Evolution of Township Boundaries in Barron County

Some maps drawn and donated by Denise B. La Rue Ervasti


Barron Co. as we know it today has 25 townships, but this was not always the way our county was laid out.  Below are maps showing the evolution of the various township lines over the years.  The dotted square in the center of each map shows the boundaries of Barron Township as it is today:

Barron Co. in 1874

Barron Co. in 1875

Barron Co. in 1876

Barron Co. in 1879

Here is what Barron County's township lines looked like in 1903:

And this is how the boundaries had changed by 1914:

As you can see, the township boundaries changed quite a bit while Barron Co. was still growing.  These boundaries continued to change until 1929 when the present township lines were formed.

Hopefully these maps and information will be useful to you in your future land searches and in determining where your family lived in Barron Co.


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