Oscar Northup


Source: History of Clark County, Wisconsin pg. 380 Compiled byFranklin Curtiss-Wedge H. C. Cooper Jr. & Co., Chicago Winona 1918

OSCAR NORTHUP, supervisor of York Township, where he issuccessfully engaged in general farming, was born in the log cabin ofhis parents in section 31, Aug. 31, 1871. The parents were Thomas andEsther (Gribben) Northup, the father being a native of Juneau, DodgeCounty, Wis., where he grew to manhood and was married. After theirmarriage they came to Clark County, journeying by stage to Sparta, andthence to Neillsville, and finally settling in section 31, YorkTownship. Their place, which was covered with timber, was reached bya tract through the woods, but on it stood an old barn and house, andthey took up their abode in the latter. Thomas was more fortunatethan some of the pioneer settlers, as he had a team of horses, andwith them he began the task of clearing his 40 acres of land. Thistask was never completed by him, however, as he died about 1883, atthe of 46 years. His wife survived him thirty-three years, dying in1916, at the age of 68. Their children, all of whom were born on thisfarm, were: Charles, Mary, Oscar, Thomas and Martin, of whom Mary andMartin are now deceased. Oscar Northup attended district school inYork Township and grew up on his parents' farm. When old enough hebegan work at logging in the woods, spending about twelve winters inthat occupation, and being on the drive several springs. In themeanwhile he continued to make his home with his parents, except whenhe was working out, and during the summers he continued the work ofclearing the home farm, his father having made but small progress withit, when called away by death. This work he finally completed, alsobuilding a house and barn, and he is now conducting a profitable farm,raising Holstein cattle of good grade, and a good breed of horses,besides other stock. As already mentioned, he is a member of thetownship board, at present acting as supervisor. He is a member of theWoodmen's Lodge and attends the Methodist Church. Mr. Northup wasmarried Mar. 12, 1893, to Nellie Hannah, who was born in Christie,Clark County, Wis., daughter of Charles and Mary Ann (Boon) Hannah.He and wife have four children, Jessie, now the wife of Wm. Plummer,of York Township; Alton, Leland and Ruth, all of whom reside at home.


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