Source: The contributor has visited these cemeteries andcollectected the presented information. Further data exists fromClark County Courthouse records (from the contributor) on the veteranswho have an (*) affiixed to their names. The contributor will freely share what extra notes she has on the (*) individuals.

Civil War Burials in Clark County
Civil War Veteran Burial Site Gravestone Data*
ALDERMAN, Albert W.* Town of Mentor Cem. 1845 - 1904; Co. I, 29th OH
ALEXANDER, T. M. Neillsville City Cem. Co. H, 155th PA
ALLEN, Aaron Loyal Public Cem. 1830 - 1864; (died @ war) memorial stone
ALLEN, Jeremiah Town of Grant Cem. 1806 - 1876; Co. A, 14th WI
ANDRUS, James F. Town of Mentor Cem. 1842 - 1835; Corp., Co. E, 4th+8th WI Cv.
AYERS, Lewis L. Neillsville City Cem. 1832 - 1905;
BABB, Moses Greenwood City Cem. 1824-1895; Co. D, 20th WI
BACON, Charles Neillsville City Cem. 1842-1862; Co. I,14th Reg. WI (d. @ war)
BARR, James F. Old Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery
Town of Mayville
WI Cpl, 8th Battery WI Light Artillery
BARNES, Dr. John V. South Pine Valley Cem. 1842 - 1891; Corp., Co. I, 20th WI
BARNETT, Hiram Loyal Public Cem. 1832 - 1915; Co. E, 2nd WI
BARR, Andrew C. Town of Mentor Cem. 1845 - 1923; Corp., Co. F, 21st WI
BAXTER, Charles South Pine Valley D. 1905; Co. A, 77th NY
BEARDSLEY, George L. Neillsville City Cem. 1842 - 1920; Co. I, 4th WI Cavalry
BLECHA, John Loyal Catholic Cem. Corp; 1839 - 1926; Co. I, 34th WI
BLISS, Elliot* Neillsville City Cem. Co. I, 15th IL
BOOTH, John Greenwood City Cem. Co. H, 11th MN
BORDEN, Ebenezer Loyal Public Cem. 1827 - 1910; Co. I, 3rd WI
BRASIER, John Loyal Public Cem. 1834 - 1911; Co. C, 21st WI
BREED, J. D. Neillsville City Cem. Co. B, 35th WI
BRIEN, Jos. Neillsville City Cem. Co. D, 42nd NY
BRIGHT FEATHER Levis Indian Burial Grds. Co. A, Omaha Scouts, NE
BRITTON, Willis S. Town of Mentor Cem. 1851- 1927; Co. I, 50th WI
BROWN, Elijah B.*   Co. E, 20th MI
BURDICK, Thomas J. Windfall Cem, Granton 1833 - 1906; Co. M, 1st WI Cavalry
BURNETT, Charles T. Neillsville City Cem. 1846 - 1901; Co. G, 6th WI
CAMPBELL, Wm. Town of Mentor Cem. 1836 - 1918; Co. I, 45th IL
CAMPBELL, Wm. B. Neillsville City Cem. Co. H, 38th WI
CANFIELD, Fletcher M. Town of Sherwood Cem. D. June 17, 1908;Co. E, 12th WI
CANFIELD, John C. Windfall Cem, Granton 1837 - 1906; Co. B, 7 NY Hvy. Arty.
CATLIN, Aaron Loyal Public Cem. 1839 - 1916; 10th Batt. WI
CHANDLER, W. J. Neillsville City Cem. Co. F, 5th WI Cavalry
CHESTERMAN, John W. Loyal Public Cem. 1838 - 1928; Co. D, 6th MI Hvy Arty.
CLAIR, R. L. S. Neillsville City Cem. Co. H, 38th WI
CLARK, Albert W. Neillsville City Cem. 1830 - 1896; Co. G, 32nd WI
COATS, C. A. Town of Mentor Cem. Co. I, 30th WI
COOK, John H.* Neillsville City Cem. D. 1923; Co. B, 44th WI
CRANE, Jesse Greenwood City Cem. 1826-1922; Co. B, 179th PA
CROCKETT, Benjamin B. Levis Cemetery 1824 - 1907; Pvt. 16th ME
CROSS, Alex Neillsville City Cem. D. Aug. 25, 1892; Co. A, 7th WI
CUMMINGS, Charles? Greenwood City Cem. Co. C, 30th WI
DARLING, Abner Neillsville City Cem. Co. C, 22nd WI
DARLING, Merril Neillsville City Cem. Co. C, 1st WI
DARTON, Albert E. Greenwood City Cem. D. 1942; Co. D, 45th WI
DEMOUTH, Jacob East Side, Weston Tshp 1834 - 1905; Co. E; 21st WI
DICKINSON, Decatur Neillsville City Cem. 1836 - 1915; Co. I, 45th PA
DIXON, Samuel Neillsville City Cem. Co. C, 57th IN
DOUGLAS, Archibald Neillsville City Cem. Sgt.;(died 1864 @ war); Co. B, 37th WI
DRAPER, Horace Loyal Public Cem. 1838 - 1922; Co. B, 166th OH
DRINKWINE, Larry Greenwood City Cem. D. 1901; Co. B, 8th WI
EMERSON, Norman Loyal Public Cem. 1823 - 1891; Co. C, 29th WI
FARGO, C.B. Neillsville City Cem. Co. K, 1st WI Cavalry
FARMER, Siman C. Loyal Public Cem. Corp.;1835 - 1900; 3rd WI
FIELDS, Alfred (Bird)* Levis Cemetery D. Aug. 30, 1904; Co. A, 33rd WI
FOOTE, Charles F. Neillsville City Cem. 1835 - 1902; Co. I, 14th WI
FOOTE, James Neillsville City Cem. 1823 - 1905; Co. A, 52nd WI
FRANKLIN, Aaron B. Town of Mentor Cem. Co. D, 2nd MI Cavalry
FULLMER, Baldwin M. Loyal Public Cem. Sgt; 1834 - 1910; Co. H, 49th WI
GEARY, John St. Mary's Cath. Neillsville 1800 - 1886; Co. D, 1st WI
GERGEN, William Neillsville City Cem. 1833 - 1905; Co. H, 31st WI
GILLARD, James A.* Neillsville City Cem. 1st WI Light Artillery (a.k.a. J. A. HANDY)
GLASS, Louis J. Neillsville City Cem. Co. H, 61st IL Inf.
GLEASON, George Town of Mentor Cem. Co. K, 60th NY
GORDON, Abram Loyal Public Cem. D. 1902; 81st NY
GREEN, Alexander Neillsville City Cem. D. Apr. 13, 1865; Co. I, 14th WI
GRIFFITH, Leonard Loyal Public Cem. 1841 - 1914; Co. C, 1st WI Cav.
HAGAN, David Dells Dam Cem., Levis Co. I, 14th WI
HANDY, James A.* Neillsville City Cem. 1st WI Light Artillery (a.k.a. GILLARD)
HARDING, Charles D. Loyal Public Cem. 1833-1909; Co. H, F, 6th WI
HELMS, Victor H. Loyal Public Cem. 1839 - 1938; Co. C, 12th MI
HOGUE, Charles P. Greenwood City Cem. Corp.; Co. E, 21st WI
HUNTLEY, William Sr. Neillsville City Cem. 1849 - 1919; Co. G, 51st WI
HUTCHINS, Ransom Loyal Public Cem. 1843 - 1917; Co. E, 17th WI
IMIG, Henry Neillsville City Cem. 1842 - 1918; Co. B, 28th WI
JANES, Joseph Alonzo Town of Sherwood Cem. Corp; 1845 - 1914; Co. E, 7th WI
JENKINS, Martin L. Greenwood City Cem. 1839-1928; Co. C, 10th WI
JOHNSON, Enoch B. Loyal Public Cem. 1842 - 1919; Co. B, 8th WI
JOHNSON, Andrew W. Old Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery
Town of Mayville
WI 1st Sgt, Comp D, 29th Inf.
KEARNEY, Barney Neillsville City Cem. 1849 - 1913; Co. G, 19th US Inf.
KEMERY, John N. Neillsville City Cem. 1841 - 1891; Co. F, 27th NY
KIMBALL, James A. Neillsville City Cem. 1842 - 1908; Co. A, 29th WI
KING, John F. Neillsville City Cem. 1831 - 1884; Co. I, 14th WI
KING, George R. Town of Mentor Cem. Co. I, 14th WI
KINNEY, Jefferson Loyal Public Cem. D. 1878; Co. K, 5th MN
KITTENGER, John Town of Mentor Cem. 1st Lt., Co. I, 14th WI
KLOPF, John G. Neillsville City Cem. 1830 - 1902; Co.
KOPP, Joseph Neillsville City Cem. Co. D, 64th IL & (Co. F, 16th IL)
KUECHENMEISTER, Carl Town of Grant Cem. 1828 - 1907; Co. A, 14th WI
LEATHERDALE, Luke Loyal Public Cem. 1831 - 1919; Co. A, 15th IL Cav.
LEROY, Levi M. Loyal Public Cem. Sgt; 1828 - 1923; Co. H, NY
LINCOLN, Henry Neillsville City Cem. Co. I, 14th WI
LOCKBRAM, Christian Neillsville City Cem. Co. C, 20th MA
LOCKMAN, David H. South Pine Valley Co. B, 1st WI Hvy. Artillery
LUDINGTON, George A. Neillsville City Cem. 1842 - 1922; Co. H, 30th OH
LUTHER, Raymond East Side, Weston Tshp 1809 - 1883
LYNCH, James Neillsville City Cem. 1807 - 1885; Civil War
MARKEY, Edward H. Neillsville City Cem. 1844 - 1894; Co. I, 14th WI
MARSH, Nelson Town of Grant Cem. 1828 - 1905; Co. C, 3rd WI
MASON, David Neillsville City Cem. 1845 - 1842
MAXWELL, David Neillsville City Cem. 1832 - 1904
McBURNEY, James Town of Mentor Cem. Co. G, 110th PA
McBURNEY, Robert Town of Mentor Cem. D. Oct. 22, 1869; Co. G, 11th PA
McCARTY, John A. Greenwood City Cem. Co. C, 49th WI
McCONNELL, Wilson Town of Sherwood Cem. 1844 - 1922; Pvt, 33rd IN Infantry
McCORMICK, Patrick Town of Sherwood Cem. D. March 17, 1884; Union Veteran
McINTYRE, Truman Old Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery
Town of Mayville
WI Cpl Comp G, 2nd Reg. WI Cavalry
McLAFFLIN, Warren Town of Mentor Cem. Co. M, 4th WI Cavalry
MERRILL, Charles Loyal Public Cem. 1835 - 1905; Co. I, 29th WI
MESSING, George* Town of Sherwood Cem. 1833 - 1912; Co. B, 46th WI
METCALF, Andrew Neillsville City Cem. Co. K, 144th OH
MILES, William T. Loyal Public Cem. 1845 - 1921; Co. B, 22nd WI
MILLIGAN, Oliver H. Loyal Public Cem. 1838 - 1923; Co. G, 5th WI
MILLS, Calvin L. Neillsville City Cem. 1834 - 1905; Co E, 6th WI; Co H, 32nd WI
MOLDENHAUER, Michael Neillsville City Cem. 1837 - 1922; Co. A, 26th WI
MONAQUE, John Old Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery
Town of Mayville
IL Pvt. Comp I, 17th Reg. IL Cavalry
NEVERMAN, Otto. B. Neillsville City Cem. 18??-1929; Co. A, 3rd WI
NEVERMAN, William Neillsville City Cem. Lt.; 1834 - 1917; Co. I, 14th WI
NICHOLS, Charles Loyal Public Cem. 1844 - 1893; Co. H, 31st WI
NOYES, Joseph Town of Grant Cem. 1833 - 1876; Batt. Y, 1st MN
OBER, H. H. Windfall Cem, Granton 1827 - 1913; Co. A, 92nd NY
OLESON, Alex Neillsville City Cem. Co. G, 5th WI
O'NEILL, John Neillsville City Cem. 1845 - 1862; Co. I, 14th WI
PAYSON, W. H. Neillsville City Cem. Co. C, 75th NY
PEASE, Sylvester Neillsville City Cem. 1823-1896; Co. H, 14th WI
PECK, Benson Greenwood City Cem. Co. G, 7th WI
PERKINS, Daniel C. Town of Sherwood Cem. D. June 6, 1880; Pvt. Co. B, 35th WI
PERKINS, Hugh C. Town of Sherwood Cem. Pvt. 7 WI Inf.; Memorial Stone- bur. in FL
PHILLIPS, George N. Neillsville City Cem. 1840 - 1929; Co. G, 23rd WI
PHILLIPS, Leonedas Town of Mentor Cem. 1835 - 1917
PEIPER, Charles Loyal Township Cem. 1846 - 1930; Co. B, 52nd WI
POTTER, Lecare (Segare) Neillsville City Cem. 1843 - 1908; Co. K, 4th WI Cavalry
PIERRELEE, August Windfall Cem, Granton Corp.; Co. D; 21st WI
PRIOR, Albert K. Loyal Public Cem. 1845 - 1902; Co. E, 50th WI
RICHLIEU, Carl Greenwood City Cem. Co. I; 14th WI; no gravestone
ROFINOT, Louis Greenwood City Cem. D. 1888; Co. K; 4th WI Cavalry
ROMAINE, Edward W. Neillsville City Cem. 1840 - 1905; Co. C, 14th WI
ROOHR, Jacob L. Loyal Public Cem. 1847 - 1921; Co. D, 45th WI
ROSSMAN, Paul Greenwood City Cem. 1843-1918; Corp. Co. A, 9th WI
RUNDLE, Frederick Levis Cemetery Co. F; 124th NY
St. GERMAIN, David Town of Sherwood Cem. 1832-1912; Co. D, 31th WI
SAYLES, James G. Loyal Public Cem. 1840 - 1916; 29th WI
SALISBURY, Nelson Neillsville City Cem. Co. B, 22nd WI
SALISBURY, William W. Levis Cemetery D. Nov. 19, 1890; Co. I, 16th WI
SANDERS, ? Neillsville City Cem. Co. L, 6th MI Cavalry
SCOVEL, John A. T. Greenwood City Cem. 1842-1910; 3rd Mountain Rangers
SHAVER, Aaron Neillsville City Cem. D. Apr. 4, 1903; Co. G, 106th NY
SHELDON, Frederick J. Greenwood City Cem. Sgt.; Co. B, 2nd MI
SILSBEY, Jos. E. Neillsville City Cem. Corp.; Co. D, 27th WI
SMITH, Augustus Neillsville City Cem. 1842 - 1912; Co. D, 12th WI
SMITH, Volney Loyal Township Cem. Co. B, 16th WI
SOUTHARD, Asa B. Neillsville City Cem. 1831 - 1912; Co. K, 11th ME
SOUTHARD, Wm. A. Neillsville City Cem. 1832 - 1914; Co. K, 9th ME
SPEES, Frederick Loyal Township Cem. 1844 - 1881; Co. K, 24th WI
STAFFORD, H. W. Neillsville City Cem. Co. C, 13th OH
STALLARD, John T. Town of Mentor Cem. 1838 - 1920; Co, K, 28th WI
STEVENS, Geo. L. Neillsville City Cem. Co. A, 102nd NY
STOCKWELL, Cyrus S. Neillsville City Cem. 1845-1928
STURDEVANT, John R. Neillsville City Cem. 1844 - 1930; Co. I, 14th WI
SUFFICOOL, John Neillsville City Cem. D. 30 Jan, 1887; Co. B, 20th WI
TARBOX, Chauncey D. Windfall Cem, Granton 1840 - 1886; Co. O, 4th WI Cavalry
TAYLOR, Charles R. Loyal Public Cem. D. 1919; Co. C, 1st WI Cavalry
THIEL, Carl Loyal Township Cem. Co. B, 52nd WI
THOMAS, Hyland Neillsville City Cem. 1840 - 1874; Co. D, 5th NY Cavalry
THOMPSON, H. F. Neillsville City Cem. 5th WI Battery
TROGNER, George W. Neillsville City Cem. 1846 - 1924; Co. H, 38th WI
VANCAMP, Ezra G. Loyal Public Cem. D. 1920; Co. F, 43rd WI
VANDERHOFF, Wesley Spencer ? D. 1937; Co. E, 8th NJ
VARNEY, Hiram W. Greenwood City Cem. D. 1932; Co. A, 19th ME
VERNAM, Dallas M.* Neillsville City Cem. 1844-1908; Co. H, 93rd & Co. E,142nd NY
WALLIS, Paschal Greenwood City Cem. Co. K, 47th WI
WARNER, Sylvanus S. Thorp? Co. F, 20th NY
WATERMAN, William G. Town of Grant Cem. 1814 - 1913; Confederate
WEBSTER, Benjamin Town of Mentor Cem. 1822 - 1897
WEEKS, Stephen Neillsville City Cem. Co. H, 31st WI
WELSCH, Henry Greenwood City Cem. Co. H, 26th WI
WELSH, Albert Loyal Township Cem. 1845 - 1934; Co. B, 52nd WI
WILDING, George Town of Grant Cem. 1844 - 1892; Co. I, 1st WI Cavalry
WILLIAMS, Ely Windfall Cem, Granton 1840 - 1900; Corp. 53rd WI
WILSON, Rueben East Side, Weston Tshp 1822 - 1902; Fife Major, Co. K, 27th NY
WOLLENBERG, Christian Greenwood City Cem. 1843-1916; Co. L, 5th U.S. Art.


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