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Azariah Mitts was born October 19, 1815 in Harrison County, Kentucky, the son of Jacob Mitts and Mary Conyers He married Almira Harrington in 1837 in Iowa County, Wisconsin.  She is the daughter of Zenas Mitts and Susannah BallAlmira was born December 29, 1820 in the state of Illinois.  In my research of Azariah and Almira, I have found their name spelled more than one way.  In the 1870 census of Barron County their names are spelled Ezra and Elmira.  I have also found Azariah to be spelled Asariah and Isaiah.

Azariah did not live long after coming to Barron County.  This could be due to the fact that, according to the 1860 census of Iowa County, Wisconsin, he was a miner.  The mines that were in Iowa County at that time were lead mines.  According to a sworn statement by two of his sons, Frank L. Mitts and John W. Mitts on a homestead statement for their mother the two of them stated that Asariah Mitts’ exclusive home from Oct. 14, 1870 to the 5th day of December 1870, and that after that date the land had been the exclusive home of Almira Mitts, his widow.  Almira also had to present a sworn statement that on the 5th day of December 1870 her husband died.  His farm was in Maple Grove, Barron County.  The family has not been able to find where he is buried.

The following links show copies of the Homestead Papers for the land owned by Azariah and Almira Mitts:

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After much tracing of Almira Harrington Mitts I found that she died in Pierce County, Nebraska in 1891.  She is buried at the Prospect View Cemetery just outside of Pierce, Pierce, Nebraska.   She apparently left Barron County around 1885 with her daughter Sarah C. Mitts and husband Wilder J. Roper In the 1880 Barron County census she is listed as living with them.  The photo to the left is of Wilder J. and Sarah C. (Mitts) Roper.

 Azariah and Almira are the parents of eleven children.  The first child of theirs, Susanna, was born on March 30, 1838 in Iowa County, Wisconsin.  Leonard S. Mitts was born on January 1, 1840 in Iowa County, Wisconsin and died on January 4, 1844 also in Iowa County, Wisconsin.

Mary Ann Mitts born April 16, 1842 in Dodgeville, Iowa County, Wisconsin.  She married James Level on August 16, 1862 in Blue Mounds, Dane County, Wisconsin.  It is known that they had eleven children.  James was born in Suffolk County, Cambridge, England September 29, 1833 and died August3, 1903 in Pierce County, Nebraska.  He is buried in Randolph, Cedar County, Nebraska.  Mary died September 6, 1918 in Nemah, Sac County, Iowa and is buried in Randolph, Cedar County, Nebraska.

Martha J. Mitts was born December 1843 in Dodgeville, Iowa County, Wisconsin.  She died on October 2, 1849 in Dodgeville.  According to the 1850 Mortality Schedule for Iowa County it list her cause of death as Dropsy.

Jacob C. Mitts was born June 29, 1844 in Iowa County, Wisconsin.  He fought in the Civil War serving with the Third Wisconsin Cavalry Co F for about two years.  He returned to Wisconsin but did not stay long and moved to Missouri.  He married twice and had eight children.

Zenas H. Mitts was also born in Iowa County, Wisconsin on June 3, 1850.  He died in Barron County, Wisconsin in 1916 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery.  Zenas married Adelaide White, the daughter of Jeremiah White and Harriet JellisonAdelaide was born August 12, 1858. Otis White wrote in the White Family History book this,

“I remember seeing Zenas Mitts but I do not recall ever seeing Adelaide.  I suppose that she likely died before 1910 or 1911.  Zenas used to come to Prairie Farm where Harley White, his brother-in-law, lived but always afoot and Adelaide was never with him.  I recall that he carried a little hand made axe or palasky with him with which he dug golden seal root from the woods.  He also had in his mouth a long pipe, which hung down and from which dripped saliva.  Not a person one would welcome warmly as a house guest.”
This is a photo of Zenas:

John W. Mitts was born December 1, 1852 in Iowa County.  He spent some time in Barron County around Barronett, Wisconsin in Barron County.  The 1918 census records puts him living in Missouri.


Frank Lee Mitts was born April 7, 1885 in Iowa County, Wisconsin.  On March 14, 1875 he married Henrietta Jane Stoneback, the daughter of Samuel Stoneback and Christina Stephens .  Henrietta had been married before, to Nye Haskins January 2, 1870 in Dunn County Wisconsin, and brought a young daughter into the marriage, Alice Grace born April 7, 1871.  Alice passed away on February 13, 1940 in Sawtelle, West Los Angeles, California.   Frank and Henrietta had four more children, Hattie Ellen born in 1879 and died January 1950 in Oregon. Samuel Ellis Mitts married Mae Isabell Marlind in Knapp, Dunn County on January 23, 1901.  They both passed away in Lebanon, Linn County, Oregon, Sam on December 2, 1959 and Mae on December 21, 1974.  William Frank Mitts was born December 15, 1883 in Barron County.  He married Eva Mae White, the daughter of the Rev. Alvin M. White and Mary Jane Millard on January 15, 1883 in Dallas, Barron County.  They are the parents of five children.  Will or “Pops” as he was known worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad company which took them to Oregon and then to Weed, California in 1922 and to Redding, California 25 years later.  He retired in 1947 and moved to Las Flores (Gerber), California.  Will died on July 8, 1962 in Red Bluff, California and Eva on June 11, 1965 in Redding, California.  They are both buried in the Lawncrest Memorial Park in Redding.  The youngest child of Frank and Henrietta is Mabel She was born in Barron County.  Around 1907 she married Alex Keller in Barron County.  They moved to Oregon where Mabel passed away July 24, 1965 in Linn County, Oregon.  Frank passed away on June 21, 1910 in Prairie Farm of cancer of the lower lip.  His death certificate does not say where he is buried.  After Frank’s death Henrietta remarried to a man named David Douglas Fletcher She died April 19, 1926 in Sawtelle, California.  She is buried at the Soldiers Home, next to her husband David Fletcher.  The cemetery is now known as the National Cemetery of Los Angeles, California.  The photo above and to the left is of Alice Haskins Mitts and her mother, Henrietta (Stoneback) Mitts.  The photo above on the lower left is of Alice (Mitts) Chambers and her brother Sam Mitts (the oldest children of Frank and Henrietta [Stoneback] Mitts).  While the photo on the right above is of Sam and Mae Mitts and on the bottom right is of Hattie Ellen Mitts (daughter of Frank and Henrietta).

The above photos are of Henrietta and her second husband, David Fletcher along with the wedding photo of Mabel Mitts and Alex Keller.  The third photo on the right is of William and Eva May (White) Mitts, and are the great-grandparents of Kathy Winters.

Sarah C. Mitts was born in Iowa County, Wisconsin on April 7, 1855.  She married Wilder J. Roper, the son of John Roper and Susannah Harrington. Wilder and Sarah had six children.  Four of them died by the time they were sixEmma Jane Roper was born April 23, 1874 and died April 30, April 1874.  Minnie Almira was born in 1875 and died November 30, 1920 in Foster, Pierce County, Nebraska. Otis W. (Also known as Wilder Ottis) was born August 11, 1877 and died July 3, 1880 in Prairie Farm, Barron County, Wisconsin.  Ellie May was born May 1, 1879 and died October 11, 1885 in Barron, Barron County, Wisconsin.  George Otto was born Dec 4, 1880 and died Aug 17, 1881 in Barron County.  Fred W. Roper was born July 6, 1882 in Barron County and died Dec 23, 1898 in Pierce, Pierce County, Nebraska.  There is a memorial at the Prospect View Cemetery in Pierce, Pierce County, Nebraska in their honor.  It is not known where the four children that died in Wisconsin are buried, we just know it is in Barron County.  Wilder and Sarah left Barron County sometime after their fourth child died in 1885 and are found to be living in Foster, Pierce County, Nebraska in the 1890 Nebraska Gazetteer. Wilder died November 2, 1903 in Pierce, Pierce County, Nebraska.  He is buried in the Prospect View Cemetery in Pierce.  His other two children, Fred and Minnie are also buried in this cemetery.  After Wilder’s death Sarah remarried.  This time to her brother-in-law Charles W. Roper, also the son of John and Susannah Harrington Roper, in Pierce, Pierce County, Nebraska in 1904.  She passed away in Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado in 1907.

The youngest child of Azariah and Almira was Charles A. Mitts.  He was born in Iowa County, Wisconsin on May 2, 1861.  On October 26, 1895 he married Lillie Roper, the daughter of John Roper and Susannah Harrington in Prairie Farm, Wisconsin.  Lillie was born about 1864 in Wisconsin.  Not much is known about them except that they are placed in Sac City, Sac County, Iowa around 1900.  Charles passed away in Sac City, Iowa.


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