The lady on the far left has been identified as Flora L. Malone.  She was the
wife of Raymond E. Malone, first cousin of Carrie and Ella Gillett (the two ladies in the
middle). Raymond E. Malone's draft card from the WWI era says he lives in Canton,
Barron County, Wisconsin, and his occupation is Clerk and Postmaster.

The child next to Flora Malone is strongly believed to be Ralph J. Malone.
He is the same child in the Sawyer County photos in the unknown list as
Unknown Boy #1 and #2, along with the two photos of him in the tub with
Una and Pauline Jungberg.  I also think he may be the baby with the
pacifier in his mouth in the Unknown Tottlers photo.

The girl in the middle, in the dark dress and the lady on the far right
are still unidentified, but I think the lady has a resemblance to Flora on
the far right.  I have not yet found Flora's maiden name, but do know
(based on census data) that she was born in Wisconsin.

Donated by Al Barrie

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