1996 Queries for Buffalo County Wisconsin
Kay Phillips Sat Sep 28 05:40:46 1996
Surnames: SOLMON,EAVES, THOMPSON, PHILLIPS, LAFFERTY Looking for birth info, parentage and marriage dates for Sarah Ann SOLMON b. abt 1823 in England. Died Dec 14, 1894 in Buffalo county, WI. Family hearsay is that she was first married to a man named CHAPMAN in England, then a man named EAVES Supposedly had four children but brought only two of them to America with her. They were: Elizabeth EAVES, b. abt 1845, and Robert EAVES, b. abt 1852. Both were born in England. Sarah Ann then married -----THOMPSON and had a son, Henry THOMPSON, b. abt 1856 in WI. Who was Henry's father? Where and when did he die? What was the marriage date and place of Sarah and Mr. Thompson? Sarah then married Enoch PHILLIPS. Where and when? They had one son, Byron PHILLIPS, b. Dec. 20, 1859, in Kenosha county, WI? Enoch PHILLIPS died in the early months of 1860. Where and when? Any info on this man would be appreciated. Sarah PHILLIPS is found in the 1860 census living in Beloit, Rock county, WI as a widow with her children. She then married John LAFFERTY, b. abt 1810 in NJ, d. April 1877 in Buffalo county, WI. Where and when were they married? Sarah LAFFERTY lived with her son, Byron PHILLIPS in Buffalo county until 1884 when he married Mary Jane DAVIE. Where did she spend the last ten years of her life? Will be happy to share info that I have. Kay Phillips <mkphill@dmci.net> from Fremont, IN

Kay Phillips Sun Sep 29 21:30:26 1996
Looking for other descendents of Carl A. DIECKMAN and Mina HOFFMAN Carl Joachim Adolf DIECKMAN was born Oct 12, 1853 in Neu Cartlow Demmin, Germany; died May 11, 1930 in Buffalo county, WI. He was the illegitimate son of Christine Wilhemine DIECKMANN. Wilhemine Fredericke Henrette HOFFMAN was the daughter of Widow Marie Doebel. Her emigration papers show her name as Wilhemine DOEBEL, but in all papers in the US, she is listed as HOFFMAN. She was born April 26, 1853 in the Province of Pommern? She died Feb. 23, 1929 in Alma, WI. Both came to the US in 1871 and settled in Buffalo county, WI. They were married Feb. 3, 1894 in the town of Alma, WI. Children: Albert Carl b. Jan 27, 1875, m. Mary MENGELT Robert Heindricke b. May 19, 1877. m. Pauline MATAUSCH; m. Emma MENGELT Emelia Marie b. Oct 19, 1879, m. Joseph RAST Charles Franz P., b. Sept 30, 1881, m. Emma NELSON Elizabeth Wilhemina b. Oct 15, 1883, m. Ferdinand SHARF Matilda Anna, b. March 20, 1886, m. Arthur ROSE Augusta Josephine, b. Sept. 19, 1888, m. Myron ROSE William, b. April 18, 1890, m. Minniw SCHWARK Minnie D., b. Jan 2, 1893, m. Edgar WILLIAMS Tony, b. March 13, 1895, m. Annis REED Anna M. b. July 31, 1897, m. Milton BOND I have much info I would share. Kay Phillips <mkphill@dmci.net>

Kay Phillips Sun Sep 29 22:16:51 1996
Searching for other descendents of Byron PHILLIPS and Mary Jane DAVIE in WI I have had great difficulty documenting this family. All data from family hearsay, obits, etc. Byron PHILLIPS was born Dec. 20, 1859 in Kenosha county, near Wilmot, WI. His mother was Sarah Ann SOLMON, b. abt 1823 in England. His father was Enoch PHILLIPS from PA. Nothing else is known about him. Sarah SOLMON was said to have been married five times. She had three children from previous marriages: Elizabeth EAVES, b. abt.1845 and Robert EAVES, b. abt 1852, both in England. Another son, Henry THOMPSON was born abt. 1854 in WI. Enoch suposedly died when Byron was only an infant, and Sarah PHILLIPS was living in Beloit, WI on the 1860 census. She then remarried to John Lafferty and they settled in Buffalo county, WI. Sarah LAFFERTY died there Dec. 13, 1894. Byron married Mary Jane Davie, b. May 11, 1863 in Buffalo county. She was the daughter of George T. and Matilda(TAYLOR) DAVIE. They were married Dec. 24, 1884 in Mondovi, WI. They had 7 children: Alice E., b. Nov. 24,1885, d. May 26, 1887 Harry b. Jan 24, 1889, never married Allen Blaine, b. Jan 7, 1893, m. Inez Jaquish Rose Evelyn, b. Aug. 3, 1897, m. Selmer Peterson Florence Avis, b. May 21, 1900, m. Ferd Steiner Leah Bernice b. April 12, 1902, m. Clarence Loomis Russell, b. Oct. 13, 1905 m. Orvina Dieckman Would love to share info with others researching this family. Kay Phillips from Fremont, IN <mkphill@dmci.net)

Kay Phillips Mon Sep 30 06:53:59 1996
Surnames: DAVIE and TAYLOR, Buffalo and Pepin counties George T. DAVIE, b. Scotland, Feb.16, 1831. Told his grand- children that he was born "in Glasgow on the River Clyde." Died Jan 6, 1884 in Buffalo county, WI. I am looking for birthpace and parentage . George married Matilda TAYLOR of Arkansaw, Pepin county, WI in 1859. She was born in Canada abt 1841, dau. of Steven and Flavia Taylor. I need marriage date and place. Matilda DAVIE died Dec. 12, 1892 in Buffalo county. Children: George W. Davie, b. Oct 26, 1861, m. Elizabeth Cody Mary Jane DAVIE, b. May 11 1863, m. Byron Phillips Morris Adelbert Davie-no info Arthur Davie- no info Charles W. Davie- residing in Saskatchewan,Canada in 1919 Would love to correspond with others researching this family. Kay Phillips from Fremont, IN <mkphill@dmci.net>

Kay Phillips Mon Sep 30 06:55:14 1996
Wilhemine KLEINSCHMIDT b. 2 Nov 1841, Province of Pommern, Germany. dau of Christoph and Anna M. Wilhemina KLEIN- schmidt. Came to America abt. 1865. d. 21 Jan 1904, Buffalo county, WI.
George MENGELT b. Aug 14, 1835, Splugen, Switzerland. son of George and Elsbeth (SAXER) Mengelt. d. 29 April 1898, Buffalo county. WI.
m. 12 April 1866, Hartford, Washington county, WI., moved to LaCrosse county, in 1870 moved to Buffalo county.
Children: Paulina Louisa b. March 3, 1867 in Bangor, WI. Married Louis SHARROW. Died April 30, 19?? William George, b. Aug 22, 1868 in Bangor. Died Dec. 20, 1920 Herman b. Feb 8, 1871 in Alma, WI. Married Ella Landis. Died Dec 12, 1933 Emma b. Dec 22, 1873. Married Robert Dieckman. Died March 25, 1925 Mary b. May 6, 1875 in Alma. married Albert Dieckman Died March 2, 1950 Anna b. April 23, 1879. Died Jun 7, 1879.

Kay Phillips Mon Oct 21 18:42:41 1996
Looking for information about the "JOLLY SUNSHINE CLUB." and the "LOOKOUT SUNSHINE CLUB." Also the "ROYAL NEIGHBORS." I found these names mentioned in the obituaries of several female ancestors in the Gilmanton, Alma, and Modovi areas of Buffalo county, WI.

Gene Gillen Sat Oct 26 20:12:37 1996
My mother was born Floyd Margaret HERDEG. She was born 27 Oct 1900 in Fountain City, Buffalo County. Her parents were Michael HERDEG & Rosa DECKER, both also born Fountain City.Mike HERDEG was born 18 Feb 1876 and died at St.Paul, Mn. on 26 July 1951. Mike's parents were Alois HERDEG and Mary Ursula DORSCH, both born Germany. Rose DECKER was born 8 Oct 1872 and died at Hastings, Mn. on 1 Aug 1853. Her parents were William Henry DECKER and Margaret DOELLE, both born Prussia. William Henry Decker was a Hotel Keeper in Fountain City. My query is: where in Germany ( Prussia ) were William Henry DECKER and Margaret DOELLE born and who were their parents. When and where did they die. I assume Fountain City, but have not had any luck in finding that info. Maybe someone can steer me in the right direction.

Keith Boucher Mon Oct 28 19:26:06 1996
Looking for CRONE family history.

Paul Blonigen Thu Nov 14 12:51:39 1996
MARY RAUTZ b.22Jun1840 Thierz,Deu. Came USA ca 1847 w/ relatives. Settled Springfield, Wi. M. JOSEPH NICHOLAI ca 1867. 1868-1869 moved Glencoe,Buffalo Co,Wi. NICHOLAI died. M. 1873 to JACOB MAIER in Arcadia,Wi. D. 12Oct1928 in Glencoe,Wi. Looking for (1)ancestors and German relatives of MARY RAUTZ and (2) descendants of JOSEPH NICHOLAI and MARY RAUTZ.

L Burdick Fri Nov 15 16:05:49 1996
Looking for Peter Tillman, father of Philip. Philip b in 1858 Cinn. OH, m Elizabeth Scharpf daugh of Jacob and Elizabeth (Young)15 Nov. 1880, LaCrosse, WI and d 1 Dec 1938, LaCrosse, WI. Also interesred in their children, Wilhelminia, Laura, Sadie, Magdalena, Arthur (my father), Earl, and Clara, their spouses and children.