History of Clark County included in the "History of Northern Wisconsin:" An Account of It's Settlement, Growth, Development and Resources; An Extensive Sketch of Its Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages. Publ. 1881

Cities, Towns and Villages

   Secret Societies--Neillsville Lodge, No. 163, A.F.&A.M., was duly organized on the 17th of Septebmber 1866, and for the past fifteen years has progressed in a manner most gratifying to the craft. The charter officers were: B.F. French, W.M; G.W.King S.W.; E.H.McIntosh, J.W.; E.H.Bacon, S.D.; J.Furlong; J.D.; R.J.Manly, secretary, and Henry Devit, treasurer. The present officers are: S.C.Boardman, W.M.; J.H.Thayer, S.W.; S.B.Colway, J.W.; S.Coggins, S.D.; John Rade, J.D.; E.H. Bacon, treaswurer; H. Shuster, secretary, and TV. Carlton, tyler. The present membership is fifty-five, and meetings are held on the first and third Thursday evenings of each month.
   Neillsville Lodge, No. 178, I.O.G.T., was organized April 23, 1880 with twenty-two members and the following officers: J.B.Jones, W.C.T.; Mrs. Reitz, W.V.T.; C.C.Swartz, chaplain; S.F.Chubb and H.W.Deming, secretaries; Augusta Marshall, treasurer; N.E. Gallager, W.M.; M.Fuller, W.D.M.; H.Poate, sentinel. Since that date the society has held regular meetings, resulting in a continuous, though not uniform, membership. The present officers are: L.Sturdevant, W.C.T.; Mrs. A.J.Deming, W.V.T.; Nettie Lynch, chaplain; Nora Tripp, secretary; Viola French, treasurer; N.E.Gallagher,W.M.; Orpha Fowler, W.D.M.; J.B.Jones, P.W.C.T.; H.Deming sentinel. The present membershi is 101.
   Fritz Reuter Lodge, No. 36, O.D.H.S.--A German society, with humanitarian objects, was organized by Jacob Rossman, August 6, 1878, with seventeen members. The officers were: Jacob Rossman president; George Runnger and Robert Schwarsey, vice-presidents; F.W.Ketel, secretary, and James Lemegan, treasurer. The society now has thirteen members.
   Pine Valley Encampment, No. 44, I.O.O.F., was first organized at Staffordsville, January 18, 1871, with A.K.Stafford, A.J. Brees, A.W.Clark, John Hoyt, H.D.Eyerle, Robert Scofield, E.J.Rice and L.A.Stafford as charter members. In 19-- the encampment was removed to Neillsville, where it jointly occupies Odd Felllows Hall with the Neillsville Lodge. The present officers are: Andrew Peterson, C.P.; Ira B. Jones, H.P.; M.W.Parker,S.W.;L H.Fuller, J.W.; J.H.Thayer, scribe, and L.L.Ayers, treasurer. The encampment meets semi-monthly; on Saturday evenings.
   Neillsville Lodge, No. 198, I.O.O.F., was organized December 7, 1871, with R.C.Elliott, J.A.Kimball, J.B.Jones, A.L.Wood, H.Parker, A.R.Moffat and C.H.Sprague as charter members. The present officers are: J.H.Thayer, N.G.; E.B.Philpot, V.G.; C.B.Arnold, secretary, and John B.Jones, treasurer. Meetings are convened weekly, on Saturday night, and the craft own property in Neillsville representing a valuation of $3,000.
   Diamond Lodge, No.64, Daughters of Rebecca, was chartered July 13,1880, with upward of twenty members and the following officers: Ira B.Jones, N.G.;Mrs. M.W.Parker, V.G.; Mrs. John F.King, secretary; Mrs. W.H.Burgess, permanent secretary, and Mrs. S.F.Joseph, treasurer. The present officers are: Mrs.J.H.Tahyer,N.G.; J.F.King, V.H.; Mrs. E.A.Pierce, secretary, and Mrs. W.H. Burgess, treasurer. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month in Odd Fellows Hall.
   Black River Lodge, No. 32, A.O.U.W., was organized in May, 1878, with nineteen members and the following officers: F.A.Lee, P.M.W.; Dr. J.G.Lacey, M.W.; William Campbell, foreman; J.R.Sturtevant, guide; J.A.Parkhurst, recorder; G.A.Grunds, financier. The present officers are: James A.Parkhurst, M.W.; William Campbell, foreman; George A.Ludington, overseer; J.W.Tallford, recorder; H.Schuter, receiver; W.G.Klopf, financier, and O.G.Tripp, guide. Meetings are held weekly on Friday evening, and Lodge property is valued at $500.


   Neillsville Flour Mills, on O'Neill's Creek, northeast of the O'Neill House, ere erected by Chauncey Blakeslee, in the Fall of 1862. The buildings are of frame, and when completed the two run of stone, with which a total of fifty barrels of flour could be ground in twenty-fours, were run by water power. The original cost of the mills was $6,000. In 1867, additions were made to the mill premises, an engine was substituted for water power, and toher improvements were made. Again, in 1870, were large sums expended for similar objects, including an additional run of stone. at present four hands are employed, at a total weekly compensation of $35. Seventy-five barrels of flour are ground in twenty four hours, and the annual business is quoted at $15,000.
   Neillsville Brewery was established by William Neverman, in 1869, at which time he erected the present improvements at a cost of $2000. Since that date he has made additions and improvements, the expense of which have been $4000 annually.
   G. Sterns' Stair Factory, located on the Black River road, north of the village, was first established as a planing mill by the gentleman whose name has been perpetuated as proprietor of the present enterprise, in 1869. In 1878, Mr. Sterns made a change in his line of business, introduced machinery, and other improvemnts, at a cost of $1,200, and began the manufacture of his present marketable commodity. he emplys seven hands, at a weekly compensation of $65, and does an annual business estimated at $10,000.
   A.S.Leason Pump Factory, situated north of the city, on the road to Black River Falls, is of recent birth, having been established in the Fall of 1880, when Mr. Leason erected the premises now occupied. His manufacture embraces all sizes and styles of wooden pumps, special reference being had to a pattern of which he is the patentee. When running to its full capacity the works turn out 1,000 pumps, and do a business of $10,000 per annum. Six hands are employed, and, with other expenses, require and outlay of $250 per month.
   The Neillsville Foundry and Machine Shop, north of the village and across O'Neill's Creek, were opened for business June 1, 1881, by Korman & Tuplin. when running to its full capacity, five hands are employed, at a weekly compensation of $70. The shop turns out plows, saws, and a general run of farming implements, the sale of which, it is believed, will produce an income for the current year (1881) of not less than $6,000.
   L.W.Gallaher, Planing Mill, estalished in 1871, on the present site, where business was continued until March 10.1879 (a saw-mill having been added to the capacity of the enterprise in 1877), when the premises were destroyed by fire, entailing a loss of $4000. Mr. Gallaher immediately rebuilt, and has since been constntly employed. his line of manufacture embraces rough and planed lumber, sash, doors, blinds, mouldings, etc., requiring, when running full, the services of ten men, at a total weekly compensation of $100, and doing a business of $15,000 per annnum.
   Neillsville Library Association was organized September 23, 1879, by the election of H.W.Deming, president, Ira B.Jones, treasurer, and L.B.Ring, librarian and secretary, with H.N.Withee, C.Blakeslee and Mrs. A.White, trustees, all of whom have since been continued in office.    Neillsville Telegraph Compayn. In 1871, D.W.Tolford and Alexander Lynn erected a tlegraph line from Neillsville to Humbird, and operated the same until the Fall of 1874, when it was sold out under foreclosure proceedings, James O'Neill becoming the purchaser. There upon, the present corporation was organized, with jones Tompkins, president, George Austin, secretary, and James O'Neill, treasurer, who still serve. The capital stock was placed at $?,000. The route was changed from Humbird to hatfield, at a cost of $875, since when the line has been operated between the latter point and Neillsville.
   The Sherman Guards.--May 1, 1875, the Clark County Zouaves, a military organization, was incorporated in neillsville, with J.W.Tolford, as captain, and thirty privates. In February, 1878, the company was re-organized, the name changed to the "Sherman Guards," and, as such, became part of the Third Battalion Wisconsin State Militia. the present officers are J.WLFerguson, captain; George A.Ludington and Samuel Dixon, liutenants; George K.Redmond, William Poute, Henry Fuller, George W.Trogler, Louis Schuster and Warren Suthard, sergeants; William Kettel, Robert McAdams, Andrew Londgren, Joseph Rowe, F.Burgess, Conrad Frantz, Frederick Johnson and henry Poute, corporals. The file embraces sixty soldiers, and meetings are held weekly for drill.


   The first cemetery in the village of Neillsville was located on a plat of ground now owned by James Hewett, about thirty rods southeast of the court-house. In 1871, the townshop of Pine Valley purchased four acres of ground, one mile distant from the village, in a northeasterly direction, and in the following year caused the same to be platted, James H.Reddan being the surveyor. The cemetery contains a total of 618 lots, is handsomely planted with trees and shrubbery, and many handsome monuments dot the landscape, adding beauty to the surroundings. The grounds and disposal of lots are under the control of the Board of Supervisors.

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