From History of Dane County, Wisconsin, publ. by Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1880, page 966

O. M. CONOVER; born at Dayton, Ohio, Oct. 8, 1825; son of Obadiah Berlew CONOVER (born in New Jersey, of Holland Dutch ancestry) and Sarah MILLER (born in Kentucky); he graduated at the College of New Jersey (Princeton College) in 1844; taught two years, first in Kentucky, near Lexington, and then as instructor in Latin and Greek in the Dayton Academy, studying law meantime in the office of SCHENCK & CONOVER; he entered the Princeton Theological Seminary in the fall of 1846, and graduated there in 1849; he published and edited a literary and educational monthly at Madison, Wis., for a few months in 1850; title, the Northwestern Journal; he became, in 1850, an instructor in the University of Wisconsin, then recently organized; at the time of his appointment, there were only two other instructors in the institution, Chancellor John H. LATHROP and Prof. John W. STERLING; held the chair of Ancient Languages and Literature from 1852 to 1858; resumed the study of law in 1858, and became a member of the Dane Co. bar in 1859; on the appointment of P. L. SPOONER, Esq., as reporter of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, in the spring of 1861, he became associated with him in the preparation and publication of the Wisconsin Reports, beginning with Vol. XII; Mr. SPOONER having resigned the office in the summer of 1863 to resume the practice of the law, he was appointed his successor; thirty-three volumes of the Wisconsin Reports have appeared since that time, viz., Vols. XVI to XlVIII, both inclusive, Vol. XVI was prepared and edited by S. U. PINNEY, Esq., of Madison; Vol. XXIX by James SIMMONS, Esq. of Geneva, Wis.; Vol. XXX by James L. HIGH, Esq., of Chicago, and Vol. XXXVII by Edwin E. BRYANT, Esq., of Madison; the other volumes which have appeared since his appointment to the office have been mainly prepared and wholly edited by himself, but, for the purpose of securing the more rapid preparation of the volumes, he has frequently obtained valuable assistance, not only from some of the gentlemen already named, but also from Burr W. JONES, Esq., of Madison, and John B. SIMMONS, Esq., of Geneva, with slighter occasional aid from others; by these means the service has for many years been issued with a degree of promptness somewhat rare in the reports of the several courts of last resort in this country. (See also BUTTERFIELD's "History of Wisconsin University").

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