Cemetery to Be Removed

Indian Agent George W. Cross Gives Notice That Bodies Will Be Moved
Asks That Persons Having Relatives in Cemetery Notify Him

From: Superior News Telegram - September 4, 1914

      George W. Cross, Indian Agent at Cloquet, in a letter to the Telegram asks that all persons having relatives buried in the cemetery on Wisconsin Point notify him of that fact and that they express their preference as to what cemetery the bodies shall be buried in.

  Mr. Cross' letter is as follows:
  "I wish to notify the Indians interested that I have been directed by the commissioner of Indian Affairs to take steps looking to the removal of the bodies from Wisconsin Point Cemetery to an established cemetery in the city of Superior."

  "For the information of the Indians will say that Wisconsin Point was ceded by the Indians to the United States government by the Treaty of 1854 and that the title to the land where the Indians are now buried passed from the United States government several years ago. This land is now owned by the Interstate Railroad Company, notice has been served on the government that the company wishes to use the land for commercial purposes and the government has been requested to remove the bodies at as early a date as possible."

  "Those Indians who have relatives buried on Wisconsin Point are requested to write me giving the number of their relatives buried there and also stating their choice of the cemetery in Superior. We wish to be guided by the wishes of the Indians in the removal of these bodies so far as it is possible. If any the Indians wish to remove the bodies of their relatives themselves, they may have the privilege of doing so."

  "It is proposed to remove the bodies to a permanent cemetery in the city of Superior where the graves will be properly cared for, the grounds properly kept up and looked after. This will be a great deal more satisfactory than to allow the bodies to remain where they are."

Article contributed by:
Timm Severud
Winter, Wisconsin
Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Historical Preservation Office - Archivist (Volunteer)
LCO Hydroelectric Facility Manager