North Crandon Marriages
Groom: Stacy, John H.
Place of Birth: Drasothwell, KY
Goom's Father: Stacy, James C.
Groom's Mother: Wells, Emma Bell
Bride: Waite, Lucile
Place of Birth: Loosha, MO
Bride's Father: Waite, B. F.
Bride's Mother: Jones, Osta
Date of Marriage: 29 Aug 1905 
Groom: Garlock. Bert L.
Place of Birth:Hebron,. Jefferson Co.
Goom's Father: Garlock, Levi
Groom's Mother: Shoemaker, Annie
Bride: Peterson, Annie M.
Place of Birth: Sweden
Bride's Father: Peterson, John F.
Bride's Mother: Swanson, Ida
Date of Marriage: 6 Apr 1904
Groom: Johnson, Wm. A.D.
Place of Birth: Utica, NY
Goom's Father: Johnson, William
Groom's Mother:dill, Katherine
Bride:THurber, Mary W.
Place of Birth: Schniderville, WI
Bride's Father: THurber, Eli M. Moses
Bride's Mother:Thurber, Maggie
Date of Marriage: 24 Oct 1904
Groom: Rowen, W. M.
Place of Birth: Royalton, Waupaca Co., WI
Goom's Father: Rowen, WM.
Groom's Mother: Witchell, Agnes
Bride: Huepner, Lena
Place of Birth: Manawa, Waupaca Co., WI
Bride's Father: Huepner, Rievard
Bride's Mother: Poben, Emelia
Date of Marriage: 7 Jul 1905
Groom: Koepke, Charles
Place of Birth: Waupaca Co., WI
Goom's Father: Koepke, Fred
Groom's Mother: Hoef, Amelia
Bride: SMith, Mary Viola
Place of Birth: Pittsville, WI
Bride's Father: Smith, Gilbert
Bride's Mother: Woodford, Marion
Date of Marriage: 9 Jun 1906
Groom: Wendt, Wm.
Place of Birth: Mayville
Goom's Father: Wendt, Wm.
Groom's Mother: Smith, Annie
Bride: Dursher, Rosella
Place of Birth: Escanaba, MI
Bride's Father: Dursher, Dennis
Bride's Mother: Trudelle, Lanis
Date of Marriage: 25 Jun 1906
Groom: Alft, Frank
Place of Birth: Clintonille, WI
Goom's Father: Alft, Mike
Groom's Mother: Nicolaus, Margareth
Bride: Shepherd, Mary
Place of Birth: Knott County, KY
Bride's Father: Sheperd, John R.
Bride's Mother: Schmidt, Irene
Date of Marriage: 13 Dec 1906
Note: Irene Schmidt was actually Arrena Smith from Knott County, KY. She was a cousin to "Bad Tom Smith" who was hung for murder in Breathitt County, KY.