Town: Millston

Enumeration District: 152

Name Company Name of Regiment Page


Sclericas C. MILLER B 50 WI Inf. 1  
William H. GRAY B 78 PA Inf. 1  
Fillimore M. B? M 1 WI Cav. 1  
David C. MARTIN F 37 WI Inf. 1  
Nicholas FIFEN G 5 WI Inf. 1  
John McNULEY C 11 WI Inf. 1  
Charles H. PILLS J 10 ME Inf. 1  
Wenzel REID G 26 WI Inf. 1 Mary (Widow)
Riley G. STEVENS G 32 WI Inf. 1  
George GROFE P 2 WI Cav. 1  
Andrew J. MERRILL D 141 NY Inf. 1  
Warren ADDISON H 11 WI Inf. 1  
Rufus CLARK A 3 WI Inf. 2  

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