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Class of 1920 of Rice Lake High School
50 Year Reunion

From the 1970 reunion program

Donated by Joanne Krause


Cover from the Class of 1920, Rice Lake High School's 50 Year Reunion Program


by Ethel Bates

Fifty years seems a long, long time when
 You’re looking ahead, but it’s not.
When you’re busy and happy the years go by
 And you wonder where they have gone.
The old school’s torn down, where we worked
 And we played, but the memories linger still
Of the friends we had then and the teachers, too,
 And our struggles to make good grades.
We may have forgotten the high hopes we had
 and our plans to conquer the world.
But isn’t it nice to look back from here and
 Remember the good things we’ve known?
There were troubles, I’m sure, in all of our
 Lives but we managed to come out on top, and
As we look back they have shrunk in their size
 And were not as bad as we thought,
Sorrow has come to many, I know, and loved ones
 Gone from your lives.
But the memories you have are precious and dear
 And still have a place in your heart.

Each phase of your life brought it’s joy and
 It’s tears –



 Class Motto:      “Forward”
Class Flower:    Lily of the Valley
 Class Colors:     Green and White




(w/maiden name when known)
BONEBRAKE, Ann (JUZA) Haugen Wis. Married 2 ch / 
1 g-ch
Taught ten years in Minn. & Ill. Superior State University Reading, gardening, cooking
BRUNETTE, Lillian (PETERSON) Rice Lake Wis. Married None Office work and clerk High School Clubs, church work, golfing
CARTER, Hazel Faith (McFARLANE) Bell Flower, Calif. Widowed 2 ch / 
2 g-ch
Steno, typist, & Dictaphone operator Globe Business College, St. Paul, MN Fancy work, fishing, dancing, ice-skating. Made many interesting trips in the U.S.
CURRIER, Helene (JACOBSON) Rice Lake, Wis Widowed 1 step-
daughter / 5 g-ch
4 gg-ch
Office work, owned & operated Motel on E. shore of Rice Lake Bridge, reading, clubs, church work.  Traveled in U.S. through Mexico and Cuba (before Castro)
EDWARDS, Ruth (COOPER) Knoxville, Tenn.
FIELD, Howard  Madison, Wis. Married 2 sons / 
2 g-ch
Practicing law in Madison University of Wis., B.A. & LLB Hunting, fishing, golf
Interested in the history of the Vikings in N.A. & have made a study of the alleged Viking sites found in Minn., Rhode Island, Mass., Hudson Bay, Greenland, Iceland, Shetland Islands, Norway, Sweden and the Bornhom Islands in the Baltic Sea.
FREDERICKSON, Florence (MILLS) Rice Lake, Wis. Widowed 2 daughters L.P. Nurse, Lakeside Hospital, Rice Lake Studying to be a nurse Knitting, gardening and refinishing antique furniture.  Traveled extensively in U.S.
GARDNER, Elsie (NELSON) Danville, Ill. Married 2 sons, 2 daughters /
10 g-ch
since graduation, Civil service High School and Business college Oil painting, sewing and gardening
Sidelight - Celebrated 50 years of married life this year
GOBLER, Leslie N. Durand, Wis Widower 3 ch / 
26 g-ch
Engineer utilities; Army civilian engineer, Chicago High School Fishing
HANSON, Elsie (PALMER) Widow 2 daughters Taught in Eau Claire & later taught 10 years in Maryland.  Retired in 1964 Grad. U. of Wis. in 1924 Church work, P.E.O., clubs and bridge
HAUGEN, Bernhart Glenview, Ill. Divorced None Vice-Pres. Oliver Corp., Vice-Pres, Finance and Chairman of Finance Committee of the Board of Directors Walton School of Commerce, C.P.A. None, other than enjoying life in various ways. Traveled the U.S. and Canada, Scandinavian countries, Australia, S.E. Asia, Japan & Hawaii
JOHNSON, Edwin I.  Janesville, Wis Married None Printer, Rice Lake Chronotype  20 years; Fort  Atkinson, managed private plant for seven years; Janesville, Daily Gazette, until retirement. Now work part time in Madison. Woodworking and furniture refinishing. Do considerable traveling: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, London and Germany. Several trips to Florida and other states.
JOHNSON, Raymond O. Rice Lake, Wis. Married 3 sons / 
5 g-ch (2 girls, 3 boys)
Retail grocer for 44 years, Secretary of Rice Lake Board of Education for 36 years, Vice President of Dairy State Bank for 15 years, now President for 3 years Freshman at High School Raising Hereford cattle, golf, fishing and billiards.
KORTACH, Ada (JARVIS) Rice Lake, Wis Widowed 4 ch / 
15 g-ch /
9 gg-ch
Nurse – Managed Murray Nursing Home, Milwaukee L.P.N. Knitting and church work
LEROUX, Lillian (BRUNETTE) Duluth, Minn. Married 2 daughters / 2 g-ch Secretary and office manager Johnson Fish Co., Duluth for 35 years; later owned and operated Laundromat & dry cleaning store Business  College Fishing & gardening
MITCHELL, Hazel (TRAVIS) Rice Lake, Wis. Married 1 son / 
1 g-ch
Housewife High School Gardening, hunting
PLAENERT, Ellen (HENSCHEL) Madison, Wis. Married 1 daughter / 3 g-ch Jr. High School teacher, school principal; taught related art courses at U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee Teachers College, Superior Teachers College, U. of Wis. Post-graduate course in Home Economics Active in Womans Club, Garden Club & Auxiliaries of military societies
Sidelight - Lived in Korea, visited Japan, traveled in U.S. & Canada
QUALY, Faith (INGRAM) Rice Lake, Wis Widowed None Clerk, owner of Paint & Wallpaper store Bridge, coffee parties, traveled in U.S.
RAKE, Callista (McFARLANE) Rice Lake, Wis. Widowed 1 daughter / 3 g-ch Teaching – Elementary supervisor 24 years Sewing
REHM, Mercy (BEGGS) Albuquerque, New Mexico Married 1 daughter / 2 g-ch
ROWLANDS, Josephine (BEMIS) Waupaca, Wis. Divorced 3 ch / 
5 g-ch (3 girls, 2 boys)
Teacher, Federal Civil Service, Social worker U. of Wisconsin, Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa Stamps, rocks and church work
SAILE, Charles  Cumberland, Wis. Married 1 daughter / 3 g-ch Plant manager of Stokely Bros. Canning Co. High School Hunting and fishing
SCHENK, Della  Minneapolis, Minn. Single Employed in Bachman’s landscape dept. for past 18 years Anything related to gardening and outdoors. Travel when possible. Hope to retire this year and return to my home near Red Cedar Lake.
SMITH, Esther (EITER)  Lincoln, Nebraska Married None Private Sec’y to Sales Manager of shoe co., Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; operated travel agency in Lincoln, Nebraska. Hunts Business College, Eau Claire, Wis. Gardening, books and bridge
Sidelight - Have traveled over much of the world.
STONE, Harold  Rice Lake, Wis. Married 3 ch / 
2 g-ch
Cattle dealer, drug clerk, tavern operator and farmer U. of Wisconsin Fishing
TYSON, Ruth (OETTEL) St. Paul, Minn. Widowed 1 boy, 2 girls / 12 g-ch, (five boys, seven girls) Owned and operated a Trucking company High School Crocheting, knitting and sewing, flower gardening. Trip to Hawaii & California tour.
WARDE, Erma (PETTIS) Appleton, Wis. Widowed 1 son /
2 g-ch
Mostly teaching  - Kindergarten teacher at Elkhart Lake for 11 years B.S. Degree from Superior State College Flower gardening: art projects
WOLFINGER, Marguerite Rice Lake, Wis Single Teaching – taught at Superior S. College, Rice Lake Stout S.U. Branch, Rice Lake Elementary schools U. Of Wis., Superior State, LaCrosse State. N.W. U. Gardening & writing
Sidelight - Member of founding faculty of Barron Co, campus; traveled to Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, So. Pacific & U.S. Selected for special Teachers Award & outstanding Jr. Historian, teacher of month (1963) Who’s Who in American Education, 1968
WRIGHT, Mary (KINGELIN) Houston, Texas Married 3 ch /
6 g-ch
Sec’y to Houston oil man, banker One year college Travel and upholstering



Edwin Anderson Raymond Peterson Hellen Tate
Roger Dunn Clara Yost Lester Rake
Harold Johnson Arthur Reiten Ellen McFarlane
Stacer Martin Marie Schaaf Donald Qualy
Jasper Moe Emil Stoik



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