From History of Dane County, Wisconsin, publ. by Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1880, page 1000

JOHN HESS, proprietor of the Empire Brewery, Madison, Wis.; is the son of Frederick and Gertie HESS, and was born in Prussia, March 14, 1834. He came to America in 1846, and August 4 of that year reached Bryton, Kenosha Co., Wis. From that time until 1857, he lived in that place on a farm; then went to Burlington, Racine Co., Wis., and for three years worked at the wagon trade. After this, he went to Kenosha, Wis., and from 1859 to 1865, kept a boarding-house at that place; then went to Madison, Wis., where he built an ice-house, and engaged in the ice business; was for two years in partnership with Mr. SCHWEINEM. In 1867, Mr. H. began the brewery business with Mr. LENZE, with whom he was associated until 1874, when he bought out the brewery, which he now owns. He employs eight men in the business and makes about 2,500 barrels of liquor per year. Dec. 6, 1859, Mr. H. married Miss Rosa SCHULKAMP, who was born in June of 1835; they have had five children, of whom but one is now living, viz., Philomina, born July 16, 1866. Mr. H. has been Supervisor for two years and is Alderman of the First Ward.

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