Padus Marriages
Groom: Johnson, George
Place of Birth: Greenbush, WI
Goom's Father: Johnson, John
Groom's Mother: Chritinson, Olena
Bride:Forrest, Pearl
Place of Birth: Antigo, WI
Bride's Father: Forrest, D.C.
Bride's Mother: Forrest, Vittie
Date of Marriage: 11 Apr 1905
Groom: Tuell, Wm. H.
Place of Birth: Homer, MN
Goom's Father: Tuell, Presley
Groom's Mother: Morrison, Nina
Bride:Fairchild, Leilia
Place of Birth: Rhinelander, WI
Bride's Father: Fairchild,, Thomas
Bride's Mother: Teal, Ada
Date of Marriage: 5 Apr 1905
Groom: THorell, Nelson
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden
Goom's Father: thorell, Peter
Groom's Mother: Nelson, Wilhemina
Bride: Johnson, Lettie
Place of Birth: Greenbussh, Sheboygan Co., WI
Bride's Father: Johnson, George Jr.
Bride's Mother: CHapmann, Emma
Date of Marriage: 11 Jul 1906