The History of Perley School

(This history is from "Barron County Schools, Past and Present")


The first school was a frame building.  Perley in the 1800s was a thriving lumbering town on the shore of Echo Lake which is called Bear Lake now.  At one time it was larger than its neighbor, Turtle Lake.

The new red brick schoolhouse was built in 1922 to replace the frame building which had burned.  Hjalmer Lindberg purchased the brick building in 1945 for $500 when Perley consolidated with the Turtle Lake district and remodeled the building inside into a 4-room home, which is presently (1976) occupied by Frank Gubasta.

The last teacher at Perley was Eleanor Peterson from near Dallas, whose name is now Mrs. Toews.


Early Items of the Perley School:

1907 Fall Report
1909 - 1910 Souvenir Booklet


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