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How to Subscribe and Guidelines for the Mail List


How to subscribe

You can subscribe to the list in mail mode by sending a message to
that contains the word

" subscribe "

and nothing else. If you prefer digest mode, send the command instead to

To unsubscribe, send the command

" unsubscribe "

to (if in mail mode)
or (if in digest mode.)

To switch from one mode to the other, unsubscribe from one and then subscribe to the other.
There is no "no mail" mode -- if you want messages to stop, you should simply unsubscribe.

To post to both WIBARRON-L and WIBARRON-D, messages should be sent to
Messages sent there will appear both places. You must subscribe to either the -L or -D list in order to post messages to the mail list.


Guidelines for the Mailing List
(Do's and Don't's of a mailing list)

This list is for the discussion of Barron Co. Genealogy and History only.   This includes historical sketches, census data, genealogies, vital records, immigration, family Bibles, settlements, web sites, etc. as they relate to Barron Co.  Please keep your discussions within these guidelines.

The "DO's":

 Give public announcements of information that is of Barron County genealogical  and historical interest. Please use discretion!  (ie. National meetings, seminars, tours, etc. are better announced on a state level mail list.)   
 Try to keep "quoting" to a minimum.  Quoting is repeating text of a message you are replying to.  Some quoting is necessary to remind others what the thread is about, but please do not quote large postings (Digest listers, please refrain from sending a copy of the whole digest when you reply!)
 You may add a list of surnames, but please try to limit them to 6 names or so.  If you have more, feel free to rotate them with each succeeding message.

The "DON'Ts" :

 Do not send virus warnings, test messages, chain letters, items for sale, etc.  For information on virus hoaxes see  among others.
 Please do not send file attachments.
 No rude comments, swearing, or flaming is allowed on this list!
 Do not impose any other rules or conditions upon this list.  Do not try to regulate this list.  If you don't like the way someone formats their queries or responses, take it up with the list owner, NOT on the list!
 No selling of items or services is allowed on this mail list!

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in expulsion from the list.

Remember:  This list is for Barron County Genealogy and History ONLY!


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