Philo Snyder


Stoughton Hub February 1918

Philo Snyder for more than sixty years a resident of this community, died suddenly of heart failure last evening at the home of his brother, Gust, on South Fourth street, with whom he had lived for thirty years or more. He had apparently been in normal good health, and yesterday, as usual, performed his duties as watchman in the Mandt Wagon Co.'s lumber yard. Last evening he ate a hearty supper, after which he sat by the kitchen stove - singing to sleep the little baby of his niece, Mrs. Jack Partis. Quite early in the evening he lay down on the couch where he slept, and as he appeared to breathe heavily, his sister-in-law asked him what was the matter and if she could do anything for him, to which he replied that he had had a couple of such hard breathing spells but that he thought he'd be all right. A little later in the evening Mrs. Gust Snyder's grandson called her attention to his breathing, but when she reached the couch he had passed away.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed.

The deceased was a native of Ogdensburg, N. Y., where he was born April 12, 1853. He was the next youngest of four brothers, all but the youngest of whom were born in the same home in Ogdensburg in which their father was born. In 1855 the family came to this locality, and the next year one of the children, a girl of twelve years, died of typhoid fever and was one of the very first to be buried in the cemetery of what was then the straggling little hamlet of Stoughton. The oldest brother, John Snyder, died some five years ago, and a sister, Mrs. Wm. Coates, died in Alabama two or three years ago. The deceased was unmarried, and surviving him are now two brothers, Gust, with whom he had lived so long, and Seth, our waterworks superintendent.


Obituary transcribed and contributed to this site by Michelle Woodham



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