The ladies of Canton.  Presumed to be a church group. Almira White is
near the center, Carrie White is in the back left holding Charles Kleve,
her adopted son.  Maggie White-Taft is near the center back, the shorter
lady holding a child.  The lady next to the other lady with a child is
Ella Gillette-Jungberg, Carrie's older sister, and my great grandmother.
Mabel Byher is sitting on the ground on the far left. My Garandmother,
Pauline Jungberg, is in the back row between the door and corner of the
building, just to the right of the lady with the large bow in the second
row.  Her sister, Una Jungberg, is in the first row in the plaid jumper.

Donated by Al Barrie

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