Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1883 -



January 5

MARRIED. Henry-Cook. At the residence of Mr. Silas Myers, in Independence, on Tuesday evening, December 26, 1882 by Squire Runkel, Mr. Robert Henry of Anchorage, and Miss Eva Cook, of Dover.


DIED. Walker. At her home in Maxville, December 29, 1882, Ida B. Walker, aged 30 years, wife of Martin P. Walker. Mrs. Walker, nee Ida Babcock was well known in the northern section of the county as a most amiable lady and her sudden death has cast a gloom over her former friends and associates.


DIED. Odegard. In the town of Mondovi January 2, 1883 of consumption, Rognilde Johanneson Odegard, aged 62 years and 18 days. Mrs. Odegard was born in Norway December 15, 1820. In 1870 she came to the U. S. and after residing one year in Dane County removed to this county. She died at the residence of her son Mr. S. E. Odegard, surrounded by her husband and family of six children. Her remains were laid to rest (Friday) in the Norwegian cemetery a few miles SW of Mondovi.

January 12

DIED. Odegard. At her home, in Mondovi January 6, 1883 of consumption, Carrie E. Odegard, aged 27 years, 9 months, and 25 days. Mrs. Odegard was born in Green County, this state, March 11th, 1855, her maiden name being Swiggum. October 26, 1873 she married Mr. S. E. Odegard. She was the mother of 4 children, 2 of whom survive her, a daughter and son, aged respectively 8 and 5 years. Affliction comes doubly upon the family of Mr. Odegard. He had just returned from the cemetery, where had been buried the remains of his mother, when he was called to the bedside of his dying wife. Mrs. Odegard was a member of the Lutheran church, devoted christian, a loving wife and mother.

January 19

DIED. Mrs. S. E. Cushman, one of the pioneers of the county for some time living at Gilmanton died last week at her home in St. Paul of spinal meningitis. Her age was 56 years.


INTERESTING STORY. Long write up pertaining to the stealing of a six-year-old boy named Abel Black, father R. L. Black. Abel was living with Mr. Otis and was abducted by a man and woman. The woman being identified as Mrs. Abel. Mr. and Mrs. Black were separated.

February 2

DIED. Judge Larrabee, one of the pioneers of Wisconsin and at one time one of her congressmen, was recently killed by a railroad accident in California.


MARRIED. Dillon-Thomas. At the residence of the bride's father, January 31, 1883, by Rev. A. Doremus, C. T. Dillon and Miss Emma F. Thomas, both of Mondovi.


VISIT. Mr. and Mrs. David Green from N.Y., brother-in-law and sister to Mr. Jas. Sweet arrived in town last Friday and remained till Sunday. Mr. Sweet and his sister had not seen each other in 28 years.

February 16

DIED. We stop the press to announce the sudden death of Maggie, daughter of Hon. Orlando Brown, this Thursday morning.


MARRIED. J. J. Auer of Durand has been married to Miss Louisa Kneer, of Eau Claire, a sister of Mrs. District Attorney Buchler. Congratulations Jac.


DIED. At the residence of her son-in-law C. J. Trowbridge Monday night, February 12, 1883 of pneumonia, Mrs. Jane Thames, aged 61 years. Mrs. Thames was born in Utica, NY in 1822 and came to Wisconsin in 1840 to brave the dangers of pioneer life. Of late years she has been in ill health from dropsy, but for a few days past was suffering from pneumonia. She was the mother of Charles, John and William Thames, Mrs. E. S. Bunce, Mrs. Frank LeGore, Mrs. C. T. Trowbridge and Mrs. Geo. Cartwright. Her remains are laid to rest today (Thursday) by the side of her husband who presides her to that land to which trouble never comes and in which enjoyment never ends.

February 23

SOLD. R. A. Rathbun was down the latter part of this week. He has sold his hotel in Centerville and will return to Mondovi this week.


DIED. Mr. Edward Brown of Gloversville, NY, a nephew of E. H. Myers and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Brown, who were visiting Mr. Myers a few years ago, was frozen to death a few weeks ago. He was traveling in the early part of the evening and feeling cold, called at a house to stay overnight; he was refused a lodging but sent to the next house. He found no one at home. He was so benumbed that he went to an old shed to lie down, where he was found the next morning frozen stiff in the cold embrace of death.

March 2

DIED. At this house in the town of Dover on Saturday evening February 24 of consumption, Hiriam Cartwright, aged 75 years. Mr. Cartwright has been suffering for several years from this terrible disease which has baffled all medical skills.


DIED. At the residence of Hon. Orlando Brown, in Modena, on Wednesday evening February 21, 1883, Bertha McMire, aged 22 years. The funeral took place at the congregational Church, Mondovi on Friday afternoon, the Rev. A. Doremus preaching the sermon. Her remains were followed to the grave and burial conducted by Mondovi Lodge E. O. G. T., she being a member of that order.

March 16

DIED. Farrington, At his residence, in the town of Mondovi, on March 11, 1883 of paralysis, Harlow P. Farrington, aged 63 years. Mr. Farrington was born in the year 1820. He came to Wisconsin in 1850 and settled in Dodge County. In 1855 he came to this place in the company of his brothers. For some time the deceased kept the Mondovi House on the present site of the Faller House: later he followed the same calling in the present Strong House. Nearly 10 years ago he removed to a farm 4 miles west of town where, with his family, he has since resided. Mr. Farrington has held several local offices. In 1871 he was elected County Sheriff on the Democratic ticket. About a year ago he was employed to carry the mails between here and Eau Claire and the patrons of the Mondovi

P. O. fully appreciated the promptness and regularity with which the mails and express matter have been delivered. It is probable that the exposure he was necessarily subjected to hastened the paralytic stroke. He was first attacked last Thursday when coming from Eau Claire. He sufficiently rallied to drive to town. Upon arriving he complained of a severe headache. He soon went home continuing to grow worse till the power of speech and finally motion left him. Dr. Giles was summoned. The patient lingered in unconsciousness till Sunday afternoon. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. B. F. Morse last Wednesday. He leaves a widow and 2 grown children, son and daughter.

March 23

MARRIED. Bryce-Ness. At the residence of the bride's parents at Cary on Thursday March 15, 1883, by Rev. A. Doremus, Albert Bryce to Miss Sarah Ness. The bride is the accomplished daughter of Thomas Ness who is favorably known to all our readers. The groom is one of the substantial farmers of Chippewa Valley and highly respected by all acquaintances.

March 30

MARRIED. In Mondovi, on March 28, 1883, by J. C. Rathbun, Esq. Charley Steinke to Miss Amelia Switzenburg, both of the town of Canton.


DIED. Mrs. Mary Devine, the mother-in-law of Mike McGwin of the town of Canton died at Mr. McGwin's residence last Tuesday. She was 80 years of age and has been in this country 28 years.

April 6

MARRIED. Allen Hilliard and Jessie Eschenbach were married last Monday by Rev. B. F. Morse.


MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's parents in the town of Canton on March 30, 1883 by Rev. Mr. Nott, Nathanial Ward to Miss Sophia Newton.

April 13

MARRIED. Saxe-Winter at the residence of the bride's parents in the town of Mondovi, April 11, 1883 by Rev. G. D. Browne, Jas. H. Saxe to Miss Eva Winter, all of Mondovi.

May 4

VISITING. Miss Swiggum, a sister-in-law of Mr. S. E. Odegard from Dane County is visiting friends and relatives in the Thompson Valley.

May 11

DIED. Burges. At Boraboo, Wisconsin on Thursday May 3 of quick consumption, Mr. Ben Burges, aged 22 year. The deceased was the son of Mr. S. K. Burges of Naples. About a year ago he went to Dakota.


DIED. Thomas. At his home in Thompson Valley May 8, 1883 Rasmus Thompson, aged 61 years. Mr. Thompson was of Norwegian birth and came to this country in 1868 and settled in this town. In going from the village one day last week he fell from his wagon, sustaining injuries, including a broken arm, which resulted in his death. He was the father of Thomas R. Thompson and was much respected by his countrymen.


DIED. Springer. At her home in New Chicago, May 8, 1883, Mrs. Alzine Springer aged 64 years. Mrs. Springer was the sister of Mrs. G. O. Babcock and one of the pioneers. The remains are laid at rest today at Mondovi Cemetery.

May 18

DIED. Voegele. At Fountain City May 12, 1883, Marion F. Voegele, aged 25 years. Mrs. Voegele was the esteemed wife of Prof. Thomas Voegele and eldest daughter of Malcolm Fyfe, Esq., Fountain City. For a number of years she was a teacher in the public schools of Alma and afterwards in the schools of Fountain City. Nearly 3 years ago she was marrried to Mr. Voegeles.

June 1

DIED. Miss Mary Kelley, employed in the millinery department of T. A. Chapman's Dry Goods store in Milwaukee, died this week from inhaling arseniuretted hydrogen, emanating from green velvets which she handled. Dr. Stadler, who attended her, says it was a clear case of arsenic poisoning. She was sick three weeks.


MARRIED. A couple was married at Menomonie last week, the second time. In 1840 a Mr. Hepburn married in Penn. In 1864 they were divorced and Mr. Hepburn came west. He subsequently remarried and about 2 years ago was left a widower. Since then a correspondence has sprang up with his former wife and as a consequence she came to Menomonie, where her second marriage with Mr. Hepburn took place.


MARRIED. Winter-Otis. At Durand May 27, by Rev. A. Kidder, Richard Winter and Naomi Otis, both of Mondovi.

June 15

DIED. We are pained to learn of the death of Mrs. Tobias Voegele, the esteemed wife of the postmaster at Fountain City, which took place at her home on Wednesday of last week.


DIED. Charles Johnson, who lives in Bear Creek Valley a few miles this side of Durand, died Wednesday morning of consumption.


DIED. We neglected to mention last week the death of Mr. Collins at his home in Massachusetts, which sad event took place on the morning of May 31, 1883. The amputation of the leg was successfully performed and for a time the sufferer appeared to be improving, but of a sudden he began to fail and never rallied. Mr. Collins was 73 years of age. About 10 years ago he came to Sheboygan County and a few years later to Mondovi.

June 22

MARRIED. Benton-Walker. At the M. E. parsonage in Mondovi, June 18, 1883, by Rev. G. D. Browne, Geo S. Benton to Addie A. Walker, both of Nelson.

June 29

COMMITTED. "Red" Alleman, a hermit of Mill Creek Valley in the town of Alma, has "a bee in his bonnet" and has been conveyed to the insane asylum.


MARRIED. Nogle-Greene. At the M. E. parsonage in Mondovi, on Sunday, June 24, 1883, by Rev. G. D. Browne, Eugene D. Nogle to Melissa E. Greene, both of Naples.


MARRIED. Greene-Hayes. At the M. E. parsonage in Mondovi, on Sunday, June 24, 1883 Rev. G. D. Browne, Alonzo Greene of Naples to Nellie Hayes of Drammen.


DIED. Dillingham. Died at Mondovi, Wisconsin June 22, 1883, Joseph Dillingham, aged 63 years, 7 months. The deceased was born in NY state November 20, 1819 where he lived till 1864 when he came to Wisconsin and located in Gilmanton, this county. Last fall he removed to Mondovi where he has since resided. He has been afflicted with heart and lung difficulties for several weeks back. The remains were laid to rest in the Gilmanton cemetery on Saturday. The funeral discourse being preached by Rev. A. C. Robinson of this place.

July 13

VISITING. Mrs. Nellie Watson and Mrs. Louisa Louman (or Loumen), daughters of J. W. McKay, Esq., arrived Saturday evening to spend the summer with their parents.

August 3

MARRIED. Duncanson-Wold. At the office of A. B. Colby Esq., in Drammon, July 29, 1883, Elias Duncanson of Mondovi, Buffalo County to Miss Julia Wold of Drammon, Eau Claire County.


DIED. At Modena, July 27, 1883, of consumption, M. V. Goddard, aged 50 years. Mr. Goddard has been suffering from ill health for many years past. For a number of years he has been a merchant in Modena where, as a businessman, friend, and neighbor he was highly respected.

August 17

DIED. Geo. W. Rowe, August 17, 1883, of inflammation of the bowels.

August 31

MARRIED. Wm. Armour Jr. to Mary S. Otis, August 23rd, 1883.

September 7

DIED. Garret Albertson, 69, born February 15th, 1815, in New Jersey, came west in 1855, died September 2, 1883, buried in Wabasha.

September 14

DIED. Joe E. Stillman, August 23, 1883, born May 7, 1883.

October 5

MARRIED. September 29th, 1883, John H. Kane to Katie Callahan.

October 26

DIED. John Gibson, 74, at home, Albion, Trempealeau Co., of kidney disease.

November 30

MARRIED. At Onekema, MI., November 10, 1883, Dr. G.F. Knowles of Mondovi to Miss Jennie Chamberlain of Onekema.

December 21

MARRIED. At Mondovi, December 20th, by J.C. Rathburn, Mr. Fred Magadance of Meridean, WI to Miss Dora Schreiner of Lima, WI.