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Bohemian National Cemetery

Name Date Comments Contributor
NAIBERG, Carol J. Aug 31 1937
Nov 22 1996
We are such stuff as dreams are mede on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep The Tempest Dennis Naiberg
NAIBERG, Charles 1908-1996   Dennis Naiberg
NAIBERG, Frank 1894-1954   Daniel Laurent
NAIBERG, Frank 1862-1937   Dennis Naiberg
NAIBERG, Josephine (ROSHELL) 1875-1940 Wife of Frank Nailberg (1862-1937) Dennis Naiberg
NAIBERG, Marcella A. (KRALL) 1916-1989 Wife of Charles Naiberg Dennis Naiberg
NAIBERG, Rose (NAJBRT) 1903-1987 Wife of Frank Naiberg (1894-1954) Daniel Laurent
NAJBRT, Frank 1840-1906   Daniel Laurent
NAJBRT, John 1870-1963   Daniel Laurent
NAJBRT, Louise ( VALES ) 1875-1961 Wife of John Najbrt Daniel Laurent
NAJBRT, Rose ( SVOMA) 1884-1972 Wife of Steve Najbrt Daniel Laurent
NAJBRT, Steve 1876-1961   Daniel Laurent
ROSHELL, Emma (KOSKUBA) 1885-1953 Wife of Joseph Roshell Dennis Naiberg
ROSHELL, Joseph 1872-1937   Dennis Naiberg
ROUSAR, Fannie (NOVOTNY) 1849-1918 Wife of Joseph Rousar Dennis Naiberg
ROUSAR, Joseph 1843-1927   Dennis Naiberg
SVOMA, (NAJBRT) Mary 1879-1972 Wife of Frank Svoma Daniel Laurent
SVOMA, Frank, J. 1876-1945   Daniel Laurent


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