Modern Woodman of America


Many of us have found Modern Woodmen mentioned in an obituary or have found "MWA" on a tombstone.

Modern Woodmen of America life insurance records are available to help verify information and can help you continue in the right direction on your family research. Now, you can contact the MWA corporate librarian to check death benefit claim records 1884 - 1946 via e-mail:

Include your ancestor's name, date of death and place of residence if known, as well as your full contact information.

Death benefit claim records are a secondary source and typically provide the following:

*Name of Insured
*Date of Certificate
*MWA Camp Number and Location
*Date of Death
*Cause of Death

Requests for information for deaths after 1946 may or may not be released, and will be reviewed to protect confidentiality of the living family members. Requests are answered in the order they are received and there is no fee for this service.

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