1916 Rice Lake High School Yearbook

(Donated by Peg Lamkin)


"The Junior"
Published by the Class of 1917

[Transcriber's  note: There is no publication date on this volume. However, It is my understanding that the Juniors, third year students, had the responsibility of compiling the annual yearbook. They were, for this book, the "Class of 1917," therefore the book was actually published in 1916, and the graduating seniors at the time of publication were the "Class of 1916."]


Henry J. Steeps, Supt.
Miss Coxshall, Lokke (male), [*one caption written all in German, can't pick out name. See below. Female],
Miss Peterson, Mr. Schenke, Miss Williams, Meyers (male), Ross (female), Miss Tate, Miss Bjoin.

[*Female teacher, possibly taught German? Caption by photo says:
"Eine Deutsch' Lehrerin, die lehrt die Kind'
Das sehr, sehr talf und dummen sind
Sie habt wunderbar' Mut
Und ist sehr gut
Und auf Deutsch sie schpricht uns all' Blind."]

Seniors, Class of 1916:

Amundson, Harvey Imanual, "Hub"--entered as sophomore from Osceola WI
Arneson, Maude
Eubanks, Helen Jane, "Jane"--Class Secty.
Haugen, Orville, "Toots"
Hudrle, Clara--entered as sophomore from Haugen WI
Johnson, Evelyn Marguerite "Dimples"--Class Treas.
Josephson, Irene, "Ike"
Kline, Leroy
Klossner, Margaret Asta, "Mugs"
Newman, Mildred Mae, "Shorty"
Owens, John Benjamin, "Jack"--Class Pres., entered from Ft. Atkinson
Peterson, Lawrence Edward, "Pete"--Class V.Pres., entered as junior   from Cameron WI
Prince, Lucile
Schneider, Erma
Solum, Clara
Trowbridge, Arthur Raymond, "Doc"--entered as sophomore from Hayward WI
VosBurg, Alice Orilla
Walsh, Genevieve Elizabeth, "Peg"--entered as sophomore from St. Mary's Academy, Altoona WI
Wickens, Cletus Marcellitus, "Fuzzy"

Juniors, Class of 1917

Abbot, Alvin
Bowers, Newton
Brodt, Cecil
Carr, Mildred
Carrier, Marie
Cimfl, Anna
Coleman, Mrytle [Myrtle?]
Demers, Raymond
Erdmann, Ruth
Erstad, Lillian--Class V.Pres.
Field, Maurice
Finsterwalder, Raymond
Goettsche, Fred
Green, Vivian
Hathaway, Ray
Hooey, Clifford
Huff, Ruth--Class Treas.
Ingram, Walter
Johnson, Clara
Johnson, Erwin
Losey, Harold
McLaughlin, John
Moe, John
Morkin, Mary
Overby, Agnes
Quinn, Ione
Rasmussen, Dayton
Reine, Blanche
Saile, Clarence
Sattre, Jeannette
Silvernale, Bessie
Sockness, Elmer
Stodola, Frank--Class Pres.
Thomas, Archie
Wanselow, Ferdinand
Webster, Lyle
(Note: Class Secty not listed.)

Sophomores, Class of 1918

Bates, Ethel--Class Secty.
Bliss, Portia
Blum, Emma
Brekke, Raymond--Class V.Pres.
Boll, Margaret
Bowers, Miriam
Borgen, Eva
Coates, Vera
Cooper, Leland
Couture, Cemilda--Class Treas.
Craite, Joe
Danielson, Philip
Henrich, Edna
Hickok, Ernest
Hogeboone, Theressa
Hudrle, Elsie
Hunt, Pretrillia
Klossner, Walter
Lee, Jennie
McLeod, Laura
Manley, Dorothy
Mitchell, Dewey
Moe, Freeman
Nelson, Griffin
Newberg, Melvin
Nord, Olaf
Olson, Delpha
O'Neill, Marvel
Phelan, Frances--Class Pres.
Schoonover, Ruth
Sims, Leslie
Smitke, Margaret
Stewart, Joe
Stoik, Robert
Strand, Melvin
Young, Blanche
Young, Irene

Freshmen, Class of 1919

Anderson, Edwin
Anderson, Hugh
Bailkey, Earl
Blowers, Ruby
Bourette, Eva
Brow, Myrtle
Brunette, Florence
Carlsten, Harry
Coleman, Marguerite
Cook, Elizabeth
Crotteau, Alex
Demars, Clara Ann--Class Treas.
Driver, Franklin
Erwin, Verona
Eubanks, Lynn
Farr, Pauline
Flanum, Rudolph
Gardner, Carl
Gerland, Loretta
Gilstad, Clarence
Gray, Hattie
Green, Louis
Guay, Joseph
Gygli, Rose
Hamilton, Raymond
Heiland, Henry
Heintz, Douglas--Class Pres.
Hinskey, Myrtle
Hugdahl, Irvin
Johnson, Sophie
Kingelm, Eva
Langland, Dora
Larson, Philip
Lee, Borghild
Leisenring, Frank
Leonard, William
Lewis, Wayne
McClelland, Harold
McFarland, Ellen
Manstad, Helmer
Mattison, George
Menza, Martha
Mercier, Archie
Mitchell, Rose B.
Moe, Jasper
Morris, Ada
Nelson, Lillian
Nelson, Norman
Newman, Florence
O'Neill, Margaret
Paradis, Lane
Paradis, Maurine
Peterson, Gladys
Phelan, Robert
Phillips, Hector
Plain, Anna
Saile, Robert
Samdahl, Cleo
Schmidt, Laura
Schneider, William--Class Secty.
Severson, Rose
Smith, Kathryn
Stewart, Nancy
Stoik, Emil
Tate, Helen--Class V.Pres.
Thompson, Evelyn
Wanselow, Luella
Wavrunek, Joseph
Young, Frank

Advertising Section:

Rice Lake Lumber Co.

John A. Moe & Sons--"Leading Clothiers," successors to Knudson & Nelson

Citizens State Bank--Capital $35,000.00, Surplus $3,500.00."
Officers and Stockholders: Martin Bretl, pres. and dir.--C.D. Nelson,
v.pres. and dir.--Jim Hanson, v.pres. and dir.--J.H. Wilz, cashier--A.G.
Bilodeau, asst. cashier--F.J. Bretl, asst. cashier--Dr. D.J. Ryan,
dir.--Fred H. Gardner, dir.--John Plenty, dir--W.H. Clark, dir.--Max
Finsterwalder, dir--J.H. Johnson, dir.
Chris Hanson--Dr. A.S. White--Zeno Wilkinson--C.A. Winn--L.E. Losey--Ed.
Kuenzie--A.S. Sather--Henry L. Stout--Henry Wils--A.C. Robarge--C.E.
West--Peter Wm. Nelson--John Mallo--Joseph Schleiss--A. Kuenzie--Emil
Schenck--Peter Thome--Ben Knutson, Estate--Geo. N. Keesey--Fred
Baumberger--John Smitke--Julia O. Thompson--Katherine Svacina--Chris E.
Jensen--Ida F. Nelson--Olena Hanson.

G. Nagel--"The man who makes good clothes"

The Rice Lake Candy Kitchen, Ernest Berbes, Proprietor; "home-made chocolates, bon-bons and ice cream...Free delivery to all parts of the city."

The Rice Lake Hospital
Supt: M.B. Greene
Medical Staff: Dr. T.A. Charron, Dr. O.M. Sattre,Dr. D.L. Dawson, Dr. C.
Whitney, Dr. B.N. Webster, Dr. F.L. Phillips, Dr. E.J. Knapp

Red Cedar Valley Electric Company

The Reed Studio--"Your Photograph"

J.E. Fleishman--Pianos

Mary K. Hartel--Millinery

Larson Drug Company--Apothecaries

Hotel Weber, M. Weber, proprietor and manager--Successor to "The Tourist"

Barron County Telephone Company--"1,200 telephones in service at Rice Lake, 3,000 in Barron County, connected with 350,000 telephones in the state."

Hon's Store--5-10-25c goods; fancy china and dry goods.."'Buy It' from Hon. and you'll save mon."

Rex Hamilton, photographer

G.L. Lyle-- furniture and undertaking; "furniture for the kitchen, bedroom, parlor, sitting room and library."

Western Lumber Co.--building materials, hard and soft coal

Jewett Drug Co., stationery, tablets and papers

Magill Electric Co., "electric light"

Lyric and Unique --[Movie theaters.]

The First National Bank, capital and surplus $95,000

C. Coxshall, reduced rates on compasses.

Oscar Overby, [music store] pianos and player-pianos, phonographs and

Potter Business College -- Knudson Building--C.B. Potter, Principal

G.A. Dahlgren--"shaving parlors, bath in connection"

Stein Brothers--dealers in hides, wools, furs and tallow

J. Owens--"Time is Money--Save Your Time"

Phil Silesky--Mens and boys shoes, clothing and furnishings.

West Hardware Company

W.F. Rubyor--jeweler and optician, watch inspector for Omaha and Soo Railroads

Jacobson Mercantile Co.--clothing

Rice Lake Cigar Factory,  F.G. Peterson, Prop.

The Hartel Morrison Co.,  E. Hartel, S. Edw. Morrison--Flour, feed, hay, grain

Barron County Bank--Established 1882; Officers, N.W. Bailey, President; D.F. Clark, vice-president; Wm. D. Brady, cashier; E.G. Shervey, ass't. cashier; Henry M. Moe, asst. cashier.

Rice Lake Chronotype--Weekly circulation 2,000. [Newspaper]

Droock's--Confectionery and ice cream parlors

Rice Lake Motor Car Company--Studebaker and Buick

C. Weiden & Son--Shoes; "repairing a specialty"

Field Auto Co.---Dodge and Overland cars, complete line of Ford repairs

E.M. Rogers, dentist.

Doctors Sattre & Dawnson, physicians and surgeons.

Dr. Tate, dentist.

Doctors White and Ryan

L.V. Williams, chiropractor.

Dr. Stekl, dentist

Dr. Edgar Knapp, physician and surgeon--"X-ray a specialty"

Coe Brothers, lawyers

Schlick & Howe, "The Rice Lake Jewelers."

Newberg Clothing Company

Rice Lake City Laundry--Foy Joe, Prop.

Quinn Bros. Hardware--"Watch us grow"

Meuhl's 5-10-20 Ct. Store--"Ten cent bargains is our business."

Orville Haugen--"Ride on Freight Trains Free, brought to you in ten simple lessons

W.J. Ackerman--"The Insurance and Loan Man."

Pettit Plumbing & Heating Compaay--[Company?] "Live Long, enjoy life while you live; our sanitary plumbing and 20th century heating will help you do both..."

The Fair--"The Real Economy Center of Baron [Barron] County"--Clothing, dry goods, shoes, cloaks and millinery, ladies' and men's furnishings, carpets, rugs, linoleums, baby carriages, groceries, tinware, glassware, crockery, woodenware, boiled and raw linseed oils, lubricating oils, etc."

Sockness & Nordenfoss--"The home of good shoes"

Chinnock & Thomas--"Shaving Parlors; bath in connection--Basement Jacobson Mercantile Company Store.

Alex C. Robarge--"Dealer in staple and fancy dry goods, staple and fancy grocers, fruits and berries in season...I deliver to all parts in the city limits."

Hammond-Chandler Lumber Company

Rice Lake Co-Operative Company--General merchandise.

Crisler & Co.--"Farm machinery, sewer pipe, dynamite, potatoes, grain, flour, feed, hay, coal, wood, live stock, etc. --Long distance telephone No. 41."

O.A. Erstad, merchant tailor.

Manson & Whitney--"For good clothes."

Sam Kellerman--Plumbing and heating, sewer and water connections.

Carl G. Johnson Co., Eau Claire, Wis.--Photography; "The engravings in 'The Junior' are a speciman of our work."

Gailloux & Harris Company, Chippewa Falls, Wis.--Book, catalogue and commercial printers.