From History of Dane County, Wisconsin, publ. by Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1880, page 954

EDWARD A. BIRGE, PH.D., Professor of Zoology in the University of Wisconsin was born in Troy, N.Y. in 1851; his preparatory education was obtained in the Troy High School; he graduated from Williams College, Mass., in the Class of 1873; studied zoology three years in the Museum of comparative Zoology at Harvard University, in Massachusetts, and took the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Natural History; was called to the University of Wisconsin in June 1876, as instructor in natural history, and held that position till January 1879, when he was elected Professor of Zoology. During the university year of 1880-81, he was absent on a European journey. A notice of his literary labors appears in this volume in the chapter on Authors. Dr. BIRGE has a good memory, logical power, with quickness and energy of mind. He requires exactness and promptness in classroom and laboratory. He has a happy faculty of handling large classes. His aims for his classes are clearly seen and usually attained. His lectures are conversational in style, devoid of ornamentation, but direct, clear and full of matter. He grasps and combines facts readily and presents them clearly, and is an enthusiastic teacher of science.

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