Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1884 -


Issue Date


January 4

MARRIED. At the residence of R.P. Godard, at Eleva, Wis. On December 9, 1883 by Rev. W.E. Doughty, Mr. W.C. Rice to Miss C.E. Godard, both of Ilamlin.

MARRIED. At Gilmanton, December 25, 1883, by Rev. W.E. Doughty, Mr F.M. Deetz, to Miss Mary Thorson, both of Gilmanton.

January 11

DIED. At the Fuller House, Mondovi, WI., January 7, 1884 of cancer of the stomach. Geo. T. Davy, of Gilmanton, 53, born in Scotland, February 9, 1830. Buried in Gilmanton Cemetery.

January 25

DIED. At his home in Mondovi on January 20, 1884, of pneumonia, John Thompson, 48, born in Pennsylvania, September 20th, 1835. Blacksmith.

February 1

MARRIED. In Mondovi, January 26th, 1884, by Rev. B.F. Morse. Mr. R. Black of Dover to Mrs. Charlotte M. Loomis of Gilmanton.

February 8

DIED. At her home in the town of Naples Friday morning, February 1, 1884, of a tumor in the stomach, Mrs. Anna Seyforth, 43.

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride’s parents, Sunday, February 3, 1884, by Rev. B.F. Morse, Mr. Aretus B. Fisher to Olive E. Winter.

March 7

DIED. At River Falls, WI on February 25, of dropsy, Mrs. Polly Herring, 83 years.

April 11

DIED, At her home in the town of Drammen, Arpil 4, Mrs. Fanny Hayes, 61. Buried in Mondovi Cemetery.

April 18

DIED. At home of his parents in Canton on April 13, 1884, of inflammation of the bowels, George Goss, second son of D.D. and Helen Goss. Aged 18 years, 8 mos.

May 9

MARRIED. At the residence of R. Winter, Mondovi, WI. April 8, 1884, by J.C. Rathbun, Mr. Charles J. Wyman to Miss Minnie E. Stillman all of Mondovi.

August 8

MARRIED. At the Rathbun House in Mondovi, WI, on August 3rd, 1884, by J.C. Rathbun. George Kelly to Miss Maggie Ran both of Arcadia, WI.

August 15

MARRIED. Joseph Canar and Miss Mary Tully at the Catholic Church on 7th Street.

September 19

DIED. Fisher. At her home in Mondovi, on September 18, 1884, of Typhoid Fever, Mrs. Fisher, wife of N. K. Fisher, after an illness of ten days, she leaves a husband and two children with many friends and relations who mourn her loss.

October 17

DIED. At the residence of Mrs. G.T. Davie, in the town of Gilmanton, October 10, 1884, Mr. Stephen Taylor, 100 years, 9 mos., 10 days, buried in Gilmanton Cemetery…(long obit)

DIED. At his home in Gilmanton, on Sunday morning, Mr. A.P. Loomis, 60 years, 2 months. Born in Vermont, August 6, 1824. Moved to Gilmanton 1855 (thrice married). Buried in cemetery near his home.

October 24

DIED. October 20, 1884, in Dover, of inflammation of the bowels, Mark Smith, son of Paul Smith, aged 10 years.

October 31

DIED. October 28th, 1884, of cholera infantum infant son of Orville G. and Becca J. Hawkins, 4 months.

November 7

DIED. At Durand, November 2, 1884, of diphtheria, Josephine, daughter of M.K. and Josephine Jones, aged 5 years. Bureid in Mondovi.

November 14

DIED. At residence of Wm. Dutter in town of Naples on November 8, 1884, Mrs. Eunice Ball, aged 54 years.

December 12

DIED. At Gilmanton, on December 7, 1884, of lung fever. Laura Kenyon, 75 years. Born in Vermont and came to WI in 1865.

December 19

MARRIED. On December 17th, 1884, at the parsonage in Mondovi, by Rev. B.R. Morse, Ole J. Ward to Emma Peterson, both of Mondovi.

December 26

MARRIED. On December 23, 1884, by Rev. W.E. Doughty, Edgar Moats to Eudora Odell, both of Modena