An Early Description of

Prairie Farm Township

-- From the "Historical and Biographical Album of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin, 1891-2" page 338.


Prairie Farm Township contains fifty-four square miles, being nine miles in length from north to south, and six miles in width from east to west.  It is bounded on the north by the town of Clinton, on the south by Chippewa county, on the east by the towns of Maple Grove and Dallas, and on the west by the towns of Turtle Lake and Vance Creek.  The Hay river flows through it from north to south, and has several branches running in various directions, including Dorrity creek, on the east, and Turtle creek on the west.  The hamlet of Prairie Farm, sixteen miles southwest of Barron, was settled by Knapp, Stout Y Co., in about 1868, when they erected a water-power saw-mill, and subsequently a grist-mill at this point, on the Hay river.  The latter is now owned and operated by J. Hoffman.

There is an organization here called the United Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran congregation.  It was instituted in 1872 by Rev. C. J. Helsem, and he continued to minister to the congregation until 1874, when he was succeeded by Rev. J. Hoyme.  He served from 1874 until 1876, residing during that time at Menomonie.  Rev. L. Lund filled the pastorate from 1876 to 1879, and was then followed by Rev. H. Z. Hveid, who remained from 1879 to 1881.  The charge was then vacant until 1883.  Since that time Rev. J. E. Nord, of Rice Lake, has been the pastor.  The frame church structure was completed and first used for services in 1887.  It is furnished with 300 seats, and the church membership is 377.

The Methodist Episcopal church is in charge of Rev. W. S. York.

The village was surveyed and platted, in November, 1883, by the owners, the Knapp, Stout & Co. Company.  Sever Severson owns and operates a shingle-mill.  A large quantity of the land in this vicinity has been timber cleared, and is now under cultivation.  The township is one of the best in the county for farming purposes, and is well settled with a population of 1,047 in 1890.


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