An Early Description of

Stanley Township

-- From the "Historical and Biographical Album of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin, 1891-2" page 347.


Stanley Township is of regulation size, and is bounded on the north by the town of Stanfold, on the south by the towns of Maple Grove and Chetek, on the east by the town of Sumner, and on the west by the town of Baron.  The northern end of Prairie lake extends into this township, and the Menomonie (Red Cedar) river flows through it in a serpentine course from north to south.  Rice creek empties itself into the lake, and Cranberry creek runs from north to south, and joins the Menomonie (Red Cedar).  The village of Cameron was originally one mile and a half south of where it is now.  It was first settled in 1879, when the Chippewa division of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha railway was in course of construction.  In the summer of 1882, the year the road was opened for traffic, it was surveyed and platted by the owner, L. C. Stanley.  When the "Soo" line was completed in 1884 the village gradually changed its location to the junction of the two roads.  There are about 100 inhabitants.  A school-house was erected in 1879, and another in 1885.  There are two hotels, and four or five general stores.  The cranberry swamp, 1,000 acres in extent, near the junction, and through which Cranberry creek runs, is being improved, and promises to become the nucleus of a lucrative industry.  A post-office was established here in 1885.  The population of the township in 1890 was 748.


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