Lucy Elmira (Almira) White
Envelope post marked January 8, 1868
From Lavalle, Wisconsin
William A. White
Central City, Colorado Territory

Lavalle  January 5th, 1869

Dear William,

I received letter number 2 from you on the 29th last month, and number 3 this evening containing a draft for $100.

Father White and my father went to Reedsburg yesterday, with the team guess it was much as sleigh ride as anything. Father Lake is going again in a few days, then will take the draft and have it cashed, Dr. Ramsey is paying $.05 per pound for number 1 hops. Mr. & Mrs. Schofield have been visiting around here since the 24th last month, they started for home today. I was here at the John’s during the time, they did not come here so I did not see them, to own the truth, must say that I feel some slighted although they are strangers to me, should have thought that they would come and see Emily as she is sick, but suppose I am the whole cause, but do not know as I am to blame. Mrs. Schofield has a daughter two months old, has named it Alice.

  It will be four weeks Saturday since I came here, E. is just about the same as when you left, not able to do anything. I get lonesome staying here and not daring to leave her any time. I count the weeks and days and almost hours and minutes, I nearly think that winter will never end, but live in hope to come to you soon.

  It is very hard times here, there is no work to be had here, many are glad to work for their board, that is what I hear from different places.

  There is considerable snowfall, still it is not good sleighing, it thaws then freezes and keeps everything icy.

Mrs. House spent last weeks at fathers. Etta grows fleshy every day, but I think it will be a long time before I weight 200 lbs, unless I gain faster than I have for the last few weeks. Robert and Ann Jane are at fathers yet, they are well.

If you do not find a dozen mistakes in this it will be a wonder.

I will close hoping to hear from you soon and good news,

Yours Forever,
Almira White

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