From History of Dane County, Wisconsin, publ. by Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1880, page 986

MRS. LAURA H. ALDRICH FEULING, A.B., Library Attendant, University of Wisconsin; is a native of Ohio; and her preparatory and a portion of her collegiate education, was in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a graduate of the Upper Iowa University. She was married in 1868, to John B. FEULING, Ph. D., Professor of Modern Languages and comparative philology in the University of Wisconsin. He died March 10, 1878. An extended biography of Prof. FEULING appears in this volume in the chapter devoted to the "Illustrious Dead" of Dane Co. A notice of Mrs. FEULING's literary labors will be found in the chapter on literature, in this history. In 1878 and 1879, she was City Librarian of the Madison Free Library; in 1879 she was elected by the Regents Librarian of the university Library, which position she is now filling with general acceptance.. She boards at Ladies' Hall. Is an Episcopalian. She is a lady of unusual refinement and culture, and is prominent in literary and social circles.

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