1947 Farm Directory

A Compilation of Burnett Co. Farmers


The 1947 Farm Directory is a compilation of Burnett County farmers, telling where they lived (township and section),
and if they owned or rented the land they worked, along with information on what post office their mail was delivered from and the rural route number of the farm.

This listing does not claim to be all-inclusive.  It is meant as a tool to be used to find that elusive ancestor or other family member that you may be seeking, as the census records for this time period will be a long time forthcoming.  This directory has been compiled from public records.  

FACKLAM H. J.  Siren Siren  23 
FACKLUM Geo.  Siren Siren  22 
FAGERBERG Charley  Grantsburg Wood River 
FAHLAND BROS.    Clam Falls   LaFollette  30  R
FALK Anna  Danbury  Swiss  30 
FANDIN Emil  Siren  Siren  20 
FARMER Owen  Webster Meenon 
FARRELL Clarence  Spooner   Scott  26 
FASSETT Harry  Grantsburg Grantsburg  24 
FEARN H. O.  Siren  Siren  15 
FESSENDEN A. E.  Barronett Roosevelt  32 
FICKLY Truman  Siren Siren 
FIELDUM Olaf  Shell Lake  Roosevelt 
FINLAYSON S. A.  Danbury Swiss  30 
FISCHER Fred.  Webster Daniels  10 
FISK Erfred.  Grantsburg Anderson  25 
FISK Lawrence  Luck Trade Lake  27 
FISK Signe  Grantsburg Anderson  25 
FLANAGEN Bernard  Randall   Grantsburg  35 
FLODIN Arnold  Grantsburg Wood River  23 
FLODIN Norbert  Siren PO  Meenon  32 
FONTAINE Albert  Webster   Scott  19 
FORSBERG Carl A.  Siren Daniels  17 
FORSBERG Emil  Grantsburg Grantsburg  24 
FORSETH Oscar  Spooner   Scott  26 
FORSTROM John  Grantsburg Wood River  30 
FOSBERG John E.  Grantsburg Trade Lake  31 
FOSSUM John  Webster Lincoln  28 
FOSSUM M. C.  Shell Lake  Dewey  26 
FOX Sheldon  Danbury Jackson  18 
FRAID Albin  Grantsburg Wood River  12 
FRANCEN George Grantsburg  Wood River  36 
FRANKLIN Thomas  Grantsburg Wood River  15 
FRANKS Emma  Siren  Siren  30 
FREDERICKSON Andrew  Shell Lake  Roosevelt 
FREDLUND Agner  Grantsburg West Marshland 
FREEDLUND Mrs. Carl  Grantsburg  West Marshland  23 
FRENCH Mat.  Danbury Oakland 
FRIBERG Arvid  Frederic Daniels  32 
FRIBERG Carl  Siren Daniels  19 
FRIBERG Ernest A.  Frederic Daniels  32 
FRIBERG Ernest J.  Siren Daniels  34 
FRIBERG Ivah H.  Siren Daniels  36 
FRIBERG Martin W.  Siren Daniels  34 
FRISTED Pete  Webster Sand Lake  20 
FRISTED Walter  Webster Sand Lake  20 
FRIZZELL Howard  Danbury Swiss  29 
FUERSTENBERG Laurence Webster  Danbury 
FURHMAN Fred  Grantsburg Grantsburg 



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