Indians Are Very Bitter
Oppose Removal of Bodies From Indian Cemetery on Wisconsin Point
Says Steel Company Should Pay for Work and Not the Indian Funds

From: Superior News Telegram - August 28, 1914

"The white men have stolen the Indian land from them. Now, not satisfied, they would tear up the bodies of the Indian dead in order that they may have even the last resting place of our ancestors," said Frank Drew, one of the speakers at the conference held at the St Francis Xavier parish hall last night to consider the removal of the remains from the Indian Cemetery on Wisconsin Point to some cemetery in the city of Superior.

  The Indians were a unit in opposing the removal of the bodies from the point, they claiming that the land on, which the cemetery is located belongs to one Joe Leviash, a Chippewa, who has lived there for nearly forty years. This, they assert, gives him title to the property by virtue of adverse possession.

  Another point over which the Indians were very bitter was the fact that the $5,000 appropriated for the removal of the bodies was taken from the tribal fund.

  They consider that if the removal of the bodies was made necessary by the construction of the steel company's terminals and docks, the steel company should pay for the removal, and not the Indians who were perfectly satisfied to have the remains stay where they were.

  Improper activities in the campaign to secure the removal of bodies was charged by some of the speakers who questioned whether the government at Washington really knew anything about this matter. A committee is to be selected to investigate the matter and report at a meeting of the Indians on September 6th.

  Indian Agent George W. Cross, in charge of the Cloquet District, presided at the meeting.

  It is possible that the Indians will employ an attorney to fight the removal of the bodies in the courts.

Article contributed by: Timm Severud
Winter, Wisconsin
Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Historical Preservation Office - Archivist (Volunteer)
LCO Hydroelectric Facility Manager