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Although Zenas Harrington and Susannah Ball never lived in Barron County, three of their daughters did.  Zenas and Susannah had eight daughters and two sons.  Their names were Mary Ann, Almira, Sara, Julia Ann, William, Susannah, Catherine, Daniel Paul, Martha Elizabeth, and Jane Lenette.  The three that came to Barron County are Susannah, Almira, and Catherine.  This page is to help explain the relationship and marriages among these three sisters families.

Almira Harrington was born December 29, 1920 in Illinois.  She married Azariah Mitts in Iowa County, Wisconsin around 1837.  They were the parents of eleven children, Susannah, Leonard, Mary Ann, Martha, Jacob, William, Zenas, John, Frank, Sarah, and Charles.  We know they were in Barron County by 1870 as Azariah and Almira were in the 1870 Census under Mitts, Ezra along with some of their children.

Susannah Harrington was born April 24, 1828 in Illinois.  She married John Roper on August 26, 1853 in Kingston, Sauk County, Wisconsin.    They were the parents of seven children.  Wilder J., George, Alva, Mary, Jennie, Charles W., and Lillie.

Catherine Harrington was born May 26, 1833.  She married John D. Millard April 26, 1850 in Kingston, Sauk County, Wisconsin.  They were the parents of four children that we know of.  William H. died as an infant, Loretta Marie, Mary Jane, and Frank.

On September 11, 1873, in the town of Barron, Sarah C. Mitts, daughter of Azariah and Almira Harrington Mitts married Wilder J. Roper, son of John and Susannah Harrington Roper.  July 5, 1882 in Prairie Farm, Charles A. Mitts, son of Azariah and Almira Harrington Mitts married Lillie Roper, daughter of John and Susannah Harrington Roper.  Another son of Azariah and Almira Harrington Mitts was married on March 14, 1874; Frank Lee Mitts married Henrietta Stoneback, daughter of Samuel Stoneback and Christina Stephens.  Another son of Azariah and Almira Mitts, Zenas married Adelaide White, daughter of Jeremiah White, brother of the Rev. Alvin M. White.  Zenas and Adelaide is listed in the 1880 census of Barron County.

Catherine Harrington Millard (photo on the left) was the mother of Mary Jane Millard White, the wife of the Rev. Alvin M. White.  Alvin White married both of her daughters. Loretta first then Mary Jane.  Catherine’s granddaughter, Eva Mae White (Alvin and Mary’s daughter) married William Frank Mitts, Almira’s grandson (Frank and Henrietta’s son) in January of 1909.

Sometime after 1860 Catherine Harrington Millard’s husband John died.  It is believed he died in Sauk County, Wisconsin.  The exact time is not known but Catherine Harrington Millard remarried to the Rev. Baron A. Stow the grandfather of Elsie Stow White, the wife of Minnard White, son of Rev. Alvin M. and Mary Millard White.  (See the biography of Minnard White)

Here is part of a letter written in 1988, by Janet White Leetch, the eldest daughter of Minnard White:

“My great grandma Catherine Harrington Millard Stow married Baron Stow, my mother’s grandfather.  He was an ordained Baptist Minister.  They lived 26 years on that homestead near Turtle Lake.  I can remember where that was.  A log house S. E. of that old Perly cemetery, and his youngest daughter Nellie Stow married a Gus Benson south of their homestead and farmed till he died.  Grandma Stow lived in winter with Grandma White (Mary), and in the summer with her son Frank Millard and wife Anna.”

According to what I have read from the History of the Village of Dallas, donated by Vic Gulickson, as early as 1883, B. A. Stowe (last name is found with both spellings of Stow and Stowe) was active in the Free Baptist Church from 1882 to 1893 B. A. Stowe and C. M. Stowe were members of the church.  In 1897, the Rev. B. A.  Stowe became the pastor of the church only to resign.  Baron A. Stow died on October 30, 1903 in Barron County. When Catherine Harrington Millard White died, we do not know.

UPDATE:  Since the initial information was put on this page, Kathy has found addiitonal information on Catherine and her husband Baron A Stow, as follows:

Catherine Harrington Millard Stow was born in Illinois, daughter of Zenas Harrington and Susannah Ball. She died 20 April 1923 at Arland Twp, Barron County, at the age of 89 years, 10 months, and 25
days.  The cause of death was Apoplexy hempiligia.  She was widowed.  Her son, Frank Millard, of Prairie Farm, Wisconsin was the informant.  This information is from Barron Co. Death Record, Vol. 10, Page 417.    Also, Baron A. Stow, was born 1 Jan 1832 and died 30 Oct. 1903, white, male, American, Minister of the Gospel, aged 71 years. He was born in Vermont, married Catherine Stow (second wife).   Cause of death - heart disease complicated with Rheumatism-heart failure (15 years).  Military service - Company E, 4th Reg, Minn.  He was buried at Upper Turtle Lake Cemetery by J. H. Bunker.  This info is from Barron Co. Death Record, Vol F, page 206.  It has since been learned that Baron Stow's first wife was Zemira L. Judd.  They had a son, Cecil.  (see the Biographies of Baron Stow and Cecil Stow)

We know that Catherine’s son Frank Millard (photo to the right) and his wife Anna lived in Barron County.  He is mention in the obituary of Mary Jane Millard White as living in Hillsdale, Wisconsin.  There is also a page in the White Family History book in the Alvin White section where Minnard White’s daughter Myrtle wrote about Frank Millard’s farm.

“After Dale was born we worked for my brother on Frank Millard’s farm and when my brother left there we took the farm over and worked there for sixteen years. When Frank Millard died we bought the other half of the cattle as well as this farm, and now as of Dec. 1970 it is all paid for.  It took nearly 23 years.”
This means Frank Millard must have passed away around 1947.


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