Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1886 -


Issue Date


January 1

DIED. Mrs. Boyd, an aged lady of New Chicago died last Saturday night.

DIED. Mrs. Fitzgerald died at the family homestead six miles west of the village last week. She was an early settler here. Her husband, Thos. Fitzgerald, died a few years ago, since which time she has lived with her son, Ed.

DIED. Mr. Judson Warner, father of Mr. A.D. Warner, who formerly lived here, died at his home in Pierce Co., a few days ago at an advanced age. He was an old settler of the St. Croix Valley.

DIED. Mystery No. 2 was solved by finding the remains of the late Mrs. Broocker in a marsh near Buffalo City, sunk to the knees in the mire, where she starved and perished.

MARRIED. Mr. Hartman recently married Mrs. Sam Fouter.

January 8

DIED. Hans Halverson, father of our townsman, C.H. Halverson, died last Tuesday. He was about 51 years old, and a highly respected citizen.

January 15

DIED. Henry Kruger is very low with consumption and there are no hopes of his recovery. Later. He died last Tuesday.

DIED. We are told that last Sunday the daughter of Ed Johnson, who lives about 4 miles south of the village died very suddenly. She was well, apparently in the morning, but suddenly sickened and died before night.

DIED. W.H. Reilly an old citizen of this county recently died in the Black Hills.

January 22

DIED. Mrs. H.N. Muzzy, who for over 20 years was a resident of this county died at Spokane Falls, January 5th.

DIED. Elder Doughty and wife attended the funeral services of Jesse Hardy at Durand last Sunday.

January 29

DIED. "Pussy" Williams of Eau Claire, died suddenly last Tuesday. He was a jailer in that city and was a universally respected man.

MARRIED. Miss Estelle Houser and Mr. E.E. Sherwin were married at Eau Claire last Saturday evening…(long article).

MARRIED. At Mondovi, Wis. January 27, 1886, by Rev. B. Morse, Mr. Ole Nyseth and Miss Mary Thorson. Ole says its true this time.


MARRIED. Thomas Thompson, familiarly known to the boys as "Little Tom", and Miss Anna Nicholson, both of this town, were married at the residence of the bride’s parents, last Sunday.

February 5

DIED. The funeral services of Mrs. Armour were held in the Congregational Church last Wed. She died of consumption Tues. morning. (more)


DIED. Mr. Riley Thomas, formerly of this place, of late years a resident of Sioux Falls, Dakota died Tues. morning.


DIED. John Norrish, who lives in the neighborhood of Rock Falls, and who is well known and highly respected man, died one day this week.


DIED. Iver Iverson of Dover, married but six months, was killed while chopping trees. (more)

February 12

DIED. At the home of her daughter, Mrs. F. T. Vasey, at Louiseville, Dunn Co., Wis., Feb. 4th, Mrs. Phoebe Doughty, wife of the late Rev. Edward Doughty and mother of Rev. W. E. Doughty of this place. (more)

February 19

INTERESTING PERSON. Dr. Miller tells of a man who lives in the town of Albany that has a remarkable history. His name is G. D. Hunt. He is 92 years old, and claims to have fought in the Battle of Waterloo under Emperor Napoleon. (He died one week later).


DIED. Mrs. Urness received word Wed. that her son, A.A. Urness, of Baconville, Dak., had froze to death.

February 26

DIED. Rhoda Carrol, of Canton, died at his home Thursday of last week. He was an old resident of the valley.


MARRIED. Henry Olbert and Miss Agnes Frehlick were married last Wed. (more)

March 12

MARRIED. Jennings-Cooper. (New Chicago Notes) Sunday, March 8 at the residence of Wilbor Rhodes, Mr. Will Jennings and Miss Mary Cooper. No cards. No cake.

March 19

INTERESTING BOOK. Some book obtained and being sold containing all ex-soldiers and soldiers now living in Wisconsin &emdash; gotten through the Madison Weekly Democrat.


DIED. H. S. Allen, a Chippewa Falls, pioneer, died last week.


DIED. Mr. Bertsch, an old resident of Alma and one of the quietest and best men that has ever lived in this place, died Monday. Fortunately for his wife, their son John had just returned from Washington Territory and will be able to comfort his mother in this hour of grief.


MARRIED. Miss Minnie Ames, of Dover, and L. J. Patterson, of St. Charles, Minn., were married at the home of the bride last Wednesday evening. Miss Ames is well known as one of the most successful teachers that the county has ever produced, and as such her loss to the community will be deeply felt.


MARRIED. Edward Fitzgerald and Miss Mary Hannan was married by Rev. Bauer, of Durand, March 8, 1886, at the Bear Creek church.

March 26

DIED. We are pained beyond expression to learn that Mr. Stevenson, mentioned once before, died in Glencoe. Mr. Stevenson was the hardest worker, the most prudent liver, and most modest, unassuming man in Alma. All who know him regret his untimely death. We are not aware in what condition he leaves his family. He built a house here last year and for a young man, who had only his manual strength to maintain him, has done well. His frugality and over work has no doubt caused his early death.


DIED. Mr. R. Odell died at the residence of Hon. S. D. Hubbard last Wednesday morning. Mr. Odell has been in poor health for some time and his death was not a surprise to his friends. Mr. Odell has been a resident of this place for many years and bore an honorable name. Funeral held today at M. E. Church, 2 o’clock.


MOVING. Wm. Deetz withdrew, last week, from the firm of Gilkey & Co., and as soon as a few business matters are settled will leave for his old home in Oregon.

April 2

HOSPITALIZED. Thomas, son of John Haigh, was taken to the Mendota Insane Asylum last week in a very excited condition. Mr. Haigh was known as a quiet industrious young man much thought of at home, where he leaves a small family. He has been in bad health for a year but no one suspected his mind was infirm. Much sympathy is felt for the young man and his family.


DIED. Mr. Robert Harvey died last Thursday morning, after a long illness. Mr. Harvey was born in the north of Ireland in the year 1806. He came, with his parents, to Nova Scotia, and from there to Dodge County, this state, in 1848. In 1856 he moved with his family to this valley and since that time has lived on the homestead where he died. He was one of the earliest pioneers and has always been an enterprising, valuable citizen, a kind neighbor and a generous, honest, upright man. By hard work and economy he has accumulated a handsome property. He was liberal to the poor and it is a well known fact that in early times Uncle Robert Harvey’s house was open to all and no man was ever turned from his door with out food and the best accommodations he could bestow. He raised a large family-9 children-who are respected citizens, all of whom live in this vicinity, except Wm. who lives in Dakota. Mr. Harvey’s first wife, a most estimable lady, died in 1872, and he was married to his present wife in 1874 with whom he has lived happily since. Funeral held at M. E. Church yesterday at 2pm. We understand that Mrs. Harvey will make her home with her daughter Mrs. Jake Bond in the near future.


DIED. Robert Bailey, a former resident of Dover was killed by a falling tree a short time since.

April 9

DIED. Mrs. Louis Hadley, of Gilmanton died last Tuesday. Mrs. Hadley was one of the oldest settlers of Gilmanton.


DIED. A Norwegian by the name of Walberg (?) residing on the ridge, in the south part of Dover committed suicide Thursday morning by hanging himself.


MARRIED. The marriage of Mr. McGilvoy to Miss White last week was a quiet affair. They know their own business and do not make a public affair. They are a steady energetic young couple and we wish them success and happiness.

April 16

DIED. A little child of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Davis died last Friday. The funeral services were conducted in the M.E. Church Sunday.


DIED. Mr. Wm. Gans, an old resident of Eau Claire, died last week.


DIED. April 7, 1886, Mrs. Eliza A. Hadley, wife of Lewis Hadley, of Gilmanton, Wis. Aged 76 years and 8 mos. Mrs. Hadley came to Gilmanton in 1861 with her family and settled on a farm where she remained until her death. By her kind, gentle, and Christian life, she drew around her, many devoted friends. Three years ago she was stricken down with a disease of which she never recovered. She suffered greatly but bore her suffering with Christian patience and courage. Indeed she expressed to the writer that she was never so happy in her life. B.F. Morse.


MARRIED. Jake Kindsche of Waumandee was married on the 8th.

April 23

MARRIED. Will N. Rowe and Miss Jessie Standish were married by Rev. W.E. Doughty last Monday evening. We wish them much joy, etc. They started Wednesday morning for Nebraska where they may possibly settle down.

April 30

MARRIED. Mrs. Marion Elmer, formerly of this place was recently married to Victor Hughs of Missouri. Mrs. Elmer is an accomplished lady and we hope her husband is worthy of her.


MARRIED. Miss Myrtie Warren, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Warren, formerly of this village, was recently married to Thos. Foy, of Henry, Dakota. We hope Miss Myrtie has made no mistake in the choice of a husband.


MARRIED. Clarence E. Otis and Miss Valerie Robinson were married last Sunday. Elder Robinson did the honors, Miss Ollie Otis and Wm. Armour acted as bridesmaid and groomsman.


DIED. Hon. M.W. McDonell writes us telling of the death of his son Willie. This is a terrible blow to the fond parents.


MARRIED. News reaches us of the marriage of our brother, H.L. Houser and Miss Jennie Hubbard, of Tycone, Dunn County. The boy has been a long time arranging matters but has finally done the sensible thing. He has a wife whom a king might be proud and without any joking about the matter, Jennie might have done worse than marry Lacy. We hope for their future happiness.

May 21

DIED. Mrs. Lydia Yarrington, wife of Mr. Lemuel Yarrington died at the residence of Alex Harvey last Wednesday, after a long illness. Mrs. Yarrington had lived nearly 80 years, and had always merited and retained the esteem and respect of all who bore her acquaintance. She has been tenderly cared for by Mr. Harvey’s family during her illness, and gradually grew weaker till she finally passed away peacefully, and without a struggle.

May 28

DIED. Mrs. J.A. Harris, formerly of this place, died at her home in Cheney, Washington Territory, a few days ago. Mrs. Harris is remembered as a kind, amiable lady by her acquaintances here.


DIED. Last evening a young man named Henry Martin, resident near Osseo, stumbled and fell while running, and on regaining his feet dropped dead. It was found that a piece of stubble had penetrated both walls of his stomach.

June 11

DIED. We stop the press after part of the addition is printed to announce the death of Mr. Harvey Brown, who died yesterday forenoon. A more extended notice next week. The funeral will be held Sunday, at the house at 1:00 o’clock.

June 18

DIED. At his residence in this town, June 10, Mr. Harvey Brown. Harvey Brown was born in the State of New York and at the time of his death was a little over 50 years old. He was one of the earliest settlers of this valley. He came here in the summer of 1855 and settled on the farm where he has since lived and which ahs been improved and beautified by him until it is one of the finest homes in Buffalo Co. (long obit…)

June 25

MARRIED. Miss Emily Lovejoy and Marion Hubbard were married by Rev. A.C. Robinson last Sunday evening. We tender our congratulations.

July 9

MARRIED. Mrs. Chas. Cook and Miss Elizabeth Fitzgerald were married by Justice Geo. W. Gilkey, July 5th.


MARRIED. Miss Caroline Johnson and Mr. Ferdinand Ruf, of Gilmanton, were married by Justice Gilkey the 5th.


MARRIED. In Mondovi, on July 4th, 1886, by W.E. Doughty, Mr. Elias Aaron to Miss Berty Belden. Also, Mr. Era Litchfield to Miss Julia Landerville.

July 23

DIED. Master Freddie Fuller died last Saturday after a long illness, age 5 years. Freddie was a victim of that dreadful disease, scarlet fever. (long obit…)

July 30

MARRIED. At Mondovi, July 26, 1886, Ira M. Winter to Anna M. Eschenbach, both of Mondovi, Wis., by W.E. Doughty.

August 13

DIED. J.D. Hadley, an old and well known citizen of Eau Claire, died very suddenly last Friday from a paralytic stroke. Mrs. Albert Sessions of Naples, was a daughter of Mr. Hadley.

September 3

MARRIED. We are appraised of the marriage of Charles LaDuke and Miss Nannie Hutchinson of Gilmanton.


DIED. Aretus Newton died last Sunday afternoon. Mr. Newton had been suffering for some time on account of an injury received from a fall some weeks ago, but had gained steadily and was able to be up and around, till Saturday night when he was taken suddenly worse.

September 24

DIED. Stephen Swenson, a son of Halver Swenson, of Naples, died and was buried last Sunday. He died at Eau Claire where he was receiving medical treatment.

October 1

DIED. A.R. Cartwright, an old resident of the adjoining town of Albany, died at Cartwright, Chippewa Co., and was buried at Gilmanton last Tuesday.


DIED. G.S. Hubbard, Chicago’s oldest resident is dead. He died in Chicago on the 14th.

November 5

DIED. A. Lee, father of our County Treasurer, H.A. Lee, died last Saturday. He was 88 years of age, and was a highly respected old gentleman.

November 26

DIED. E.P. Sweet died suddenly at his residence in Modena last Wednesday. He was an old and respected citizen of this county. Mr. Sweet was 58 years of age.


MARRIED. Miss Mattie Corbit and Mr. Geo. Burt were married a couple of weeks since by Rev. A. Kidder.

December 3

DIED. A great cloud of sorrow hangs over our household. Our affliction is great. Our little boy baby, Vilas, died last Wednesday night after a brief illness of only 3 days. Vilas Walter Houser was born December 18, 1884, and died December 1, 1886. (more…)


DIED. The funeral of E.P. Sweet was held at the family residence last Sunday. Rev. B.F. Morse being the officiating clergyman. Mr. Sweet was buried by the Masonic Lodge of Alma, of which he was a member. The Knights of Pythias and G.A.R. Lodges of Alma and this place also were represented. Mr. Sweet was 58 years of age and had lived in this county many years. He was a soldier in the army and helped to defend and save the nation from disruption, and undoubtedly his death was hastened by the exposures and privations endured in that memorable struggle. He was an enterprising wide awake citizen and his death removes from our midst a familiar figure.

December 10

MARRIED. At Mondovi, December 4, 1886, by Rev. A. Kidder, Mr. A. Horace Fraser and Miss Mary A. Sanborn, both of Durand, Pepin Co., Wis.

December 24

DIED. Mrs. Mosher of Gilmanton, died very suddenly last Monday morning.


MARRIED. Miss Addie Fuller and Jim N. Dillon were married last Thursday evening at the residence of the bride’s parents by Rev. A. Kidder…


DIED. Ed Robinson died last Saturday morning, at the residence of his father, Rev. A.C. Robinson in this village. He was a victim of consumption and gradually declined until finally death released the spirit from the emaciated and weak body and the poor boy was at rest. He was 20 years old at the time of his death. (more…)

December 31

MARRIED. Mr. Jack Odell and Miss Jenson, of Modena were married in this village last Saturday.


MARRIED. Mr. John Englesby and Miss Ona Gibson of Albion were married by Rev. A. Kidder last Friday.