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Name Of DeceasedDate Of DeathPlace Of DeathSource
Anderl, Anton P.May 9, 1947Chippewa Co.Death Certificate
Anderl,�Laura Eleanor (Sixel)February 23, 1939Chippewa Co.Death Certificate
Bailer, FrankJune 15, 1926Edson, Chippewa Co, WiDeath Certificate
Baran, Mary ElizabethDecember 18, 1998Vancouver, Wa 
Bean, Elizabeth January 28, 1932ChicagoKathleen Hogan
Bell, Dorothy (Stapleton)April 16, 1999Santa Clara, CaM. Stapleton
Berg, Mary (Johnson)February 6, 1932Barron, Barron Co.,�WiVeronique Mcmillan
Berg, OttoMay 1, 1927Barron, Barron Co.,�WiVeronique Mcmillan
Bergeron, Charles B.November 13, 1900Buried Chippewa FallsCecile Conroy
Bischel, Lucille (Yeager)December 12, 1993BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Blanchette, Eugene�Lester5 Sep 1965�StanleyCecile Conroy
Blanchette, Eugene�LesterApril 6, 1989Stanley 
Boehler, JohnJan. 1925Hoard, Clark Co., Wi (Chippewa County Connection: He Lived And Farmed There In The Mid- To Late-1800s)Death Certificate
Boehler, Thresia (Nee Ranecker)July 10, 1930Rusk Co, Wi Burial: Edson, Chippewa, WiDeath Certificate
Brown, �AlmondJanuary 11, 1917BrownsvilleLoksi@Aol.Com
Brown, �Rosa May18 Apr 1876 (6 Mo.) Loksi@Aol.Com
Brown, �Ulysses S Grant30mar1884 (10 Yrs) Loksi@Aol.Com
Brown, Susannah (Roemig)April 20, 1904 Loksi@Aol.Com
Bue, Hilda (Wood)December 21, 1938Chippewa FallsObit
Burke, MichaelJanuary 24, 1900Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Buttenhoff, William Jr.April 20, 1954Buried Prairie View CemeteryE Buttenhoff
Buttenhoff, William Sr.December 7, 1945Buried Prairie View CemeteryE Buttenhoff
Byers, Alta Mae (Hinton)April 19, 1905Buried In Cornell CemeteryCemetery Book
Byers, William H.May 10, 1905Buried In Cornell CemeteryCemetery Book
Carrell, Ada (Young)July 25, 1979Chippewa Falls 
Carrell, CharlyMarch 13, 1966Cornell 
Chase, HarveyNovember 19, 1981Village Of New Auburn 
Chase, LornaJanuary 6, 1999Bloomer 
Cotton, Edwina Mae SeguinAugust 2, 1989Chippewa FallsJoseph Cotton
Cotton, Frederick MoorewoodJune 14, 1965Chippewa FallsJoseph Cotton
Craney, Lillian (Stapleton)October 30, 1989Oak Harbor, WaM. Stapleton
Davis, Anne Eliza MorrisMay 27, 1907Sampson TwpAnna Claxton
Davis, George HillerOctober 13, 1980BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Davis, John Herman Jr.November 1, 1998Chippewa Co.Biscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Davis, John Herman Sr.October 6, 1944Chippewa Co.Biscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Davis, Rosa Alice (Cook)November 26, 1973Chippewa FallsBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
dePeliquin, CharlesApril 2, 1905Chippewa FallsM. Stapleton
dePeliquin, Dorothea FelixMarch 11, 1905Chippewa FallsM. Stapleton
Deutsch, HannaMarch 15, 1905Buried At Union CemetaryRobert Paul
Deutsch, PeterApril 22, 1905Buried At Union CemetaryRobert Paul
Doncevic, FrankAugust 12, 1989Chippewa Falls 
Dufield, Catherine Alma (Haskins Phaneuf)December 23, 1966Shawano 
Goldsmith, Charles F. X.24 Nov 1890Chippewa �FallsCecile Conroy
Gore, Ruth (Stapleton)May 25, 1905Santa Rosea, CaM. Stapleton
Hall, Charles Benjamin HallSeptember 13, 1944Chippewa Co. 
Hall, Lillian ElizabethSeptember 29, 1938Chippewa Co. 
Hanrahan, Michael 11 Jan 1898Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Hansen(Son), JuliusNovember 9, 1904Chippewa Co. 
Haskins, Harvey JamesJanuary 1, 1963Chippewa Falls 
Haskins, LafayetteMay 19, 1925Wi. Vet Home, King 
Haskins, Sarah Alma Catherine (Thomas)August 21, 1931Clintonville 
Haugen, MarieJanuary 19, 1944Stanley 
Hermanson, AxelAugust 18, 1975Bloomer 
Hill, Charlotte Marie (Davis)July 18, 2000BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Hill, William Andrew24 Oct 1866Bloomer 
Hilsteadt, Edward BenjaminApril 9, 1933Chippewa Co. 
Hilsteadt,�Nellie MaeSeptember 21, 1956Chippewa Co. 
Hinton, Ellen (Cady)March 24, 1935CornellNewspaper Obit
Hinton, Glen CoeApril 16, 1922CornellObit - Chippewa Valley Courier
Hinton, Glen LeeOctober 5, 1922CornellObit - Chippewa Valley Courier
Hinton, John MiltonMay 19, 1937CornellNewspaper Obit
Hogan BridgetOctober 9, 1919TexasSharon Dayton
Hogan, John8 Apl 1904TildenSharon Dayton
Hogan, Mary ( Gallagher)November 5, 1901Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Hogan, MichaelJanuary 23, 1908Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Hogan, Michael J.September 19, 1907Eagle PointSharon Dayton
Hokenstrom, Ellen Karoline (Samuelson)April 22, 1980Knapphaven Nursing Home,�ChetekJack Hokenstrom
Hokenstrom, NelsOctober 28, 1964Co. Farm, Chippewa FallsJack Hokenstrom
Hopf, Eric Adolph HugoJanuary 15, 1989Chippewa FallsClliff@Aol.Com
Hopf, Jeanette Margaret (Beck)October 20, 1974Chippewa FallsClliff@Aol.Com
Horgen, Carl Oscar7�Jan 1978Stanley 
Horgen, Ole AndreasAugust 16, 1941Stanley 
Hutchins, John LeonardOctober 27, 1977Albuquerue, Nm 
Hutchins, Leonard RoscoeFebruary 1, 1949Algona, Wa 
Jackson,�Andrew29 Jan 1897Bloomer 
Johnholtz, August CharlesSeptember 10, 1953Bateman Chippewa CountyObit
Johnholtz, Lloyd J. � �June 6, 1986Eau ClaireJ. Hufschmid
Josephson, Ella (Nelson)5�Oct 1956Chippewa Falls 
Josephson, Rev. John A.March 25, 1946Eau Claire 
Knickerbocker, Charles Blair01 Jul 1895TillinghastLowe
Knickerbocker, Ralph Roy04 Apr 1889Buried In BloomerLowe
Knickerbocker, SolomonAugust 23, 1906SampsonP. Robinson
Kolstad, SeverJanuary 8, 1912Stanley 
Kolstad,�Louis BernardFebruary 15, 1944Stanley 
Kolstad,�Matida WesterburgFebruary 1, 1981Stanley 
Kruschke, Bernice BelleFebruary 10, 1931Chippewa Falls 
Kwallek, Albert� � �Oct 1969New AuburnJaniebecca@Aol.Com
Lebis, Henry Jr.April 15, 1905StanleySuzanne Wallschlaeger
Long, John January 13, 1911Eagle PointKathleen Hogan
Manning, ThomasDecember 18, 1902Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
McCann, Theodore W.June 11, 1983Twn Of Arthur 
McCarthy, Ferryl MaeNovember 16, 1989Florida (B: Chippewa�Co.)Teri Anderson
McCarthy, Flora Fayette24 Jul 1898BoydTeri Anderson
McCarthy, Glen FlorenceJuly 25, 1937Minneapolis (B: Chippewa Co.)Teri Anderson
McCarty, Florence Sr.23 Nov 1883CadottTeri Anderson
McCaskill,�Donald JohnJune 27, 1962Ranchita,�CaObit
McFarlane, Alma (Paulson)August 1, 1966BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Mueller, Loretta (Frase)February 29, 1992Chippewa Falls 
O'Hara, MargaretJanuary 26, 1940Cadott Born 1 Nov 1836 In Ireland Informant: Robert O'hara Of Cadott; Buried: Jan. 28, 1910 At St. Patrick's Cemetery, Town Of Sherman, SheboyganSheboygan County Register Of Deeds
Olson, ChristinaOctober 23, 1922Stanley 
Olson, NordinAugust 18, 1975Colfax 
Paulson, Edna (Davis)November 23, 1985BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, Edward M.March 11, 1975BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, Estella L.August 20, 1931BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, HenrySeptember 19, 1973BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, JohnDecember 1, 1980BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, MarkMay 15, 1905BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, Mary (Peterson)October 5, 1910BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, OscarMay 9, 1939BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, Rachel E. (Cook)September 17, 1983BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, Rose-IngaMay 25, 1963BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Paulson, Stanley E.August 18, 1931BloomerBiscsan@Win.Bright.Net
Peterson, ClaraFebruary 7, 1940Stanley 
Phillips, James ArnoldJuly 26, 1999Minneapolis, Mn 
Powers, Michael May 15, 1905Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Priddy, William Norris08 Jan 1894Bloomer 
Prosecky, Frank JoeOctober 14, 1956Chippewa Co.Death Cert.
Prosecky, Mary JosephineJanuary 7, 1953Chippewa Co.Death Cert.
Ranecker, Anna Maria (Nee Seibemane/ Siepman ??)10 Oct. 1887Rusk County, Wi Buried: Edson, Chippewa Co, WiDeath Certificate
Ranecker, Johannes "John"22 June 1883Edson, Chippewa, WiDeath Certificate
Rauscher, Bernard (Ben)January 11, 2000Bloomer 
Rauscher, CharlesAugust 11, 2000Chippewa Falls 
Rauscher, Charles, JosephJuly 13, 1996Aubrun Ca (Born In Chippewa Falls) 
Rauscher, ErnstFebruary 3, 2000Bloomer 
Rauscher, HerbertOctober 21, 1971Chippewa Falls 
Rauscher, IreneApril 21, 1905Woodmohr Twp, Chippewa County 
Rauscher, Joseph (Joe)December 8, 1957Chippewa Falls 
Reed, Elsie K. (Kalal)August 18, 1975New Auburn 
Regan, CharlesDecember 6, 1922Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Robinson, George LouisNovember 9, 1924Stanley 
Robinson, Martha M. (Mcintosh)November 1, 1909Stanley 
Roycraft, John J.January 13, 1933Chippewa Co. 
Rumery, Ernest DavidDecember 20, 1913Elk River, Clearwater Co., IdahoDeath Certificate
Rumery, SamuelAugust 12, 1905Wheaton CemeteryDeath Certificate
Rumery, Sylvia Ann24 Aug 1878Wheaton TownshipDeath Certificate
Runkel, Philip C.04�Oct 1913Chippewa FallsObit
Smith, John Allen02 Jun 1883Bloomer 
Smith, Laura A.May 2, 1931BloomerDeath Cert
Smith, William B.February 6, 1905Chippewa FallsDeath Cert
Solie, Allen R.April 17, 1996Palo Alto, Ca 
Solie, Annette (Soli)May 11, 1908Stanley 
Solie, Anton G. (Soli)March 9, 1923Stanley 
Solie, Riley F.June 24, 1993Appleton, Wi 
Stapleton, Claude Martin07�Nov 1948Chicago, IlM. Stapleton
Stapleton, Emily DepeliquinNovember 19, 1953Coupeville, WaM. Stapleton
Stapleton, Felix LeeNovember 13, 1992San Jose, CaM. Stapleton
Stapleton, Louis WilliamNovember 11, 1939Bellingham, WaM. Stapleton
Steven, Helen Mildred (Eddy)January 25, 1999Seattle, Wa 
Strope, John Edgar - PhotoApril 15, 1905CadottCraig Kennedy
Sudbrink, Henry W.June 7, 1983Chippewa Falls 
Sugars, Johanna (Hogan)5 Apl 1883Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Treat, Leonard WellsOctober 8, 1923BloomerAnna Claxton
Trudell, JohnNovember 22, 1926Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Trudell, Mary (Powers)March 1, 1918Chippewa FallsSharon Dayton
Turner, Elspeth (Mason)March 19, 1907EdsonRuth Whetnal
Turner, Francis13 Jul 1887CadotRuth Whetnal
Vinette, Bruno4 Jun 1924 �Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Vinette, Bruno P.October 29, 1983Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Vinette, Donald H.February 19, 1996Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Vinette, Hannah (Rell)August 4, 1936Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Vinette, Mary (Grammont)May 31, 1915Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Vinette, Odile/Ida28 Feb 1886Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Vinette, PeterNovember 1, 1917Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Vinette,�Henry JosephMay 2, 1948Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Vinette,�Rose Delima (Bilodeau)March 12, 1946Chippewa FallsKathy Vinette Natarelli
Warner, Mary Jane1868 �Bloomer 
Wise, John O. E.November 11, 1918StanleyHaroldine Tandy
Wise, KarolineMarch 10, 1905StanleyHaroldine Tandy
Wise, Petra AndersonMarch 30, 1905 Haroldine Tandy
Witzig, William12 Nov 1892Stevens Point 
Wood, ClarenceJune 11, 1983Wissota Lakeside 
Wood, James LauritzJanuary 26, 1933BatemanObit
Wood, James TheodoreMarch 1, 1992Chippewa FallsObit
Wood, JuliaSeptember 8, 1948Chippewa FallsObit
Wood, RobertAugust 17, 1975Chippewa FallsObit
Wood, Walter G.June 7, 1983Chippewa FallsObit
Woodard,�Benjamin F.March 9, 1909Glen Flora 


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