Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1885 -


Issue Date


January 12

DIED. At his home in Gilmanton, December 28th, 1884, of asthma, Hirann Turner, 65 years. Native of Main, came to WI in 1852, settled in Gilmanton in 1861.

January 16

MARRIED. At the parsonage by Rev. B.F. Morse, Mr. Thomas Christenson Skildom to Miss Mattie E. Odegard, all of Mondovi.

January 23

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride’s parents, January 18, 1885, by Rev. Stanford of Arcadia, Mr Lyle Rogers of Mondovi to Miss Lydia Rorabeck of Independence.

January 30

DIED. At his home in Mondovi, on January 21, 1885. Mr. Washington Winter, of dropsy, aged 79 years, 5 mos. Born in Luzerne Co., PA on August 30, 1805. Moved to Buffalo Co. 18 years ago.

February 27

DIED. Mrs. Wright of Porterville was buried yesterday. She was formerly of Gilmanton.

March 5

DIED. At her home in Gilmanton, March 3rd, 1885, Mrs. Caroline E. Turner, of billions fever, aged 54 years, 5 mos…(long obit)

March 12

MARRIED. At the residence of Rev. B.F. Morse of Mondovi, March 6, 1885. Mr. George W. Davie to Miss Lizzie Cody, both of Gilmanton.

March 27

DIED. At Madison, WI, on Monday, March 16, of membranous croup, Blaine, youngest child of J.C. and Libbie G. Rathbun. 11 mos., 16 days.

MARRIED. Mr. John Peterson to Miss Mary Davis, both of Gilmanton.

MARRIED. Mr. Asa Pierce to Miss Ella Litchfield, both of Gilmanton.

April 3

DIED. At Mondovi, March 29, 1885. David M. Standish, aged 82 years and 16 days. Born in Vermont March 12th, 1803.

April 10

DIED. At Mondovi, April 6, 1885, of progressive anemia, Electa J. wife of Hon-S.D. Hubbard, aged 42 years. Born in state of N.Y., March 21, 1843, maiden name being Robinson…(long obit)

April 17

DIED. Hays. At his residence in the town of Pleasant Valley, Eau Claire Co., on April 12, 1885, John Hays, age 61 years. Born in Pennsylvania September 21, 1816. In 1868 moved to Pleasant Valley.

April 24

DIED. James McNish of Modena, died last Wednesday. Approximately 73 years old. Came to WI from Ohio about 30 years ago.

May 1

DIED. O. Brobst, father of John F. Brobst of Gilmanton, died last Wednesday, 73 years.

DIED. Daughter of Ben Moy of Gilmanton Valley, died Tuesday morning. She was 14 years old. Victim of diphtheria.

MARRIED. Wm. Hanley and Mary McBride.

May 8

MARRIED. S.E. Odegard and Miss Carrie Johnson, last Sunday.

June 5

MARRIED. Miss Nellie Hanan and John Fitzgerald at the Catholic Church on Wednesday.

June 26

DIED. Frank Kruger, son of Wm. Kruger died last Wednesday of inflammation of bowels. 14 years old. Funeral at Baptist Church tomorrow.

July 3

DIED. Mrs. Charles Eager, mother of Richard Winters wife, committed suicide the 24th by cutting her throat. Poor health and depression.

July 10

DIED. Mrs. Goff of Gilmanton, died last Friday from cancer. Mrs. Goff was a member of the Baptist Church.

July 17

DIED. Vernie Harvey, a son of our old townsman Wm. Harvey, died a couple of days ago at their home in Henry, Dakota.

July 24

MARRIED. Mr. Robb Caswell and Miss Laura Parr last Tuesday.

DIED. John Cane, known hereabouts as "Beef Slough Jack" was shot and killed in a drunken row at Chippewa Falls one day last week.

September 3

DIED. Clara VanAnken, formerly of this place, died at Osseo, last Friday, a victim of consumption.

September 25

DIED. D.B. Pember, last Wednesday Mr. Pember was thrown from a mower in front of the sickle and his right arm was cut off. He died of blood loss…(long obit).

October 9

DIED. Dr. E.J. Baker, a son of Dr. E.O. Baker, formerly of Durand died a few days ago at his father’s home in Menominie.

October 23

MARRIED. Miss Allice Boice and Mr. Abraham L. Brown, of Eleva were married last Sunday.

October 30

MARRIED. Miss Ella M. Walker and Mr. Walton W. Pressler in Modena last Wednesday.

November 13

MARRIED. Mr. Geo. Stanton and Miss Laura Wagner were married last Sunday.

DIED. Mr. Pearl Crosby of Durand died last Saturday, 85 years.

DIED. Dr. Hutchinson, of Durand, died suddenly of apoplexy at his home a few days ago.

November 20

DIED. John Irwin died suddenly Wednesday morning, of consumption.

November 27

MARRIED. Miss Anna Conly and Joseph Werrel were married Wednesday.

December 11

DIED. Old Mr. Lefering, living in the town of Canton, died last week.

DIED. Mrs. John S. Cochran of Gilmanton died last Friday morning of consumption…(long obit)

December 18

DIED. Frank Howard died at his home last Friday.

December 25

DIED. Billy Milton, the well-known traveling salesman of Lloyd and Clark, of LaCrosse, died at his home in the city last week.