1910 Rice Lake High School Yearbook

(Donated by Peg Lamkin)


"The Junior"
Vol. III

Rice Lake, WI High School Yearbook
Published by the Class of 1911

The Faculty

Edith Ketchum, Mable Palmer, Alma Runge, Cora Coxshall, Josephine Bowden, Hazel Wetlaufer, Fred Householder, Leo G. Schussmann, Isla Crawford, Carolyn Gallagher.

Board of Education

Hardin Jarvis, Dr. F. A. Tate, T. Dorgan, Sewell Peterson, E. Hartel . (All male)

Class of 1909 Commencement
 [Note: Page 10 listed the previous year’s graduates]
Lillie Amundson
Ruth Atkinson
Julia Benson
Ina Bowers
Hilma Caesar
Odile Demars
Minnie Donnelly
Maybel Floberg
Leona Habighorst
Karl Hazelberg
Lloyd Hulbert
Floyd Jorstad
Elma Johnson
Mamie Murr
Florence Olson
Henry Omdalen
Mabel Peterson
Harold Rasmussen
Emma Sockness
Melvin Solve
Ida Sorenson
Blanche Stark
Mary Steen
Clara Svacina
Gertrude Hagen
Selma Omdalen

Seniors--Class of 1910

Axel Hagen
Mary Scheffer
Marshall Brekke, class treasurer
Hazel McCollum
Hattie "Sorie" Sorenson
Albert Brain
Elizabeth Barta
Frank "Frankie" Samson
Henrietta B. "Ma" Ritchie, class president
Hazel Brown
Marshall “Ole” Olsen, class secretary
Eva “Ever” Fish
Holden "Honie" Rasmussen (female)
Pauline "Lena" Johnson
Mary Hammond
Johannes "Jack" Nord
Margaret "Muggins" Daniels
Aaron "Sonny" Droock
Leone "Tip" Jones
Ella Hazelberg
Edmund "Ted" Knudson,  class vice-president
Annie Svacina
Maude Looker--entered as sophomore from South Bend HS, IN

Clara Amundson
Edna Bjoin
William Dufner
Avilda Field
Matie Redmond
Ethel Whitaker

Juniors--Class of 1911

Montgomery Atkinson, class sergeant-at-arms
Jennie Baker
Eliza Benson
Bonnie Blowers
Hazel Demars
Henry Gumprecht
Ralph Hamilton
Helen Heldsab [Heldstab], class secretary
Marian Hooey
Rudolph Juza
Mary Ward
Walter Mauseth
Eva Mann
Olga Nelson
Raymond Parrett
Lee Pickett
Gertrude Pollock, class vice-president
Anna Ritchie
Mary Ritchie, class president
Ralph Stark, class treasurer
Josephine Swanson
Jennie Samdahl

Alvin Bartlett
Henry Borgen
Minnie Knudson
Harold Hulbert
Samuel Nord
Charles Paul
France Peterson
Charles Svacina
Lyman West

Sophomores--Class of 1912

Wayne Beggs
Chester Carlsten
Viola Demars
Henry Field
Ellen Gustafson
Esther Habighorst
William Hoffman
Clifton Howard, class sergeant-at-arms
Clara Josephson, class treasurer
Asher Kelty, class vice-president
Esther Schneider
Alex Laveau
Ruth McClelland
Arthur Nelson
Lillian Overby
Violet Phillips
Eva Philpott
Paul Rasmussen
Yelmer Sims
Alfred Solve, class president
Llewellyn Stout, class secretary

Arthur Blake
Grace Borgan
Margaret Bungartz
Mildred Caldwell
Edith Driver
Victor Droock
Geneva Green
Nellie Groher
Edna Jarvis
Christine Johnson
Leslie Krippner
Hilda Kruger
Jessie Merrill
Grover Mitchell
Lambert Olson
Dan Pearson
Clara Shervey
Olga Standish
Clarence Stout
Clifford Kelty

Freshmen--Class of 1913

Bessie Arntson
Harry Field
Mabel Gilstad
Ethowyn Hartline
Jennie Knudson
Edgar McCollum
Michael Mitchell
Harold Olsen, vice-president 1st semester
Ruth Peterson
Ellen Sattre, class vice-president, 2nd semester
Inga Sockness, class secretary, 2nd semester
Gladys West
Helen Boll
Amanda Finstad
Esther Gustafson
Mabel Johnson
Howard Krippner
Adeline McDonald
DeWayne Nelson,  class treasurer, 1st semester
Ella Overby, class secretary, 1st semester
Denis Quinn
Esther Sykes
Alice Stone
Edith Zimmermann, class treasurer, 2nd semester
Raymond Dodge
Helen George
Myrtha Habighorst, class president, 1st semester
Lawrence Jones
Julian Kvam
George Mills, class sergeant-at-arms, 2nd semester
Mary Nordin
Anna Pastika
Anna Richards
Emil Shervey, class president, 2nd semester
Alice Tucker


Wilfred Couture
Marshall Falstad
Katheryn McLaughlin
Freda Olson
Oscar Peterson
Gudrun Nord
Lois Daniels
Agnes Finstad
Henry Meyer
Agnes Omdalen
Leo Rodier
Esther Solve
Leontine Demars
Ulric Lambert
Bessie Newman
Perry Omdalen
Raymond Rodier
Edward Trygstad

Greetings from Former Faculty Members

John D. Black, Feb. 10, 1910, Madison WI
Isabel Mace, March 13, 1910, Grand Rapids, WI

Advertising Section

Barron Co. Bank
Benson Mercantile Co.-- Clothing, grocery dept.
E.H. Bjoin--Agricultural implements and farm machinery, washing machines, real estate, money to loan
Bert C. Bliss--Lands and insurance
Citizens State Bank--"Does a general banking business"; 4% interest paid on time deposits, insurance and steamship tickets for sale.
Crisler-Everts Lumber Co.--lumber, lime, brick, wood, coal
B. Droock--"Our Specialties: Fancy brick ice cream, fruit frost and Russian snow"
W.H. Dunn, dentist
The Fair--"Our ever-increasing trade, the many lines, and large assortments..."
Gilstad & Nord--"We deal in lands, loans, insurance and city property"
Carl Haaland--wallpaper and mouldings, paints, varnishes, picture framing.
Rex Hamilton--Photographer; portraits, views and commencement work
Heintz’s--N.A. Heintz, druggist. "Try our ice cream"
Jewett Drug Co.--"Boys! To keep those girls happy, buy them a box of Fenway Chocolates..."
E. Knudson & Son--"Leading clothiers", the store for young men's clothes
First National Bank--Capital paid in $50,000.00, Surplus profits $118,000.00
Jasper E. Olsen--Pianos, player pianos, organs, sheet music
Oscar Overby --[Music store] Pianos, organs, sewing machines, talking machines, musical instruments,       music.
Frank Paul--"The Hardware Dealer"
Pettit Plumbing & Heating Co.--Plumbing goods, bath room supplies and heating materials
H.C. Reed --[Photo Studio?]
Rice Lake Book & Stationery Store --W.M. Hale, Prop.
Rice Lake Chronotype
Rice Lake Lumber Co.--"Lumber, lath and shingles"
James Robbins--Attorney-at-law
R.L.  Schlick, “The Jeweler”
Sockness & Nordenfoss--"Everybody's shoe store"
Strom & Towle--Successors to C. Overby
W.W. Taggart
The Tourist [hotel]--J.P. Walsh, Proprietor; "The home for the 'boys' ", rooms with bath
West & Anderson--steel ranges, knives and forks, house and barn paint
B.K. Whittier--School supplies, souvenirs, novelties, china, home goods, "Everything for the Home"
Whitney & Larson--"It's better to shave at Whitney & Larson than to wish you had"
Yep Loy--Laundry
Elmer E. Larson, "The Druggist"
Rice Lake Cash Store--Durst Brothers, general merchandise
Silesky Bros. & Co.--Men's and Boys' Good Clothes
A.O. Erstad—“Come in and have your measure taken for a new summer suit”
Rice Lake Chronotype—weekly newspaper, job printing
Joe K. Nelson—“The Clothiers and Furnishers”
The Paradis Company--magazines, phonographs, records
Beauty Shop--operated by Minnie Knudson; "will carry a full line of puffs, rats, curls, etc."
K.E. Rassmussen--Law, loans, insurance and real estate
Dr. W.W. Taggart--Eye specialist
Reed's New Studio--"Groups a specialty"
Barron County Bank--Established in 1882, "the oldest bank in the county"
Mandel Engraving Co.--Milwaukee, WI; half tones, zinc etchings and wood cuts
Fairbanks-Frey Engraving Co--Milwaukee, WI; photo engravers, artists


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