Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1887 -


Issue Date


January 14

DIED. J.B. Smiley of Modena died Monday of last week. He was one of the old 25th regiment boys.


MARRIED. We see by the Durand Courier that Mrs. Coleman, of that village was married to Mr. Geo. A. Hunt, of Bay Lake, Minn. Mrs. Coleman was the wife of Chas. Coleman, who was shot by the Williams brothers a few years ago.

January 21

DIED. Mr. Samual Davis, Sen, one of the oldest residents of this place, died last Monday morning. The funeral services were held at the Baptist Church, Tuesday.

February 4

MARRIED. It is reported that Jse. Fleming of Canton was married to Miss Waters of Waumandee last Tuesday.

March 4

DIED. "Granma Cochran," who died last Thursday, at the advanced age of 91 years, and who, for a number of years past, has made her home with her son, Geo. Cochran of our (Gilmanton) village, was a very estimable old lady. Her death came from the effects of old age.

April 1

MARRIED. B. F. Gilman, of Gilmanton, Wis. And Miss Ella Farmer of Sleepy Eye, Minn. were married in Mankato, Minn. March 7th, 1887


MOVING. Will Trowbridge and wife left last Monday for Wenooski, Sheboygan, Co. Will is going into the cheese business there and make Winooski his home.

April 15

DIED. Hugh McQuinlan, of this town, died Tuesday morning.


DIED. Chas. Wright, of Durand, lost two children last week of measles and pneumonia. His youngest, a bright little boy of 15 months died on Sunday, and his eldest, Eliza, a young lady, dying on Tuesday.


DIED. Henry B. Rowe, of Eau Claire. Born in Strotsburg, Penn. in 1827. Died last Saturday morning in Eau Claire where he and his family have resided for 6 or 7 years. Funeral services held in the M. E. Church, Elder Goodsell preaching. His only son is a member of the Eau Claire wholesale grocery. His daughter Emma and brothers William and Joseph Rowe reside in this town and the youngest daughter, Mrs. Hays, in Trempeleau Co. Diabetes with other complications was the cause of his death.

April 22

BIRTH. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thomas are to be congratulated. A fine boy bay was born to them last Thursday.

May 20

BIRTH. Little girl born to Irv. Rowe.

June 3

DIED. Mrs. John C. Jewett, wife of Buffalo merchant, was killed Tuesday, her neck being broken by a fall.


MARRIED. Mr. A. Shaw and Miss E. Newnto (Newton?/hard to read) were married by Rev. B. F. Morse, last Thursday.

June 10

MARRIED. We are in receipt of the announcement of the marriage of Miss Minnie Rathbun, formerly of this county and Harry A. Rathvon of Odessa, Texas.


DIED. M. L. Snyder died Wednesday and was buried yesterday, the funeral services being conducted by Elder Stamp.

June 17

DIED. Charles Z. Carpenter, of Lima, Pepin County, a brother of Mrs. Standish, of this place died last Thursday after a long illness.

June 24

DIED. John A. Hunner, formerly of Alma, died at Eau Claire last Thursday. He was an uncle of I. P. and John Hunner.

July 1

DIED. Mr. Samuel Conger, who lived about 8 miles west of this place on the Durand road, and who was one of the old settlers of this valley, died at Pepin from a cancer on his face, about 2 weeks ago.


MARRIED. Our genial friend, W. J. Maxwell, of Caryville, and Miss Hatie Wilson, of Eau Claire, were married last Thursday.

July 8

MARRIED. Miss Jennie Hartman and Wesley Smith were married by Rev. A. Kidder last Saturday morning.


MARRIED. The Jones-Walker wedding occurred as arranged, the 4th, Rev. Stamp performing the ceremony.

July 29

DIED. Martin J. Billet, of Menomonie, committed suicide last week, took strychnine.


DIED. Max Wimmder, of Alma, died suddenly on Tuesday night of last week. Apoplexy was the cause of death.

August 5

DIED. Mrs. J. F. Sweet died suddenly last Wednesday. (see Aug 12.)

August 12

FUNERAL. Mrs. James Sweet, funeral last Thursday. Three small children left without mother’s care.


DIED. Henry Dryzee’s father, who lives in Eau Claire, died last Friday at the advanced age of 76.

August 19

MARRIED. John L. Uttermoehl, of the Fountain City Republican and Miss Finckelnburg were married last week.

August 26

DIED. The six week old child of Wm. Kent of Bennett Valley was buried in the town cemetery Tuesday last. Mrs. Kent we understand is dangerously ill.


MARRIED. Miss Fannie Averill, of Bear Creek and Mr. James M. Hammer of Fairfield, Iowa were married by Rev. A. Kidder last Thursday.


DIED. Mrs. Lucy Hessler died last Monday night, after an illness of a couple of weeks.


DIED. Little Robbie Krieger, son of Wm. Krieger (who died here a few years ago) died last week with croup.

September 7

DIED. Bishop Harris, of the Methodist church died last week.


DIED. The little St. John girl that was sick so long (at Mrs. Corbet’s) died last Thursday and was buried Friday.


DIED. A little girl of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gruner (Gunder? Hard to read) died last week from diphtheria.


DIED. Mrs. John Rice, of Eleva, died last Sunday and buried Monday.

September 16

DIED. A little girl to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hays died last Saturday from diphtheria. The rest of the children that were sick with it are improving.

September 23

DIED. Sullivan Nogel died last Saturday morning after a lingering illness-consumption being the dreaded illness. Mr. Nogle came to Naples nine years ago and has lived in Naples ever since. 43 years old. Leave a wife and three children. Rev. B. F. Morse conducted funeral services at the residence.

September 30

MARRIED. Rev. A. Kidder married Chas. O. Burgess and Miss Allie Vanderpan. Both reside in Drammen.

October 21

OPERATION. A babe about 6 months old, born blind, was brought to the Dr. Bury Eye and Ear Infirmary last week by its father Iver Johnson, of Mondovi and Dr. Reynolds successful operated on the child’s eyes by breaking up the cataracts.

October 28

MARRIED. At Durand, October 26, by Rev. A. Kidder, Rev, Josiah A. Wood and Miss Martha C. Orlady. Also Mr. Harry Orlady and Miss Annabel Fraser.


DIED. James Turner, respected citizen of Albany, Pepin County, died last week from paralysis. Mr. Turner had been confined to his house for over a year previous to his second shock which caused his death.


MARRIED. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Farrington married.

November 11

ANNIVERSARY. Last Tuesday was the 5th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thomas.

November 25

ANNIVERSARY. Thursday of last week, 10th anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Giles.

December 2

DIED. J. S. Bond, death. Joseph S. Bond of Naples was in his grainary working when the floor above (heavy with corn) broke down on him. 44 years old, He came to the valley in 1863 and has lived where he died since that time. He was (at the time of his death) chairman of the town of Naples and was a member of the M. E. Church.

December 9

BIRTHDAY. Last Wednesday was townsman J. M Cathcart’s 50th birthday.


MARRIED. Sydney Robinson and Miss Rand were married in Durand last week.

December 23

DIED. Mrs. S. G. Fuller received word of her mother’s death a few days ago in Vermont.


MARRIED. Miss Mary White and Charley Lamphere were married a few days ago.


DIED. DR. J. S. Smith was called to Minneapolis last Friday on account of mother’s illness which resulted fatally, funeral on Sunday. Dr. returned Tuesday.

December 30

DIED. Miss Lettie Holmes died last Saturday evening. Her funeral was at the M. E. church last Monday.