Buffalo County Herald Newspaper

- 1888 -


Issue Date


January 6

DIED. Aunt Betsy Newville, Luna, Pepin County died a few days ago.


MARRIED. Mr. Lena S. Phelps and Miss Hattie Steele were married by Rev. A. C. Robinson at the residence of the bride’s parents last Saturday.


MARRIED. John Steele and Miss Mary Ann Fitzgerald married at brides parent’s home in this town last Wednesday evening.

January 12

DIED. Little boy child of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Elliott of E. Pepin, died Sunday. Little fellow got covered too closely in crib and smothered.


DIED. Mrs. L. R. Larson, wife of Judge L. R. Larson of Eau Claire, died suddenly last week.

January 20

DIED. Chris Johnson, an old gentleman of Naples died suddenly last Friday.


DIED. Mrs. Ruth Nelson died last Friday after a brief illness. She was over at Mr. Chas. Waste’s home at the time of her death. She was quite an aged lady.

January 27

DIED. Mrs. B. H. Gilman, an old lady died recently. El Paso, Pierce County.

February 3

DIED. John Carrol, who lived west of town, was kicked on the head by a horse last Sunday evening and died from the injury Wednesday.


MARRIED. Miss Amelia Smith and Emmet Dahlrymple of Durand were married Wednesday evening by Rev. A. C. Robinson at the Fuller House.

February 10

BIRTHDAY. Uncle Steve Remington was 80 years old last Saturday. He is liable to see quite a few number of birthdays before he crosses the dark river.

February 17

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride’s mother on Saturday, February 11, 1888 by Justice J. E. Lott, Miss Sarah Jenson of Modena, to George Kruger of Mondovi.

February 24

DIED. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morse, out of Deep Creek Falls, W. T. mourne the death of their youngest girl. Our people remember the little tot as a bright, handsome little girl.


DIED. Mrs. E. Geibel, of Nelson, died a few days ago.


HOSPITALIZED. Mrs. Bare, who was adjudged insane last fall, has become so ungovernable that she has been taken to the Wisconsin Insane Asylum at Madison.


DIED. Out in Washington Territory by which Burton Mills, son-in-law of H. N Muzzy, lost his life proves to be true. Mr. Mills and the two men who attacked him (Mills) claim, are dead, while Louis Muzzy is the only one of the participants left to tell the story.


DIED. Charley Oderbolz, the 18 year old son of Ulrich Oderbolz, the brewer of Black River Falls, fell full length into about 3 feet of boiling hot water. He was so badly burned that death resulted soon after.

March 2

FUTURE MARRIAGE. The marriage of Miss Irene Bamp of the town of Naples, and Mr. Lawton of Eau Claire is to take place in the near future, so we see by the Eau Claire Free Press.


DIED. Mrs. Lousia Mann died at Gilmanton last Tuesday at the advanced age of 90 years. She was an old settler and a highly respected lady.

March 9

CHURCH. A new bell has been erected in the Lutheran church in the town of Naples.


DIED. A Miss Foegle, living in Montana, Buffalo County, who has been somewhat demented for a time past, committed suicide a few days ago. (more)


ATTEMPT ON LIFE. On Tuesday evening of last week an attempt was made to assassinate Mr. William Duneauson, of Alma Center, by some unknown party or parties. Shot at and hit in the shoulder.

March 30

MARRIED. At the M. E. Parsonage, Thursday, March 29, by T. W. Stamp, Mr. Clarence Adams to Miss Myrtie Harvey.


BIRTH. Geo. Wells was one of the happiest of grandpa’s last Wednesday. It was a fine boy baby of which Dr. and Mrs. Hoffman are the parents.

April 6

DIED. John Cress died at Charley Schreiner’s in the village, last Tuesday night. His death is an awful lesson of the terrible results of the use of intoxicating drinks. He came down out of the woods, went on a drinking binge, slept one night in a barn which exposure undoubtedly was largely instrumental in his death. He was buried yesterday, Rev. Robinson conducted the funeral.