875, and held the office for two years, or until November, 1877, when W. S. Foster was appointed.  Foster held the office until January, 1890, when K. Espeseth was appointed and is the present postmaster.  The hamlet contains about forty residents.  James A. Anderson owns and operates a steam saw-mill and a water-power flour and grist-mill.  A church, district school and post-office are located here.  The township is well settled with agriculturists, and a population of 1,033 in 1890.

The First Free Baptist church of Dallas was organized with five members, at the residence of Rev. G. A. Taylor, December 22, 1883, and Mr. Taylor was chosen pastor.  Since then, its growth has been slow, but sure.  Early in 1888 the Ladies' Auxiliary Society was organized, with Mrs. M. A. Cooper as president, and partly through its efforts, a church edifice was erected and is free from debt.  The new church was dedicated in June, 1891, at which time its membership numbered fifteen.  Rev. G. A. Taylor is still the pastor, serving without salary, but from a sense of duty and love for the cause of Christ.


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