1910 Federal Census 
Head of Household Index

And Others in Households with Different Surnames


The enclosed census index has been compiled from the original 1910 Federal Census for Burnett County, Wisconsin and contains only the names of the head of each household along with the any other name that is different from the head of household.  If a household contained two families, then only the oldest of each of the surnames residing in that household will be listed, whether the oldest one is a child or an adult.  Names are typed here as they appear to be on the original census records.  As a result, there may be mis-spellings of names and you are encouraged to use a variety of spelling combinations when looking through these records for specific heads of households. 

All individuals listed here were found on Microfilm Roll #T624-1702, part 2.  Page and subpage numbers are included here for your use in finding the original records more easily.  There are some idiosyncrasies in this index that you may find interesting, i.e. a locality by the name of "Harrison" which does not appear on any map.  Using the 1915 plat maps that you will find elsewhere on this website, it has been determined that this area was located in the western portion of today's Webb Lake Township (perhaps this was an earlier name for the township?) 

KALVIN Carolina 70 F W Denmark Anderson Twp 190 B
KANE Matt 31 M W Ireland Daniels Twp 207 B
KAP Gustaf A 55 M W Sweden Daniels Twp 202 B
KARKAN Charles W 25 M W Michigan Grantsburg 221 B
KARLSON Alfred 37 M W Sweden West Marshland Twp 278 B
KARSKE Kasheane 40 F I Wisconsin Swiss Twp 201 B
KEARNS Tomas 41 M W Illinois Swiss Twp 199 B
KEATING Alfred S 50 M W England Blaine Twp 195 A
KEGER Marion 35 M W Wisconsin Meenon Twp 262 A
KELLAR Wilbur J 52 M W Wisconsin LaFollette Twp 249 A
KELLBERG Ernst 29 M W Sweden Daniels Twp 206 B
KELLBERG Margareta 75 F W Sweden Daniels Twp 203 B
KEMP Charles 28 M W Wisconsin Rusk Twp 209 B
KEMP Henry 33 M W Wisconsin Rusk Twp 209 B
KENEBECK John 47 M I Wisconsin Blaine Twp 201 A
KENEBECK Joseph 52 M I Wisconsin Blaine Twp 201 A
KENNELLY Thomas 52 M W Connecticut Lincoln Twp 252 A
KENNETT Charles H 40 M W Illinois West Marshland 278 B
KENT John F 51 M W Wisconsin Meenon Twp 261 B
KEPPER Henry 33 M W Minnesota Anderson Twp 186 A
KERS Anders F 64 M W Sweden Daniels Twp 207 B
KESLER Henry 63 M W Ohio Scott Twp 240 A
KIELMAN Fredrick 63 M W Austria West Marshland Twp 278 B
KIENBAUM Otto 40 M W Germany Anderson Twp 190 A
KILSTROM John 58 M W Sweden Daniels Twp 205 A
KIMBALL Charles H 50 M W Wisconsin Scott Twp 240 B
KIMBALL Willam R 30 M W Minnesota Blaine Twp 195 A
KING Ellen 10 F I Wisconsin Dewey Twp 218 C
KING Julia 10 F I Wisconsin Rusk Twp 218 B
KING Laura 39 F W Wisconsin Daniels Twp 204 A
KIRBACK Olga 26 F W Minnesota Daniels Twp 205 A
KISABIN Billie 29 M I Wisconsin Dewey Twp 218 D
KJELMO John 69 M W Norway Meenon Twp 260 A
KLECKNER William N 42 M W Pennsylvania Meenon Twp 265 A
KLIEN Henry P 8 M W NorthDakota Anderson Twp 189 A
KLINK John 50 M W Germany Swiss Twp 199 A
KLOTZ John 54 M W Germany West Marshland Twp 278 B
KNUTSON George A 56 M W Illinois Harrison 234 B
KNUTSON Ole A 45 M W Wisconsin Dewey Twp 215 A
KORSNESS Ludwick 36 M W Norway Grantsburg 219 A
KOVSKY Christ 52 M W Sweden Blaine Twp 195 A
KRABLER Louis G 31 M W Minnesota Anderson Twp 188 B
KRAUSE Charles A 35 M W Wisconsin Blaine Twp 194 B
KREINER Marie 40 F W Norway Lincoln Twp 251 B
KREUGER Judas 31 M W Russia Roosevelt Twp 217 A
KRINGLE George 28 M W Wisconsin Meenon Twp 257 B
KROPLEIN Johan 65 M W Germany Lincoln Twp 254 A
KRUSCHKE Herman 64 M W Germany Lincoln Twp 254 B
KUHNLEY Ora D 38 M W Indiana Meenon Twp 262 A
KUHNLEY P F 47 M W Ohio Meenon Twp 262 A
KULBECK Albert W 26 M W Wisconsin Meenon Twp 263 A
KULBECK Chas P 54 M W Norway Meenon Twp 257 A
KUMLIN Richard A 43 M W Sweden Wood River Twp 287 B



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