Hiles Marriages
Groom: O'Rourke, Michael
Place of Birth: St. Clair, Mi
Goom's Father: O' Rourke, Wm.
Groom's Mother: Flynn, Ellen
Bride: Bricknell, Netta
Place of Birth: Canada
Bride's Father: Bricknell, Isaac
Bride's Mother: Schnolts, Elmina
Date of Marriage: 22 Jun 1904
Groom: Currier, John
Place of Birth: Iola, Wupaca Co., WI
Goom's Father: Currier, Frank
Groom's Mother:Currier, Martha
Bride: Nelson, Josephine
Place of Birth: Iola, Waupaca Co., WI
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage: 8 Feb 1906
Groom:  Olson,Edward M.
Goom's Father: Olson, Carl Listrod
Groom's Mother: Vraalstad, Mary Elizabeth
Bride: Hanks, Emma Lucinda
Bride's Father: Hanks,  P. J. 
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage: April 16, 1912

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