Door County Genealogy

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Door County Churches Baptismal Records

This information was recorded from the original records of the churches listed below. Most of the information was from hand written documents using writing instruments from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Often the original documents were in the languages of the people that immigrated to this country. The Northern Door Genealogical Society has taken care to transfer the information as accurately as possible using reference materials that helped to clarify the script styles of the period when these documents were recorded. This project is a work in progress and it is hoped that more churches will cooperate in the gathering of this material. The NDGS has gladly accepted this task as a group with all members involved in the project. Coordinators are Gretchen Farwell, Myrma Howard and Kenneth Weymier.

Churches participating:
Trinity Lutheran Church Ellison Bay
Zion Lutheran Church Sister Bay

(These two churches have merged and are now Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church of Ellison Bay where the original records reside)


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