Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1879 -


Issue Date


January 4

DIED. La Duka. In Gilmanton, on the 27th of December of Diphtheria, Emma, only daughter of Charles and Elizabeth La Duke, aged 11 years.

DIED. Dillingham. In Gilmanton, December 29 of Diphtheria, Zellis E. youngest daughter of J. J. and Mary Dillingham.


DIED. Toby Tanner. Last week Thursday, young man resided on the road to Little Waumandee, near the Gilmanton Line. Hunting accident, shot by friend. (more written)

January 11

MARRIED. Knudson&emdash;Starks. In Deerfield, Dane County, Wis. December 18, 1878, by Rev. I. E. Aaterson, S. N. Knutson of Dover to Miss R. S. Starks of Deerfield.


MARRIED. Miller&emdash;Garnett. In the town of Dramen, December 29th, 1878,m by Rev. G. W. Turner, Mr. Charles S. Miller of Hastings, Minn. to Caroline J. Garnett, of Brunswick, Eau Claire County.


DIED. Rowe, in this town. Tuesday evening Jan. 7th, Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe, wife of Joseph Rowe, aged 54 years. (Written in 1/18/1879 also.)

January 25

DIED. Sudden death of Mr. D. C. Loomis of Gilmanton died last Saturday. He was found dead on the ridge between Dover and Independence. He was about 44 years old.

February 1

DIED. We learned that Gilbert Toreson, who lives west of town, died last week from the effects of cancer in his stomach. He has been a great sufferer the past 2 or 3 years.

February 8

DIED. There were 2 more deaths in Gilmanton, last week, of Diphtheria, a child of Mr. Warren Kenyon and Miss Mary Halverson. Gilmanton has had a hard time with this disease during the past winter.


MARRIED. Mr. Melvin Letteer of Maxville was married to Miss Ella Welch, of Walworth County, at the Massasoit House, Alma, last Saturday morning, at 2 o’clock. The Express thinks "The early bird catches the worm."


ILLNESS. We learned that Christian Halvorson is dangerously ill with diphtheria. A sister of his died with this disease last week.

February 15

DIED. Another child, a little boy of Mr. Halvorson, died last Sunday afternoon, with diphtheria.

February 22

DIED. Last Monday school teacher Lewis Muzzy in Modena shot and killed George Ellis. Muzzy had earlier severely punished an Ellis boy after he had thrown a snowball and it hit the door of the schoolhouse. Geo. Ellis was about 21 years old and his mother is now living at Stevens Point, this state. He worked for Mr. Geo. Babcock 2 years ago and also for Mr. Geo. Davy. (big, big article, also reported on March 1, 1879)


DIED. A little boy of Mr. Thomas Litchfield died with Diphtheria, last Sunday morning.


DIED. A Little girl of John Dillingham also died Tuesday noon, of Diphtheria.

March 1

DIED. A little girl of Mr. Ellen Beane of Gilmanton died of Diphtheria last Tuesday night.


DIED. Hebard. In this village, Friday morning, February 28, of Membraneous Croup, Egbert Charles, only son of Dr. Charles and Evelyn Hebard, aged 2 years and 6 months.

March 15

DIED. Louis Weivers, of Winona, formerly of Fountain City, committed suicide by hanging, near Minnesota City, last week.


DIED. We are informed that J. M. Pratt, of Gilmanton, lost a boy with Diphtheria, last Tuesday, aged about six years.


MARRIED. Goss&emdash;Seger. In Canton, on the 1st inst., by Azel Goss, Esq., Mr. Ziba Goss, of Canton, to Miss Orpha Seger, of Modena. We wish Mr. Goss much comfort with his cigar.

March 22

DIED. A boy of Mr. Aschenbaugh, of Gilmanton, died of Diphtheria last Sunday night. Truly Gilmanton has been afflicted with this terrible disease.


DIED. McDermid. In this village, on the 16th inst., of consumption, Mrs. Amanda, wife of I. J. McDermid, aged 31 years and 4 months.

March 29

DIED. Mr. Eschenbaugh, of Gilmanton, lost another child to Diphtheria, last week. We learn that Diphtheria has gotten back into town again.

April 15

MARRIED. Winter&emdash;Eager. In Brownsdale, Minn. March 21st Mr. Richard Winter of Mondovi to Miss Emily A. Eager, of Browndale.

April 12

DIED. Pace. In this town, on the 28th alt., Mr. Edward Pace, aged 22 years.

April 29

DIED. Cooke. In the town of Dover, Saturday morning, April 12, 1879. Samuel S. Cooke, formerly of Alma, aged 60 years. The deceased was one of the oldest residents of this section. He came here from Columbus, Ohio, in 1856, at a time when Eau Claire and Buffalo Counties were an almost unbroken wilderness, and settled at the place where he died. Here he remained on a farm till about the close of the war, when he opened a hotel in Alma. He remained in that business until about the year 1873, and then returned to his farm. On Saturday last he sustained an attack of apoplexy; and, although he partially regained consciousness, the vital powers gradually failed until his death. Mr. Cooke was a man of more than average intelligence. He was a great hunter in his time, and was also a misc. reader and a man of advanced views. He will be missed by a large circle of friends at all points throughout the adjacent counties, and along the Mississippi. He leaves a wife and family, all grown up.


MARRIED. Bascom&emdash;Crockett. In Stuart, Iowa, April 1st 1879, at the res. of the brides father, by Rev. A. Archibald, Mr. Henry M. Buscom and Miss Ida B. Crockett, all of Stuart. Mrs. B., taught our village school last summer and is well known here an an accomplished and well educated lady. We trust she has not married a man unworthy of her in any respect. Hattie H., suggests the idea to us that perhaps Miss C., married into the family of Deacon Bascom, of the Confederate X Roads.

May 10

DIED. Mrs. Ira Winter died last Saturday morning, aged 38 years. She leaves a husband and four children, together with a large circle and friends, who mourn her loss. The funeral services will be delivered by Rev. Wells at the M. E. Church on Sunday.


DIED. John McGee, who lives about 3 miles east of town, came in yesterday, used considerable "fire-water," bought a revolver, had to be taken home in the evening, when he deliberately shot himself, holding the muzzle of the revolver to his mouth. He only lived a short time. Johnnie DeGroff take warning and do not carry a revolver, or nose around in other peoples affairs.

May 17

DIED. Mrs. Wealthy Miner, daughter of our old citizen C. W. Rathbun, died on the 9th inst., and was buried on Sunday, May 11th. She was 22 years, 7 months of age. Mrs. Miner was the first white child born in this town. Rev. B. F. Morse delivered the sermon to one of the largest congregations ever assembled in Gilmanton.


DIED. Winters. On May 2, 1879, Mrs. Sidney Winters, wife of Ira Winters, in Mondovi. Mrs. Winters was born in Monroe County, Penn., in the year 1840. She was married to Ira Winters in 1856, was converted Sept. following, and joined the M. E. Church, which she remained a member until she was removed to the church Triumphant. She, with her husband, moved to Wis, and settled near Mondovi, in the year 1867. She is remembered as a person of clear and strong intellect, a kind neighbor, a safe counselor, a faithful wife, a tender and pious mother and in every relation of life a noble woman. She leaves a large circle of relatives and friends who mourn her loss.

July 5

MARRIED. Mr. Vesper Morgan and Miss Jenny Henry of Waumandee, were married last week. They intend to reside in Arcadia, we learn.

July 12

DIED. A Polander by the name of Christian Klebic, was drowned in Elk Creek, Monday evening near Geo. Week’s residence. He was advised not to attempt to cross, but not heeding the warning he plunged in and immediately disappeared, and was not again seen until his lifeless body was recovered the next day. Those acquainted with him say he was a good swimmer; but the surging flood proved too much for him.

July 26

DIED. Mr. John Robinson, who has been living with his brother, Melvin, since the death of his wife, fell dead Wed, morning while assisting C. Schaffer to arrange his wagon for drawing in hay. Mr. Robinson appeared as well as usual to all appearances. We have not learned any cause of his sudden death except disease of the heart which has long troubled him. Funeral services were held in the Methodist Church Thursday at 10 o’clock am. Mr. Robinson leaves a family of 6 children, 5 of whom are unmarried, and 3 of them quite young. His wife died suddenly some three years since.

August 2

MARRIED. Bond&emdash;Waste. At the residence of Rev. B. F. Morse, Sunday evening Mr. John Bond and Miss Ada Waste, all of Mondovi.

August 9

DIED. Mr. Cal Cook, of Modena, died Thursday night, July 31st.


DIED. Lambert. At Whitehall, Thursday, at 3 o'clock pm, August 7, after a long illness, of consumption, Cyrus J. Lambert, aged 49 yrs. Mr Lqambert came to this county in the fall of 18?? And settled at Whitehall, where he has since resided. In the first days of Independence, he took an active part in building up the village. Always foremost in all acts of public enterprise, a kind and intelligent neighbor, highly respected by all who knew him, his loss will be deeply felt.

August 16

DIED. A.V. Cartright committed suicide by taking poison, at his brothers in Dover, last Friday. The particulars we have not learned.

August 23

DIED. Mr. Leech, committed suicide Tuesday by cutting his throat with a butcher knife. Some weeks ago he made the same attempt but failed. His family reside in Hamlin, 12 miles east of this town.