Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1878 -


Issue Date


January 18

DIED. Barney Loomis died in Alma, last Saturday night and was buried in Gilmanton, Monday.

February 1

DIED. Mrs. Daniel Gilman died last Wednesday evening. The funeral took place this morning, at 10 am, in Gilmanton. Mrs. Gilman has been sick a long time.

MARRIED. Dillon-Smith. January 24th, 1878, at the residence of the bride’s mother, by D. Miller, pastor of the Sixth Presbyterian Church, F.H. Dillon, of Mondovi, to M.L. Smith, of Chicago.

February 8

MARRIED. Leonora Merrit was married, not long since, to Mr. Thalle. Their residence will be Spring Valley, Minn.

March 8

MARRIED. Williams-Richey. February 23rd, at Racine, by Rev. J.P. Williams, assisted by Rev. DE. Bierce, Rev. W.B. Williams of Mondovi, and Mrs. Anna E. Richey of Racine.

March 15

DIED. D.B. Allen, Esq., died on Sunday morning at 10 o’clock, and was buried Monday afternoon. The funeral sermon was preached by Elder Williams, in the Congregational Church. Mr. Allen was an old citizen of Mondovi, having lived here some 15-20 years. In former years he carried on a mercantile business, but of late has been living a retired life, his health being very poor. He leaves a large family.

April 5

DIED. John Lafferty. A resident of Gilmanton, died yesterday, very suddenly. The day before he was apparently as well as anyone having made a trip to Alma. Dropsy was the disease. Funeral tomorrow at 9 o’clock, am, in Gilmanton. Sermon will be delivered by Rev. B. F. Morse.

April 12

MARRIED. Pierce-Clark. April 7th, 1878, at the res. Of Mr. C. W. Pace, by Rev. B. F. Morse, Mr. Azel Pierce to Miss Addie Clark, both of Gilmanton.

May 3

MARRIED. Allen-Fravy. May 1st, 1878, by Rev. Wm. Massee, at the res. of the bride’s parents, Wm. F. Allen and Ada V. Frary. The ceremony took place at the res. of G. R. Fary, Esq., in Modena, Wed. evening, at 7 o’clock, only a few friends of the family were present. They departed immediately for Mondovi, where the bride will pass the summer, during the absence of her husband, who started next morning with the emigrant train, for Washington Territory, where he expects to secure a home, when he will send for his wife. May their journey through life be prosperous, with all the blessings.

May 17

DIED. One week ago last Sunday while three children of Mrs. T.H. Christman were being baptized in Bass Creek, near Hanover, Wis., Mrs. Christman was suddenly taken with heart palpitation, and had to be immediately removed to her residence, not far distant, where she expired in less than 15 minutes. Mrs. Christman was a very large and healthy woman, and it is thought that the excitement of the occasion was the cause of her untimely demise.

DIED. Mr. L. Peterson died, at the res. of Ed. Ayers, on the 12th inst. of typhoid pneumonia. He was 23 years old.


May 24

MARRIED. Miss Lizzie Robinson, who organized the Juvenile Temple here, last fall, was married on the 22nd last, to Wm. E. Disbrow, of Bridgeport, Conn.

MONDOVI BASEBALL TEAM. A baseball club formed. The following compose the Mondovi Baseball Club: Captain-Len Anderson, First Base-Curt Dillion, Second Base-Alonzo Davis, Third Base-Will. Winter, Shortstops-F. Davis and L. Anderson, Right Field-Jno. Kane, Center Field-L. D. Le Gore, Left Field-Jas. Harvey, Pitcher-O. Hawkins, Catcher-Ed. Kemp.

June 8

MARRIED. Matt. Dwurshack was married yesterday, to Miss Katie Thieson, of Montana. The interesting cermony took place in the new Catholic church, on the hill. A host of smiling friends witnessed the happy event. (more)

June 14

MARRIED. Elder B. F. Morse, on the 8th inst., married H. P. Rumsey to Mrs. G. Bentley, of Burnside, Trempeleau County.

DIED. Stev. Fox, of Waterville, committed suicide last Saturday, June 8th. The cause is attributed to strong drink and jealousy.

DIED. Joseph Hoffer, of Independence, was found dead in bed, first of this week. He was lying face down. Undoubtedly poor whiskey done the deed.

July 5

MARRIED. Mr. K.N. Knudson, of Dover, and Miss Emma M. Peterson, of Burnside, were married on the 2nd inst., at the Norwegian Lutheran Church, in Dover, by the Rev. S. Berntyon. The wedding was on a grander scale than any which have taken place before in the county. (more)

July 12

DIED. Mrs. Wesley Smith of Draymond died Saturday at 7 o’clock, she leaves a husband (who has been blind for about a month) and six little children. Her funeral took place at the house Monday morning.

August 2

MARRIED. At the house of the bride’s father, in Mondovi, July 30, by Rev. J. M. Wells, Mr. George McDearmid and Mrs. E. J. Holmes.

August 17

DIED. Mrs. Margaret Travis, of Ellsworth, Pierce County, Wis. Died August 3, 1878, aged 101, 6 months, 3 days.

DIED. In this town, on the 9th last, of cholera infantum, Charlie, son of J. C. and Emma Parr, 1 year and 6 months.

August 24

MARRIED. Callahan-Ida. In Durand, at the residence of M. D. Prindle, August 21 Mr. D. J. Callahan of Eau Claire and Miss Agnes Ide of Mondovi.

DIED. Crooker, In this town, Sunday morning, August 13, of typhoid fever, Q. A. Crooker aged about 50 years. Bro. Crooker was a respected citizen, a good neighbor and a worthy member at the Baptist church.

DIED. Shane: In Modena, Thursday afternoon, August 22 very suddenly, wife of Thomas Shane, aged 38 years.

DIED. A case of yellow fever in Independence. The patient’s name was Jos. Kellyon, only 4 days from Texas. He died of the disease.

September 7

DIED. In Modena, August 31 of Cholera Morbus, Mr. B. F. Babcock, aged 49 years. Mr. Babcock was born in Franklin County, N. Y. and has been a resident of this county for 20 years, and has been engaged in farming up to about 5 years ago, when he received the appointment of postmaster of Modena, at the same time entering upon the mercantile business, in which he was engaged at the time of his death. (more…)

DIED. Tilson. In W. Salem, Wis, July 2, 1878, of consumption, Edmund Sherburn Tilson, aged 35 years. Born in Braintree, Vermont, moved to W. Randolph as a child. He made teaching his principal work and began it in his native state when only 17 years of age. About 10 years ago he came to this state, teaching first at Mondovi, afterward in Eau Claire. Went back east to attend to his mother in her illness. After her death he taught in Brooksfield, Waukersha, Palmyra, and Chippewa Falls. Three years ago he married Miss Ida Elwell of W. Salem. After a year of married life such acute symptoms of cons. appeared and to cause his removal to Florida; but the disease gained a stronger hold. Returning north some two months he came to the house of his father-in-law to be ministered unto in his last days.

September 14

DIED. August Winters of Linn, Winnebago County was killed by a thrashing machine last week.

September 21

DIED. Ferry. At her residence in Mondovi, September 13, Mrs. Maria S., wife of Edwin Ferry, aged 51 years. Mrs. Ferry came to this town with former husband Mr. Sylvester Phelps, 18 years ago, and in common with the early pioneers, suffered the privations and hardships of the new country for about 6 years when her husband was removed by death and she left with 2 small children to provide for. In 1868 she was united in marriage to Mr. Ferry. For 8 years she suffered a cancer in her mouth. Sister Ferry was a member of the Baptist church 30 years, was one of 7 that formed the Baptist Church of Mondovi.

DIED. Redfield. In Albion, Trempealeau County, Sunday September 15 of consumption, Mrs. Redfield, wife of Mr. John Redfield, formerly of Modena.

September 28

MARRIED. Bush-Burt: At Fountain City, on the 17th inst., Mr. John Busch, of Fountain City and Miss Ella Burt of Glencoe.

October 12

DIED. Last name, Shuman, 6 miles back in the country from Trempealeau, age 10, shot and killed 4 year old sister. (more…)

November 9

MARRIED. Canar-Fitzgerald: In Durand, November 4 by Rev. Mendl, Mr. Jacob Canar and Miss Mary Fitzgerald, both of Mondovi.

MARRIED. Muzzy-Braford: At the parsonage in Mondovi, November 8 by Rev. B. F. Morse Mr. Frank N. Muzzy of Modena and Miss L. R. Braford of Misha Mokwa(? Hard to read)

DIED. At Gilmanton the 2nd of November 1878 at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Jad Hutchinson, Mrs. Harriet Fuller at the advanced age of 80 years and 3 months. Moved from Vermont 20 years ago. (more written)

DIED. Southworth. In River Falls, Wisconsin Sunday evening, November 3, 1878, Mr. Isase Southworth of Mondovi aged 21 years. Born in Rathbonville, N. Y. September 7, 1857. Age of 3 he and parents moved to Mondovi, which place has been his home and where he has suffered losing father, mother and 2 brothers besides other relatives. He entered the State Normal School at River Falls, at its first opening 3 years ago. Superintendent of the Sunday school five weeks before his death he was attacked with Typhoid fever. (more written)

November 16

DIED. Claflin. In Gilmanton, Monday morning November 11, Lyman J. Claflin, aged 48 years and 11 months. Mr. Claflin was born in Brookfield, Vermont, in December 1829. In his 26 year he, together with 4 or 5 of his neighbors, started from their eastern homes to look for farms in the far west, and they all located in the town of Gilmanton, where Mr. Claflin has remained till the day of his death, and on the farm originally located by him. He was one of our early pioneers and was among the first settlers of Buffalo County. He is widely known throughout the county as an honest, just and upright man. His funeral was attended Wednesday by the largest concourse of relatives and friends. By his request he being a member of Alma Lodge, A. F. and A. M., he was buried with Masonic honors. Sermon delivered by Re. B. F. Morse of this place. (more written)

DIED. Sibley. In this village, November 2nd of consumption, Mrs. Emma (hard to read) Sibley, daughter of Charges Trowbridge, aged 28 years. Mrs. Sibley has been in poor health for the past 6 months, and a great sufferer for the past month. She leaves a husband and 2 small children.

November 23

MARRIED. Nogle-Bump. At the M. E. Parsonage, in Mondovi, on the 17th inst. By Rev. J. M. Wells, Mr. W. H. Nogle and Miss Ettie C. Bump al of this town.

November 30

MARRIED. Spencer-Grout. At the residence of the bride’s parents, in Mitchell, Iowa, November 21, 1878, by Rev. R. Kerr, Mr. C. J. Spencer and Miss I. L. Grout.

December 21

DIED. Gardner. In this village, Tuesday morning, December 17, of Diphtheria, Johnny Gardner, son of D. C. and Melissa Gardner aged 11 years. This is the second boy that has been taken from the family of Mr. and Mrs. Gardner within 3 weeks, by the terrible disease. The blow will fall doubly upon Mr. Gardner, who is absent in Washington Terri.

DIED. Hadley. In Gilmanton, Tuesday night December 17, of Diphtheria, Minnie, oldest child of Daniel and Nancy Hadley, aged about 11 years.

DIED. Wood. In the town of Dramen, December 14 of consumption, Mrs. James Wood, daughter of H. Clark, aged 33 years. Funeral attended by Elder G. W. Turner, of Gilmanton, at the Albany School House.

DIED. Peter J. Hanna committed suicide last Saturday evening. He came from Pennsylvania and lived with his brother-in-law by the name of Southard. Mr. Hanna was 60 years old and leaves a family in Pennsylvania. He was doubtless insane as a search of his trunks revealed the fact he had a sister in an insane asylum in Penn. Remains in Nelson. (This was a very big article, publishing the last note Mr. Hanna wrote.)

December 28

MARRIED. Trowbridge-Thames. In this village, December 25 by E. S. Bunce, Esq. Mr. A. C. Trowbridge of Mondovi, to Miss Olive Thames of Gilmanton.

MARRIED. Shafer-Robinson: By the same, at the parsonage, on the 24th of December Mr. Austin W. Shafer, of Sheboygan to Miss Esther Robinson of Mondovi.

MARRIED. Cilley-Merritt: At Mondovi, December 16th, 1878, by Rev. B. F. Morse, Mr. Wm. O. Cilley of Independence, Wis., to Miss Minnie Merritt of Naples

DIED. La Duke. In Gilmanton, December 19 of Diphtheria, Victor, son of Charles and Elizabeth La Duke, aged 3 years and 6 months.