Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1882 -


January 20

MARRIED. James Newell and Alice Golden of Maxville were married at the Fuller House, last Wednesday by Rev. G. D. Browne.


DIED. Walker. At Modena, Buffalo County, on Thursday evening, January 14th 1882. Silas Walker, aged 57 years and 7 months.

The circumstances attending Mr. Walker's demise are, indeed, sad and his death has suddenly cast a gloom over those who knew him. As he was returning from Alma on the evening of the 10th inst. with a load of lumber his wagon slid over the bank and overturned in front of what is known as the Island House. Mr. Meuli, who saw the accident, immediately ran to the place and, with the help of his wife, extricated Mr. Walker from underneath the lumber. Mr. Walker was found to be considerably injured. He was taken in the house and a physician immediately sent for. The next morning he was taken home and all that could be done by friends and physicians was unavailing. After suffering intensely from internal injuries until Thursday evening, January 12th he passed away.

Silas Walker was born in Mercer County, Pa., June 7th, 1824. In 1851 he settled in La Fayette Co., this state, where he resided until 1854, when he moved to La Crosse County. During the winter of 1876 he moved to Modena, Buffalo County, and opened the farm on which he has since resided. He was one of the most substantial farmers of Modena, highly respected as a good neighbor, a kind husband and loving father. He leaves a wife and nine children, to mourn his loss, a portion of the latter being men and women grown.

His funeral was attended on Saturday last by a large concourse of sympathizing friends and neighbors. The funeral discourse being pronounced by Rev. B. F. Morse of this place.


DIED. Crooker. At Mondovi, on Thursday evening, January 14th, 1882. Mrs. Alice Crooker, aged 62 years.

Mrs. Crooker has been in feeble health for some time and her death was not unexpected. She was well respected and always spoken of as an excellent lady and devoted Christian. She was the mother of Norman Crooker, who died a few years ago, and a sister of D. B. Idle of this place.


DIED. The report was current on the street Wednesday of a little neighborly unpleasantness which resulted in the death of Titus Hoyt who lives 3 - 4 miles this side of Durand, in the town of Maxville, this county. It seems that Rhody Carrol of the same town went to the house of Mr. Hoyt on Tuesday and, while talking over some previous trouble the two had had about grain, became angry and seized a pitchfork and struck Mr. Hoyt on the head. The fork handle broke and a sliver pierced Hoyt's skull from which he died in a few hours. (long obit.)


MISC. DEATH'S HARVEST. From Chas F. Kramer, undertaker, we learn that the number of deaths occurring in the Mondovi and vicinity between January 5, 1880 and January 5, 1882, were 69. Of this, 44 were under 20 years of age; 8 between 20 and 40; and 17 over 40. As to the causes of death: 9 died of each, scarlet fever and diphtheria, 2 of each uremice convulsions, heart disease, apoplexy, and croup, 5 of consumption, 3 of typhoid fever, 4 were still born, 7 of old age, 1 each of dropsy, bleeding, inflammation of the bowels, spinal disease, congestion of the brain, accidentally killed, obstruction of the bowels, dysentery, delirium tremens and lung fever, cancer, and suicide by hanging and the cause of 3 deaths is unknown. This makes an average of nearly 3 deaths per month, or about one every 10 days.

January 27

MARRIED. At Mondovi, January 22nd, 1882 by Rev. B. F. Morse, Mr. William A. Gilbert of Gratton(?), Dakota to Miss Carrie Deetz of Modena, Wisconsin

February 4

DIED. Odell - January 30th at 5 o'clock am of lung fever, Harlow, son of C. G. and M. A. Odell, aged 14 years.


DIED. Peeso - At his home, early Sunday morning February 5th, Gilbert Peeso, aged 73 years. Mr. Peeso was one of the pioneers of this town. He was in feeble health for some time past and for many years has been deprived of the use of his eye sight.


MOVED. Mr. and Mrs. Oren Frary left Modena last Monday for their new home in Denver, Colorado where Oren has a good position in a flouring mill.

February 24

DIED. Register of Deeds, Tscharner, lost a little child on Tuesday of last week.


DIED. An Indian girl about 5 years of age was drowned just below Fountain City one day last week, by the upsetting of a canoe.


MARRIED. At Mondovi February 17, 1882 by Rev. B. F. Morse, Mr. Walter L. Redfield and Miss Clara E. Little of Albion, Trempealeau County, Wisconson.


DIED. Mr. Johannes Johnson Aase of Dover died last Tuesday evening. He came from Norway two years ago and settled with his son in Dover. He was 85 years old.


DIED. Mrs. August Gebhardt of Buffalo City died on Monday, the 13th inst. About a week before, a party from Minneiska visited Buffalo City and before they left town stirred up quite a row. Mrs. Gebhardt witnessed a fight between them, which proved such a shock to her nervous system that she did not recover from it. The blow is a heavy one to Mr. Gebhardt.

March 3

DEATH UPDATE. The announcement of the death of Mrs. Gebhardt of Buffalo City was rather premature. She lay in a trance for some time, which caused the report of her death. She did not die until last Thursday, the 23rd.

March 24

MARRIED: Hawkins - Brown - At the residence of the bride's parents in Modena, Wis., by Rev. A. Doremus, Mr. Orville G. Hawkins of Mondovi to Miss Beckie J. Brown of Modena. The parties are so well and favorably known in Mondovi that a host of friends extend their hearty congratulations. Mr. Hawkins is one of the permanent business men of Mondovi where, by his courteous manners and fair dealings, he has many well wishers. Miss Brown has gained an enviable reputation as a teacher in the northern portion of the county and her patrons of the past will be glad of her settling down to something more permanent than the itinerancy of school teaching.


MARRIED. George Lamb and Minnie Allen were married, Wednesday the 22nd, by Rev. A. Daremus. George is not the "little lamb that Mary had", but maybe he'll make the children laugh and play just the same.


DIED. Pace. At Knapp, Wisconsin, Mrs. Rosanah Pace, aged 86 years. Mrs. Pace was the mother of John, Darius Pace and Mrs. Cook of this town and Noah Pace of Knapp, Wis. She came to Mondovi in 1856 and endured the hardships and privations incident to pioneer life. Six years ago her husband died which time she has made her home with her children. Her remains were brought to Mondovi for interment. The funeral services were held in the M. E. Church, of which she had been a member for 60 years, March 12th. She was considered an excellent neighbor, a devoted Christian, and a loving mother. The following has been handed us by one of the friends of the deceased and we willingly give it space:

Born June 9th, 1796, Grandma Pace lived to be nearly 86 years of age, dying on March 10th at Knapp's Station where she had been living with her son Noah Pace. She received all the attention that a living son and family could bestow, but her lamp of life burned out quietly and clearly, she retaining her senses to the last. Conscious to the end, her only request was that her body be taken to Mondovi and buried by the side of her husband, they having lived together 61 years and reared 12 children. This mother of Israel was an acceptable member of the M. E. Church for 60 years. (long obit)


DIED. Burt. At his home in the town of Cross, March 15th of inflammation of the chest, Forbes Angus Burt, aged 33 years. Mr. Burt was well known in the southern part of the county, having lived there for several years. By an accident in his youth he has been a cripple the greater portion of his life. He was born in New Stevenson, Scotland on February 17, 1849 and when quite young came to America. (long obit)

March 31

MARRIED. Allison-Burgess. At the residence of the bride's parents, at Alma, Wisconsin, Tuesday, March 21, 1882 by Rev. B. McCoullough Mr. John C. Allison of Brookings County, Dakota to Miss Jennie M. Burgess of this place. Mr. Allison, the lucky gentleman, if a son of the late Hom. Wm. Allison, of the town of Maxville, whose name figures most prominently among the honored men of Buffalo County. The young man John C. Allison, some years ago, case his lot on the plains of Dakota, since which time he has added much to his worldly stores besides building up an irreproachable reputation. Last fall he was the choice of the people for county commissioner of Brookings County. His occupation is that of a farmer and his calling that of a gentleman. Miss Burgess, is a daughter of Hom. John Burgess, present incumbent of the county clerk's office of this county. The young lady is highly educated and has been engaged in teaching the past years. Success cannot but follow this happy union. Their home will be Dakota for which they took the noon boat the same day.

April 7

INJURIED. Mr. Jac. Meter of the town of Alma and one of Buffalo Counties pioneers fell off a hand car while hurrying to catch the train. The hand car wheels passed over one of his feet. Owing to Mr. Meters advanced age the injury may prove a severe one.

April 14

MARRIED. Mr. Robert Newhart of Gilmanton and Miss Emeline Sabin of Mondovi were married at Gilmanton, one day last week.

April 21

DIED. We see by the Journal that Miss Helma Rabbas, daughter of Henry Rabbas, died at her home on Tuesday the 11th inst. The loss of his eldest child is a sad blow to Mr. Rabbas. Only a year ago he suffered the loss of his wife. Miss Rabas was an accomplished young lady. Two years ago she graduated from Alma schools, with an exceptionally good standing. She will be sadly missed by the people of Alma and by none more than her bereaved father, brother and sister. She was 17 years of age.


MARRIED. Cheny-Cramer. At the residence of the bride's parents, on Sunday, April 16, 1882 by Rev. G. D. Browne, J. E. Cheny to Miss Fennie Cramer. Of course congratulations and cigars are in order on Monday morning and Cheny cam to the front like a man. Mr. Cheny, during his stay in Mindovi has entered upon a properous business. His stock of furniture cannot be excelled in any town of Mondovi's size. He is also an excellent workman in wood and it can now be an assured fact that he is to make Mondovi his permanent home. Miss Cramer is one of the young ladies of the town. The twain started on Monday for a short trip in northern Wisconsin visiting Mr. Cheny's friends at his former home.


MARRIED. Moore-Farrington. At the parsonage by Rev. A. Doremus on Friday, April 14, 1882. Henry Y. Moore of Eau Claire to Miss Iona Farrington, of Mondovi. (There is an article in the paper involving Moore and Farrington concerning an arrest, divorce, a marriage, and a judicial mistake.)

April 28

MARRIED. Cooley-Cartwright. At the parsonage, April 15th by Rev. B. F. Morse, John R. Cooley and Miss Carrie S. Cartwright, both of Brunswick, Eau Claire County, Wis.

May 5

MARRIED. Richter-Schamm. At Alma, Wisconsin, Tuesda, May 2, 1882, by H. J. Rieck, Esq. Mr. Emil Richter to Miss Augusta Schamm.

May 12

DIED. The dead body of a Norwegian named Sever Evanger was found about seven miles from Independence near Little Elk Creek. The coroners verdict was that he came on his death by drinking too much alcohol.

May 19

DIED. McGelligot. At the residence of T. F. Devaney in this town on Monday, May 15th of lung fever, Richard McGelligot, aged 21 years.


DIED. On Tuesday, May 9th infant son of Delmont and Flounce Robinson.

May 26

ANNIVERSARY. On the afternoon and evening of Thursday, June 1 at the M. E. Church will be given a Pound Party in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the marriage of Rev. and Mrs. G. D. Browne. All are invited.


DIED. Brownslee. At the residence of his son, J. T. Brownslee, Tuesday morning, May 23, 1882, James Brownlee, aged 82 years. Mr. Brownlee's health has been very poor for the past few months and his near friends knew that he could not long survive his strong constitution and iron will repeatedly stayed the dread monster. Mr. Brownlee was born in Ireland in the year 1800. In his early years he came to this country and settled in New York, where he continued to reside up to a few years ago when he came to Wisconsin and has since made his home with his son. He was well liked for his many good qualities. Burial ceremonies were held at the residence on Wednesday afternoon, previous to go to the cemetery.


DIED. Kelly. At Hancock, Minnesota on May 18th. Mary Kelly, wife of Michael Kelly, aged 27 years. Mrs. Kelly was formerly Miss Mary Moran, a step-daughter of James Higgens. After her marriage with Mr. Kelly, a few years since, she removed to Hancock. Last Friday Mr. Higgins family was surprised by receiving a dispatch that their daughter was dead. Her remains were brought here for interment and deposited in the cemetery near the Catholic church. Mrs. Kelly was an excellent woman, well liked by all her associates and her sudden death has cast a gloom over her friends in Bear Creek valley.

June 16

DIED. Miss Mary Knudtson, of Dover, a sister of Mrs. Chris Halvorson, died Saturday night of typhoid fever. She was 14 years of age.

June 30

DIED. Thompson. At her home in Gilman Valley, Monday evening, June 26th of consumption

Allie Thompson aged 18 years and 9 months. Miss Allie Thompson was born in Fond du Lac County, this state, October 16, 1863. Her parents came to Buffalo County in 1867 and settled in Gilman Valley. Here is where the greater portion of Allie's life has been spent. A year ago this summer she taught her first and only term of school. The funeral services were held at the house, Wednesday at 10 o'clock, conducted by Rev. B. F. Morse.


MARRIED. Knapp-Goddard. At the residence of the bride's parents at Eleve, Trempealeau County on Sunday, June 25, by Rev. Hanar, Wm. Knapp of Naples to Miss Luna Goddard of Eleva. Will was downtown Monday celebrating the nuptials in the proper manner. The bride is an estimable young lady, a daughter of R. P. Goddard, the popular merchant at New Chicago.

July 14

DIED. A 13 year old son of Jas. Mathia's, of Fountain City, was drowned by falling over board from a skiff last Sunday.

July 21

DIED. Death of John L. Rathbun. The friends of John L. Rathbun, son of R. A. Rathbun, formerly of this village will regret to hear that he died in Chicago last Thursday. Concerning the circumstances of his death we know little or nothing. Last winter he made a trip to Missouri and when last heard from was in St. Louis. About a month ago he wrote to his father that he was not well and intended starting home. All the information we have as to the demise is the following clipped from the Baldwin Bulletin: John Rathbun, a young man who spent last summer in Baldwin working on Bartlett and Robinson's mill, died in Chicago today. His father resides in New Centerville and is the proprietor of the hotel and learned of the sad event by telegram. John was an exemplary young man and had some warm friends in Baldwin. John L. Baldwin was born in New Haven, Conn., January 26, 1853. Until he came to Mondovi in the winter of 1879 he lived in his native state. (long obit.)


MARRIED. Odegard-Johnson. At the church in Dover July 18 by Rev. F. A. Moller, Christ Odegard and Susan Johnson, both of Mondovi.

July 28

MARRIED. Trowbridge-Thames. At the residence of C. H. Trowbridge on Saturday evening, July 22nd by Rev. A. Doremus, Mr. Chas L. Trowbridge and Miss Alma Thames.


MARRIED. LeGore-Thames. At the residence of C. H. Trowbridge on Saturday evening July 22nd by Rev. A. Doremus, Mr. Frank LeGore and Miss Emiline Thames.

August 4

CENSUS RECORDS. Wisconsin population of 1,315,497 shown by government census 1880 comprises 910,672 Native Americans (of whom 693,177 were born within the state), and 405,425 foreign born. Of the population of foreign born 184,328 came from the German Empire, 49,328 from Norway, 41,907 from Ireland, 25,682 from Canada, 24,916 from England, 13,848 from Bohemia, 8,797 from Denmark, 8,138 from Sweden, 6,283 from Switzerland, and 5,770 from Scotland.

August 11

MARRIED. Farrington-Parker. At Whitehall, Wisconsin Sunday, August 6, 1882 by Rev. J. P. Dissemore, L. D. Farrington of Mondovi and Miss Fannie Parker of Whitehall.

August 18

DIED. Bunce. At the residence of his son, in this village, on Monday, August 14 of old age, W. H. Bunce, aged 68 years and 10 months. William H. Bunce was born in Huntington, Suffox County, NY, October 2, 1813. In 1838 he emigrated to the then territory of Wisconsin. In 1868 he came to Buffalo County where he has since resided except for a few years that he lived in Merrillan, Jackson County. He was the father of 9 children, 6 of whom survive him. In June he came from Merrillan and has since made his home with his son. E. S. Bunce of this village. Daughter Carrie helped him through his illness. Funeral services held M. E. Church Tuesday afternoon by Rev. G. P. Browne. (long obit)


THANK YOU NOTE. Thank you note thanking friends, neighbors, and Dr. for their help during their father's illness. Signed by L. P. Bunce, E. S. Bunce, S. A. Bunce, S. M. Bunce, G. L. Bunce, W. H. Bunce, C. D. Bunce.

August 25

DIED. The village of Osseo was thrown into a state of excitement last Tuesday over the suicide of Mrs. Vanhusen, sister of the Field boys, who lives a short distance from Osseo. Despondency is supposed to be the cause of the act, as her family relations were pleasant. She was 24 years of age and had been married three years.

September 8

MARRIED. McKay-Babcock. By Rev. Mr. Nott, Saturday September 2, Mr. John McKay and Miss Maggie Babcock, both of Modena.


DIED. Thomas. At her home in this village, Wednesday September 6 of dropsy of the heart, Emeline, wife of Gilman Thomas, aged 54 years.


DIED. The estimable wife of Wm. A. Finkelnburg of Fountain City died last Monday after an illness of nearly 3 weeks. She leaves a sorrow stricken husband, a babe, and a large circle of sympathizing friends to mourn her early demise.

September 22

MARRIED. Saxe-Armour. By Rev. A. Doremus September 16, Stewart Saxe to Miss Lizzie Armour, both of Naples.

September 29

MARRIED. French-Hanscome. At the residence of the bride's parents, Wednesday September 27, 1882 by Rev. G. D. Browne, Mr. H. P. French of Eau Claire to Miss Anne E. Hanscome of Naples.

October 6

MARRIED. Cooke-Caves. At Independence, Wisconsin September 27, 1882 by Rev. E. M. Stanford, C. H. Cooke Esq. Of Dover, Wisconsin to Miss Eliza Caves of Coloma, Wis.

October 13

MARRIED. Loomis-Loomis. At Northfield, Vermont October 3, 1882, A. P. Loomis of Gilmanton to Mrs. George Loomis of Northfield, Vermont. "Bige" arrived home with his bride Monday night and met a form of reception very popular in these parts a quarter of a century ago.

October 20

MARRIED. Pace-Thomas. At the M. E. parsonage in this village, October 13, 1882 by Rev. G. D. Browne Henry B. Pace and Miss Addie Thomas.

November 10

MARRIED. Thomas-Browne. At the residence of the bride's parents in Mondovi, Wednesday November 8, 1882 by Rev. G. D. Browne, Walter H. Thomas and Miss Mary A. Browne, all of Mondovi.

November 17

MARRIED. Ness-Baker. At the residence of Thos. Ness at Cary Monday Nov. 6, 1882, by Rev. A. Doremus, Mr. John Ness to Miss Hannah M. Barker.


SEPARATION. Mr. Ransom Black, who removed from Dover to Polk County a few years ago, returned last week under sad circumstances. For some time there has been trouble growing in his home and about two weeks ago his wife left him, without word as to her intentions, taking with her two of the children. Mr. Black, who has three boys with him, is nearly prostrated with grief over this breaking up of his family.

November 24

DIED. Sudden Death: The people in town last Wednesday evening were shocked to learn that Mr. Seth Holmes dropped dead in Durand at 6 o'clock in the evening. He had been to Arkansaw to transact some business connected with his mothers estate and stopped in Durand on his return while talking excitedly over some matter he fell backward and expired at once. The remains will be brought home today. Mr. Holmes was 46 years of age and had been afflicted with heart disease for sometime.

December 1

DIED. Holmes. Died at Durand Wednesday evening November 22, 1882 of heart disease, Seth Holmes of Mondovi, aged 46 years. Mr. Holmes was born in Wyoming County, NY November 18, 1836. In 1867 he came to Wisconsin and located in Mondovi.

December 8

DIED. Fitzgerald. Suddenly, of old age, in this town of Canton December 4, 1882, Mr. Fitzgerald aged 80 years. Funeral took place Wednesday in the Catholic Church near his residence.


DIED. Dillingham. At Alma September 4, 1882 of apoplexy, John Dillingham, aged 60 years. Mr. Dillingham has for several years made his home Gilmanton. For the last few weeks he has been driving the Alma and Gilmanton stage. On last Saturday morning he was found in bed in an unconscious state. Death was expected at any time but lingered till Monday morning. The remains were interred in the Gilmanton cemetery on Wednesday.


MARRIED. Otis-Robinson. At the residence of W. M. Otis November 30, 1882 by Rev. G. D. Browne, Clarence Otis to Jennie Robinson, both of Mondovi.


MARRIED. McNish-McKay. At Mondovi December 2, 1882, by Rev. B. F. Morse, Samuel McNish to Rachel McKay both of Modena.

December 15

MARRIED. In the town of Drammen, December 10, 1882 by E. C. Colby, Esq. John Clark to Lucy J. Sheldon, all of Drammen.

December 22

MARRIED. Louman-McKay. At the residence of the bride's parents, in Mondovi, December 6, 1882 by Rev. B. F. Morse, Rev. J. F. Louman of Rochester, Minnesota to Louisa B. McKay of Mondovi. The bride is the accomplished daughter of J. W. McKay, Esq., one of the pioneers of the county. The groom is a clergyman, of Rochester, Minnesota.


DIED. The wife of Abel Cartwright, who removed from Dover to Eau Claire a few years ago, died last week. The remains were interred in the Gilmanton cemetery last Monday.