Carter Marriages

Groom: Welch, Isaah
Place of Birth: Stockbridge, WI
Goom's Father: Welch, Thomas
Groom's Mother: Potter, Hannah
Bride: Bullis, Esther
Place of Birth: DePere, WI
Bride's Father: Bullis, Julius
Bride's Mother: Murphy, Elizabeth
Date of Marriage: 20 Apr 1904
Groom: Conrad, Joseph
Place of Birth: ST. Petersburg, Russia
Goom's Father: Conrad, Nelson
Groom's Mother: Creoger, Alga
Bride: Collins, Josephine
Place of Birth: Vernon Co. WI
Bride's Father: Collins, Wm.
Bride's Mother: Silbough, Minnie
Date of Marriage: 10 June 1904
Groom: Tarean, Jarvis
Place of Birth: Waupaca County, WI
Goom's Father: Tarean, Alfred
Groom's Mother: Tarean, Tillaman
Bride:  Wittstin, Theresa
Place of Birth: Calumete Co, WI
Bride's Father: Wittstin, Joves
Bride's Mother: Wittstin, Mary
Date of Marriage: 28 Feb 1906
Groom: Larson, William
Goom's Father: Larson, Louis
Groom's Mother: Mary
Bride: Forrest, Erma
Bride's Father: Forrest, Dewitt
Bride's Mother: Carter, Arvista
Date of Marriage: 4 Nov 1904

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